8 Family-Friendly Things To Do In the Caribbean 

Going on a holiday is always an exciting experience. No matter how much you’ve been traveling, there are still places to discover and fun activities to try, especially with your family. 

The Caribbean is a top tourist destination. There are lots of beaches with crystal clear waters and rich marine life. If you’re fond of nature trips, there are also national forests and mountains to trek. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling or relaxing vacation the whole family can enjoy, you can find endless options! 

Here are eight family-friendly things to do in the Caribbean

1. Swimming In St. Barth 

St. Barth is a famous and exclusive holiday destination. It’s located in French West Indies and is accessible via cruises. If spending time in a Caribbean paradise is your travel goal, it’s genuinely worth splurging. 

Saline Beach, also known as Anse de Grande Saline, is a secluded cove in St. Barth. It features white-sand beaches and five-star resorts. You can swim in the crystal-clear waters and relax with the whole family while sunbathing. 

Aside from swimming, you may also try snorkeling. If your family enjoys trying on some new fashion, you can go on a shopping spree in Gustavia.  

Things to do in Caribbean

2. A Day At Aquaventure Water Park 

Your Caribbean trip checklist is never complete without enjoying a day at Aquaventure Water Park in the Bahamas. It has everything a child and a child at heart enjoy. It serves as a water playground for all ages. 

Aquaventure is an Atlantis-themed water park with giant slides, pools, and access to the beach. It’s in a lush tropical environment, giving it a relaxing ambiance. Your family will never run out of activities to try the whole day! 

Moreover, Aquaventure Water Park is one of the best family things to do in the Caribbean. Visiting it with the whole family will be a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience. 

3. Hiking At El Yunque 

Hiking at El Yunque should be on your checklist if you’re looking for a unique nature trip. This tropical rainforest serves as a home for hundreds of animal and plant species. Bringing the whole family to explore this natural gem is definitely exciting. 

El Yunque Natural Forest is one of the top tourist spots in Puerto Rico. It’s ideal for families who love exploring the outdoors. Aside from hiking, there are picnic pavilions where you can rest and have some snacks after a long walk. 

Visiting El Yunque is a fun nature experience. You can breathe fresh air as you’re surrounded by trees. You can also see some rivers and waterfalls during the hike. It can be a refreshing trip for the whole family.

4. Glamping At Virgin Islands Campground 

Glamping is a meaningful activity that takes you into the simplicity and beauty of nature. Bringing the whole family and staying in comfy cottages overlooking the beach and sunset brings a new level of relaxation. 

Virgin Islands Campground is located in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. This place is a match for those who want something unique yet simple and humbling. There are various cottages to choose from, but all of them have a picturesque view of the Caribbean Sea. 

You can stay at a secluded cottage with hotel-like amenities for a luxurious holiday experience. You can also explore different beaches around the area where you can go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. 

5. Kayaking At Mosquito Bay 

Visiting Mosquito Bay on the coast of Puerto Rico is another checkbox you can tick off on your Caribbean dream trip list. At night, the beaches are illuminated by phytoplankton which are like little stars by the sea. Walking around the beach during the evening will feel like you’re in a fantasy world. 

Kayaking at Mosquito Bay with the whole family is a magical experience. Kids and teenagers will enjoy floating on the waters lit by bioluminescent sea creatures. It’s a wonder of nature one can cherish for a lifetime. 

If you’re visiting Mosquito Bay with kids under seven, a canoe is ideal and safer than a kayak. It provides enough wiggle room for young kids to move. 

6. Strolling In Old Havana 

Adventure isn’t all about the rush. Sometimes, it’s also about visiting some historical places to have a glimpse of the past. Visiting Old Havana in Cuba will be an eye-opening experience for the whole family. 

Old Havana is considered a world heritage site. It’s famous for its baroque architecture and colorful buildings. Strolling through this city will almost feel like traveling back in time. Visiting this historical place is a fun way to learn Cuba’s rich history. 

Aside from the photoshoot-worthy scenery, Old Havana also offers delicious food and drinks. Trying some of their local delicacies will give you an authentic Cuban experience. 

7. Playing With The Piggies At Pig Beach 

Swimming with pigs is something unusual, which makes it a thrilling experience. If you’re on a trip with kids, they will surely love playing with the adorable pigs at Pig Beach. 

The Pig Beach is an Island in Exuma, Bahamas, home to a colony of feral pigs. It’s a white-sand beach, surrounded by clear and stunning waters, perfect for swimming under the sun. The pigs living there are very friendly, as they’re used to daily visitations from tourists and locals. 

If you’re wondering how an uninhabited island suddenly becomes a home for these piggies, locals have mere speculations. The mystery of how the adorable pigs came to the island makes this trip extra special. 

8. Snorkeling At Bonaire Marine Reserve 

Exploring the underwater world is always an eye-opening experience for all ages. It reminds you of how much you have yet to discover. Visiting a marine reserve is a great way to be with the extraordinary sea creatures you don’t get to see elsewhere. 

Visiting Bonaire Marine Park is one of the beach trips that complete your checklist. It features diverse marine life, including sea turtles and different fish species. While it is famous for scuba diving, there are many family-friendly activities to try, like snorkeling, kite surfing, and fishing. 

Moreover, Bonaire offers specific guides and recommendations for family trips. There are kid-friendly restaurants and accommodation. They also provide services from activity specialists to ensure the whole family enjoys the vacation. 


Exploring the things to do in the Caribbean will be an overwhelming experience. You’ll never run out of places to visit and activities to try. Taking a trip with the whole family makes the holiday even more memorable.

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