Dharamshala famous food guide will help travelers to know about Dharamshala’s famous food, best cafe in Dharamshala, best vegetarian restaurants in Dehradun, best Jain food, and restaurant in Dharamshala.

So just see this post you get all the famous food and other details related to the best places to eat in Dharamshala.

Dharamshala Famous Food

So the article entirely based on my food experience in Dharamshala. It will help you to plan a Dharamshala trip with famous food to eat and food budget. You can read also Best Indian Food for Travellers.

Dharamshala Famous Food List

  • Momos
  • Lang Phing
  • Bulgogi
  • Tingmo
  • Belgian waffle
  • Thukpa


momos Dharamshala Famous Food

Best Places to Eat Momos in Dharamshala:

  •  The Mutton Momos at Chonor House
  •  Namgyal Restaurant
  •  Kalingpong Restaurant

Cost: 50 – 150

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Lang Phing

lang phing Dharamshala Famous Food

Where to Eat Lang Phing in Dharamshala:

  • Tibet Kitchen
  • Malabar Restaurant
  • Zaika Taste Of Himachal

Cost: 30-200 INR


tingmo Dharamshala Famous Food

Where to Eat Tingmo in Dharamshala: 

  • Tibet Kitchen
  • Kailash

Cost: 30 – 50 INR

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bulgogi Dharamshala Famous Food

Where to Eat Bulgogi in Dharamshala:

  • Korean Cafe Ri
  • Seven Hills of Dokkaebi

Cost Approx: 180 – 200 INR

Belgian Waffle

Dharamshala Famous Food

Where to Eat Belgian Waffle in Dharamshala:


Cost: 150 – 200 INR

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thukpa Dharamshala Famous Food

Where to Eat Thukpa in Dharamshala:

  • Tibet Kitchen
  • Snow Lion Restaurant

Cost: 200 – 250 INR

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Best Places to Eat in Dharamshala

Best Places to Eat in Dharamshala
  • Tibet Kitchen
  • Namgyal Café
  • The Taste of India
  • Jimmys Italian kitchen
  • Nick’s Italian Kitchen
  • Monastery Kitchen
  • Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in Dharamshala

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