Best Resorts in Jaipur for Couples (Updated 2023)

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples!

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples – Are you travelling to Jaipur? Have you booked your hotel? Jaipur is a combination of cultures plus westernization.

If you have planned a trip with your partner to Jaipur, don’t worry, your decision is wise enough. Usually, when we go on any trip, what makes it hectic?

The way one stays on their trip makes them feel uncomfortable. That is why choosing the right hotel or resort is crucial before starting the journey. You can also read the Albert Hall Museum Jaipur.

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples


Here, in the forthcoming paragraphs, we will help you select the best resorts in Jaipur for couples. You can also read Luxury Swiss Tent Resorts in Jaipur.

The right selection of couples resorts will help you make your trip more comfortable and luxurious. Now read on, and let’s start exploring the top-notch places to stay in Jaipur.

Best Couple Resorts in Jaipur

Several resorts are situated in Jaipur. For spending luxurious time on your trip to Jaipur, the top-notch resorts are:-

JW Marriot Jaipur Resort and Spa

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples, JW Marriot is situated about 8kms away from Sheesh Mahal. When it comes to amenities, there is nothing the visitor will not find here.

There is a fitness centre, 24 hours reception, swimming pool, and many other amenities they provide to their guests. Other than the resort amenities, they provide guests with different personal services. You can also read about the Best Water Park in Jaipur.

Best Couple Resorts in Jaipur Marriot Jaipur Resort and Spa

There are also dry cleaning, ironing, and laundry services available. An on-site parking facility is given. In addition, a free Wi-Fi facility is also given to guests. Now the amenity part is done.

Let’s talk about the surrounding of JW Marriot. The hotel looks fascinating every time. The disciplined staff members work to maintain the surroundings properly.

You can also read Monkey Temple Jaipur.

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

They will allow you to go ahead if you want to enjoy breakfast on lawns. The aura of JW Marriot is also very relaxing and comfortable enough.

The resort offers peace for a particular period from the stressful daily routine. If you plan for JW Marriot, you will surely feel like staying here for a little longer.

In the list of best resorts in Jaipur for couples, JW Marriot comes at the top of the recommendation list. You can also read Jaipur Travel Guide.

Hathi Mauja

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

If you are looking for the best resort to stay in Jaipur, Hathi Mauja is the one to visit. In the case of breakfast, they offer Buffet vegetarian breakfast.

An outdoor pool is situated, where you can enjoy the sun. At the accommodation, you can play table tennis over there and can have fun. You can also read the Best Jaipur Street Food Places.

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

From Sindhi Camp, Hathi Mauja is situated near about 12 km away. Jaipur International Airport is the nearest one to the location.

Cleanliness, the behaviour of staff, ambience, food, and everything in HathiMauja, one will love over there. You can also read Best Places to Visit in Jaipur.

Khas Bagh

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples. In Khas Bagh, an outdoor pool, sun terrace, and children’s playground are situated. A separate restaurant is also situated, where guests can enjoy their meals.

Professionally trained staff with kind behaviour is there to serve the guests. The staff is always there to help you with any personal needs. You can also read the Central Park Jaipur.

Nirbana Heritage Hotel and Spa

Nirbana Heritage Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

From Sindhi Camp, Nirbana Heritage Hotel and Spa is only 800 meters away. Air conditioner clean rooms make you feel comfortable over there.

In the best couple’s resorts in Jaipur, it is the best one to visit. You can take a spa over there to relax and feel free. You can also read Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur.

The monument is situated 3.7 km away from the property. So you can enjoy the monument sightseeing also. You can also read Smriti Van Jaipur.

Umaid Haveli Hotel and Resort

Umaid Haveli Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

In the Umaid resort as well, an outdoor pool is situated. Free Wi-Fi is accessible over there. In the resort, there is nothing which a visitor will not like.

Not only this, but the resort even offers an electric kettle, which is the best facility; they are providing their customers with late-night coffee or tea.

A minibar is also there to have drinks and enjoy with your partner. It is the best romantic resort for couples, where you will enjoy it a lot.

It will be proven as the best period to enjoy with your partner.

You can also read about Birla Mandir & Jal Mahal if you love heritage places in Jaipur.

Le Meridien Jaipur Resort & Spa

jaipur resorts

If you are in Jaipur to visit Amer Fort the most, Le Meridien will be the best choice. It is situated 6 km away from Amer Fort.

The rooms are well furnished and classy looking. All the rooms are sophisticated. There is a fitness center, spa and 4 dining options available. You can also read Kanak Ghati Jaipur.

Buena Vista Resort

Resorts in Jaipur for Couples

In the lap of Aravali Hills, the resort is situated. Buena Vista Resort is considered the best couples resorts in Jaipur. The hotel deserves to be appreciated overall.

These are a few Best honeymoon resorts in Jaipur, where you can enjoy exploring Jaipur. The resorts are appreciated for their services.

You can also read Jaigarh Fort Jaipur.

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