Ramgarh Lake Jaipur

The Ramgarh Lake Jaipur, situated near Jamwa Ramgarh, Rajasthan was an artificial lake. Ramgarh Lake always filled with tourists from all over the world. The lake is 32 KM of distance from Jaipur. Once, it was the primary source of water supply to Jaipur city.

The last time the lake had water in it was 1999 and it has been dry since 2000. Between the strikingly beautiful landscapes of Ramgarh, the Ramgarh lake lures tourists from all over the world every year.

Away from the busy life of the city life, Ramgarh Lake is a temporary relief from the strains and stress of daily life. 

This beautiful scenery of the lake fills the tourists with contentment and happiness.” Jamwa Mata ” temple and the artifacts of the historical forts are some of the attractions situated in Ramgarh.

Ramgarh Lake Jaipur

The place also offers wildlife safaris for the tourists ever since the government of India declared Ramgarh as the wildlife sanctuary in 1982.

History of Ramgarh lake Jaipur

The Ramgarh lake has a historical record for hosting a rowing event during the 1982 Asian games. The ruin of history present there depicts the story of ‘Kachhawahas’ who governed the area before shifting to Amer.

The Ramgarh lake built on the high bank amongst the trees which covered in hills. The lake is 32 km away from Jaipur and covers a maximum area of 15.5 sq km.

Ramgarh Lake Jaipur

The Ramgarh lake is also known as the home to many wildlife species such as nilgai, chital, and lions.

Attractions of Ramghar Lake Jaipur

The Ramgarh lake offers boating between October and June. You can also indulge yourself in activities like trekking, fishing, or travel to a marble quarry.

There’s also a polo ground in Ramgarh which regarded as one of the best polo grounds in India, which located between the Aravali hills and Ramgarh lake.

The Mamwa temple I another major attraction for the tourists. The temple built by Rao Dulherao of Kachhwaha clan of Jaipur.

Ramgarh Lake Jaipur

If ever you visit Ramgarh Lake make sure you make your stay at the Ramgarh Lodge. The lodge holds a museum and library inside and includes all the modern amenities like parking space, swimming pool, gym, business centre, medical facilities, jogging track, lockers, etc. you can read also Picnic Spots in Jaipur.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Ramgarh lake is between the month of October- June, as it will be pleasant and gently calm weather along with the alluring scenic beauty that will make it an appropriate place for the visitors to refresh one’s self.

Ramgarh Lake Jaipur

How to Reach:

You can either book a cab or a taxi when you’re about to reach Ramgarh lake. But the best option would be if you opt for Rajasthan Road Transport Corporation buses which run from Jaipur to Ramgarh.

Omio Many Geos

Timing of Ramgarh lake:

7 am-7 pm

Photography charges:

free of charges.

Ramgarh Lake Jaipur

Nearby Attractions with Distance:

  • Elefantastic: it is nearly 3.1km away from Ramgarh lake.
  • Amber Fort: it is 4.1km away from Ramgarh lake.
  • Sheesh Mahal ( hall of a mirror): it’s is 4.1km away from Ramgarh lake
  • Elesafari: its 2.1km away from Ramgarh lake
  • Panna Meena ka Kund: 4.3km away from Ramgarh lake.
  • Restaurants nearby Ramgarh lake:
  • Toran mahal distance 1.5km from Ramgarh lake
  • The bhoora dhaba distance of 1.5km from Ramgarh lake.
  • Rangmahal distance of 1.7km from Ramgarh lake.
  • Siddharth restaurants distance of 2km from Ramgarh lake.
  • Suraj dhaba jaipur distance of 3.7km from jaipur.

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