Hippie Tree: A Haunted Location Traverse City, Michigan

Hippie Tree

The hippie tree stands for its fusion or combination through the art that it bears.

It resembles the culture of the area impressively. It gets painted with very bright colours that attract many visitors.

When someone sees this tree, he will not stop himself from feeling the brooding energy that may inspire the psychotic masterpiece. Thousands of hands paint this tree.

Moreover, if anyone gets told the history or the mythology behind this tree, he can easily believe it.

Hippie Tree photo
Traverse City Hippie Tree

This tree has a super-awesome tree swing on it, making your trip a worthwhile trip.

The hippie tree is a legendary and colourful spot located in Northern Michigan. The landscape around the Hippie tree is very magnificent. Moreover, the scenery is nothing less than world-class.

The tree swing is thrilling to ride, making your visit enjoyable. Hippie Tree is a Eucalyptus tree that is an old and giant tree.

The beauty of this tree will attract visitors, and you will find this tree climbable and scalable.

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Hippie Tree Portal Traverse City

The tree branches get painted with bright colours by the local generation. Moreover, the tree is nothing less than a haunted entrance to hell.

This tree is named the Hippie tree because of its place in local mythology. The hippie tree is just said to be a chain for spirits that once occupied the hospital.

Moreover, in addition to this, the madness of the ghosts haunted them. Inspired, charming, enchanted, and other sacred folks come to meditate below the tree.

Moreover, those religious folks paint their following awareness on the tree’s cross limbs surrounding them.

Hippie Tree image
Hippie Tree Michigan

This tree is located near the grounds of the Traverse city state hospital and has shown its fantasy with many visitors over the years.

Moreover, rumours have spread that many spirits surround this tree, and tales revolve around the tree.

However, no reports of mystic and spiritual tales have got found. An entrance to hell below its twisting roots is just said openly so that people can be aware of walking around the tree.

However, many unpleasant treasures and deeds happened beneath this tree.

Get Hippie Tree Directions Link:- Open Map

Hippie Tree Legend

This tree is painted in colourful colours and is a magical place hidden deep in the woods.

When you see this tree for the first time, you will find it as an artist with a fascinating array of colours.

This tree lies below the woods behind the old hospital in Traverse City.

Moreover, this tree gets now renovated with shops, offices, and many apartments. However, nothing has got done to the Hippie Tree. This tree lies in the middle of the property.

Hippie Tree images
Hippie Tree

The hippie tree is a fantastic site to enjoy the wonder of nature and the woods.

It is a colourful tree that amazes visitors with the bright colours surrounding this tree. Every visitor that sees the tree does not feel the spirits.

Only those who can handle it that has a great interest in that. Moreover, do not worry that ghosts do nothing wrong with you.

You will feel the area with a fresh environment. Furthermore, admittedly, this tree will make you think of the brooding energy.

Hippie Tree History

The tree was given the name Hippie tree because many visionaries and spirits are used to meditate beneath the tree’s roots to gain some spiritual insight, and before going, they leave their mark on the tree.

There are many tale stories and local myths about the tree’s history and area.

Many people there say that those patients’ spirits haunt the city that had once lived in the mental hospital near that area.

Hippie Tree pics
Hippie Tree Photos

Moreover, some say that the tree gets haunted by a young boy murdered by a person with a mental health condition.

However, many rumours have got spread that this tree is a gateway to hell for those who walk around the pattern of the tree.

However, the real story behind this tree gets lost behind those silly Hippie tree stories and rumours.

Moreover, the only fact behind this colourful tree is that this tree is a beautiful site that will impress visitors.

Hippie Tree Traverse City Haunted

The Hippy Tree Traverse City lies near the old hospital in Traverse City Kirkbride. The walking line around the area is well maintained and gets labelled distinctively.

This tree gets beautifully painted with bright colours that have light-coloured doodles everywhere covering its surroundings.

Each colour that includes the beautiful tree tells an exceptional story related to that area or tree. When one visits the tree, one can feel the area’s spirits.

Hippie Tree
Hippie Tree

It is not yet clear whether spirits come there or not. However, there are many tale stories behind the art of this tree.

Moreover, one of those is that many souls and happy folks were used to going beneath the tree’s roots to gain some other-worldly enlightenment.

Moreover, when they returned from the tree, they left their marks on it by painting it with different bright colours.

However, it is not a real story as it gets lost behind those fake rumours and local tale stories.

Hippy Tree Chalk Bag

Nowadays, the hippie tree traverse city is a natural inspired breaker wave. This company gets dedicated to designing the many products and graphics that directly personify the lifestyle of today’s generation.

The design of the company and the hand-drawn graphics that merely resemble the mountains, waves, and wildlife are beautiful. Moreover, this directly symbolizes the company’s passion and outdoor style.

Hippie Tree photos
Hippie Tree

A green tree logo marks it. This company has directly impacted the environment by using eco-friendly materials and products.

This bag is available in many prints that class up to the attire of your climbing.

This bag has many features, like a drawcord closure to fix the chalk, a double-cross lining for easy chalking, and a striped belt that you can adjust anytime, which will also help you to enhance your style.

On the front side of this bag, a criss-cross leather label gets mounted. It also has a holder for a loop brush on the side.

Hippie Tree Trucker Hats

Hippie Tree is an eco-friendly company that manufactures sustainable products. They do not waste materials on manufacturing. They use recycled materials for building their products.

Recycled materials and organic textiles get used for product manufacturing, which helps soften the environmental impact.

Moreover, this hat gets made of approximately 90% cotton and around 10% polyester.

Hippie Tree picture
Hippie Tree

A trucker hat manufactured by the company is suitable for any sunny adventures, hiking, backpacking, or Supping.

A snapback is available, which is entirely adjustable to give you a customizable fit.

You can use it for any of those adventures where you want to keep your eyes away from the sun.

It is a high-designed hat that will enhance your style and protect you from the sun’s rays.

So, this was all about the colourful Hippie Tree. Indeed this is a fantastic site that you must visit in your life at least once.

Traverse City is very cool!! You must visit once.

Moreover, when you visit this site, you will find the scenery so enjoyable that you will feel the energy of your surroundings.

This tree is a complete package of history that will provide you with excitement and knowledge. When are you planning to visit there?

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