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Mansagar Lake Jaipur is an artificial lake surrounded by the Nahargarh hills in Jaipur. The land covers 300 acres, and this fake lake was formed during the 18th century to establish a dam across the river Darbhawati by Maharaja Man Singh II for irrigation purposes.

Firstly, it was constructed by Maharaja Man Singh I for irrigation and to prevent famine, which hit the region during 1596 AD.

The once dirty, polluted sewage is now filled with life and birds are now returning to the fresh lake. Mansagar Lake is the only water body significantly known to Jaipur.

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The Jal Mahal Palace, situated in the middle of the lake, was constructed in the 18 century by the king to shoot the birds as it was once home to diverse wildlife, including a large population of flamingos.

But the wildlife started to become extinct from the palace as the destructive pollution in 1990 and the intensive farming demands took place. Soon things took a toll, the aquatic wildlife and the migratory birds returned, and the fish stocks also increased.

History of Man Sagar Lake

After independence, the lake was no longer used for recreational activities. For many years, the hills around the lake had to endure extensive deforestation, resulting in almost complete bareness.

In 1962, the sewage from the nearby city was diverted into the lake. The water storage capacity significantly decreased, causing the Jal Mahal palace to submerge under 3 meters of water, and the depth increased further during the rainy season.

In 1981, a severe rainstorm caused a flood that carried numerous sediments and sand from the southeast, filling a significant portion of the lake.

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The leading issue of the water is the inflow of wastewater through Nagatalai and Brahmapuri Nallas. Many household industries in the action of collecting water contributed to polluting the lake.

The lake had severely infested with hyacinth, which was removed manually. Erosion from the northern hills brings a significant amount of slit into the lake. The lake is close to Amer fort and a famous tourist spot.

Mansagar Lake Jaipur

The Man Sagar Lake, the only nearby water source, has a promising future for recreational tourism, especially with the recent urbanization of Jaipur city, the lake’s ecological system and surroundings have worsened drastically.

The heavy siltation reduced the surface area of the lake. The lake’s groundwater was also found to be highly contaminated, which created severe health issues.

To improve the quality of the lake’s water, the lake conservation under NLCP for Mansagar Lake stressed the water’s treatment and ensuring the specific level of the water.

Enhance the treatment capacity; the sewage treatment plant is modernized and redesigned. Furthermore, the quality of the lake has improved by aeration and bioremediation process. You can also read Spotted lake Canada.

Mansagar Lake Jaipur

Mansagar lake restoration

Mansagar Lake restoration refers to the efforts to rejuvenate and revive Mansagar Lake in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The lake, which was once a major water source for the city and a popular tourist destination, had become heavily polluted over the years due to human activities such as dumping untreated waste and sewage, industrial effluents, and encroachment of its catchment area.

To address the deteriorating condition of the lake, the Rajasthan government and other stakeholders initiated the Mansagar Lake Restoration Project in 2010. The project aimed to improve the lake’s water quality, restore its ecological balance, and enhance its aesthetic value.

One of the key initiatives under the project was the diversion of sewage and other pollutants from entering the lake. The government constructed a sewage treatment plant and laid down a network of sewage pipelines to divert the waste away from the lake. Additionally, the government also removed illegal constructions and encroachments from the lake’s catchment area and imposed stricter regulations to prevent any future encroachment.

Another crucial step was de-silting the lakebed, which had accumulated large amounts of sediment and debris over the years. The de-silting process involved the removal of silt and waste, and trash from the lake’s floor; this not only made the water cleaner but also expanded the lake’s ability to hold water.

The restoration project also involved the plantation of trees and other vegetation around the lake to improve its ecological balance and provide a habitat for local wildlife. The government also developed a bird sanctuary on the lake’s eastern shore, which attracts migratory birds worldwide.

The Mansagar Lake restoration project has successfully revived the lake’s ecosystem and improved its water quality. The project has restored the lake’s ecological balance and enhanced its aesthetic value, again making it a popular tourist destination. The efforts to restore the lake are an excellent example of how proactive conservation measures can help save our natural resources and ensure their sustainable use for future generations.

Man Sagar Lake Timings:

Opens every day.

Entry Fee:


Best Time to Visit:

December- May

How to Reach Man Sagar Lake Jaipur:

Public transportation is available.

Mansagar Lake Jaipur


Sagar Lake Amer Jaipur directions

click here: Sagar Lake Amer, Jaipur

Man Sagar Lake boating

A boating facility is not available.

Man Sagar Lake location

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