Mansagar Lake Jaipur: What to see, Hills, Lake, palace, birds, & scenic views.

Mansagar Lake Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a beautiful and historic lake. The Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II was built in the 18th century to provide water. 

The lake is famous for the Jal Mahal, a stunning palace in the middle of the lake, which shows the rich architecture of Jaipur. The palace looks especially lovely at night when it is all lit up and reflected in the calm water.

Mansagar Lake is also a favorite spot for bird watchers. Many types of birds, both local and migratory, visit the lake and its surroundings. It is a peaceful place to have a picnic or take a lovely walk.

flying birds view

Mansagar Lake is a special place where you can enjoy history, culture, and nature, making it a must-see if you’re visiting Jaipur, the Pink City.

History of Man Sagar Lake

After India’s independence, the lake wasn’t used for fun activities anymore. For a long time, the hills around the lake were stripped of trees, leaving them bare. In 1962, the dirty water from the nearby city was sent into the lake. This made the lake much smaller, and the Jal Mahal Palace went down under 3 meters of water. When it rained, the water level went up even more.

Then, in 1981, a big rainstorm came, and it caused a flood. The flood brought lots of mud and sand from the southeast, filling up a big part of the lake. The main problem with the water in the lake is that it gets dirty from wastewater coming from places like Nagatalai and Brahmapuri Nallas. Also, many homes and small industries that are close to the lake add to the pollution. 

boating in water

The lake had many plants called hyacinths, which had to be removed by hand. There was also a lot of mud from the hills to the north that ended up in the lake. Man Sagar Lake is very close to Amer fort, which is a famous tourist spot. The lake was becoming worse because of pollution and all the mud and dirt in it. Even the groundwater in the area was dirty and causing health problems.

To make the lake better, they started a program called NLCP for Mansagar Lake. They cleaned up the water, upgraded the sewage treatment plant, and used methods like aeration and bioremediation to improve the lake’s quality. This was important, especially with the growing city of Jaipur nearby.

Mansagar Lake Jaipur Photo
Mansagar Lake Jaipur Photo
Mansagar Lake Jaipur Image
Mansagar Lake Jaipur Image

Mansagar lake restoration

The Mansagar Lake in Jaipur, Rajasthan, got really dirty over the years because of people dumping sewage and waste into it and also building things where they shouldn’t. To fix this, the government and others started a project in 2010 to clean up the lake.

They Did a Few Essential Things:

  • They stopped sewage and waste from going into the lake by building a sewage treatment plant and pipes to divert the dirty stuff away.
  • They removed illegal buildings and made rules to keep the area around the lake clean.
  • They cleaned up the lake’s bottom by taking out the mud and trash. This made the water cleaner and gave the lake more space to hold water.
  • They planted trees and other plants around the lake to help the environment and create a home for local animals.
  • They made a bird sanctuary on one side of the lake, which now attracts birds from all over the world.

The project was successful. The lake is clean, the environment is better, and it is a lovely place for tourists again. 

Man Sagar Lake Timings:

  • Monday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Tuesday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Wednesday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Thursday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Friday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Saturday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Sunday, Open 24 Hours

Why You Should Visit Man Sagar Lake Jaipur:

Mansagar Lake Jaipur- Pic
Mansagar Lake Jaipur- Pic

Visiting Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur is an excellent idea for several reasons:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Mansagar Lake is fantastic, and the Jal Mahal palace located in the mid of the lake looks amazing, making it a one-of-a-kind and captivating sight.
  1. Historical Significance: The Jal Mahal is not just beautiful; it’s also a historical monument that showcases the rich architectural heritage of Jaipur.
  1. Nature and Bird Watching: The lake and its surroundings are a habitat for various bird species, making it a perfect spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers.
  1. Photography: The lake and its surroundings offer fantastic photo opportunities for photographers.
  1. Proximity to Amer Fort: Mansagar Lake is near Amer Fort, another famous tourist attraction, so you can conveniently visit both in a single trip. 

Best Time to Visit:

Mansagar Lake Jaipur- Jal Mahal Photo
Mansagar Lake Jaipur- Jal Mahal Photo

The best time to visit Mansagar Lake is during the winter months, from October to March. The weather is good and making it perfect for sightseeing & outdoor activities. This time is excellent for exploring Jal Mahal’s beauty and taking boat rides on the lake. Summers are very hot in Jaipur, and the rainy season can be tricky, so winter offers the most comfortable experience for enjoying this beautiful lake.

How to Reach Man Sagar Lake Jaipur:

Man sagar Lake Jaipur - Jal mahal
Man sagar Lake Jaipur – Jal mahal

By Road: Jaipur is well-connected to all around cities. You have to take a bus from your location to Jaipur. After arriving at Jaipur’s Bus Station, you can get the local bus, auto-rickshaw, and even a taxi from there to reach Mansagar Lake Jaipur. 

By Train: You have to take a train from your nearby Railway station to Jaipur Junction. After arriving at Jaipur’s Junction, you can get the local bus, auto-rickshaw, and even a taxi from there to reach Mansagar Lake Jaipur. 

By Air: You have to take a flight from your nearby airport to Jaipur International Airport. After arriving at Jaipur’s airport, you can get the local bus, auto-rickshaw, and even a taxi from there to reach Mansagar Lake Jaipur.


Sagar Lake Amer Jaipur directions

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Man Sagar Lake boating

A boating facility is not available.

Man Sagar Lake location

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