Eloise Asylum: A Haunted Tour (Psychiatric Hospital), Michigan

Eloise Asylum

Eloise Asylum was a mental hospital in Michigan which gets now closed. It gets situated in Westland, Michigan.

The tour of this site provides you with an opportunity to showcase the history of this hospital.

Moreover, after seeing this, the visitors can imagine what the hospital looked like when it was operational.

In the building, you will find hundred-year-old strained windows of glass, floors made of marble in the lobby area, treatment centres inside the building, metal and desks made of wood, soaps, and papers still in the bathroom used by the patients of that time.

Historical photos hang inside the building, showing patients gathered to watch television.

Some treatment centres will show how many facilities were provided for patient treatment during that time.

It is a history exploring a place that is full of excitement and information giver that will offer you a lot about history.

Moreover, Eloise also inspired the director who had made a thriller movie, namely Eloise.

Eloise Asylum Michigan

Eloise Asylum was a psychiatric hospital. It was a large complex that got located in Westland, Michigan.

Eloise asylum stories / Eloise asylum inside

It got named after the daughter of Detroit’s postmaster whose name was Eloise Dickerson Davock. It got started from a poor house and a farm.

Eloise Asylum Michigan
Eloise asylum pictures

Moreover, then it was turned into an asylum and a hospital. In 1832, first, it was called Wayne County Poorhouse, which in 1872 was known as Wayne County Alms Hospital.

Then in 1913, it was divided into three groups, in which the first was Eloise Hospital, the second was the Eloise Infirmary, and the third was Eloise Sanatorium.

The Eloise Hospital was the Mental Hospital, the Eloise Infirmary was the Poor House, and the third one, The Eloise Sanatorium, was the T.B. Hospital.

Enterprise Many GEOs

Moreover, as the years passed, this institution had turned more substantial and more significant due to the increase in the population in that area.

Many people were well-known, and they died in that hospital. This hospital also housed the first dialysis of kidney, and they also used shock therapy, insulin therapy and many more to treat their patients well. However, the hospital was closed in 1986.

Eloise Hospital Movie

The title of the movie, Eloise, is about a medical institution that gets situated in Michigan. This hospital has existed for almost 150 years.

Eloise is an American thriller film which was directed by Robert Legato and got released on February 3, 2017.

Eloise Hospital Movie
Eloise asylum experiments

The script of this film got written by Christopher Borrelli. Eliza Dushku, Robert Patrick, Chace Crawford, Brandon T. Jackson, Nicole Forester, and P. J. Byrne were the stars of the Eloise movie.

The storyline of this movie is somewhat dodgy. Moreover, coincidence played a significant role in this movie to bring all the characters together.

It is a thriller movie, but some people have not found this movie much horror.

At the beginning of this movie, the narrator talks about the real Eloise asylum which is in Michigan.

It gets dedicated to the patients of this hospital, and those who know the services provided in the hospital will understand this well.

The building was in kind regards, and the audience had found the excellent movie. However, the ending of this movie irritated many people.

Eloise Asylum Westland

In 1839, the Eloise had begun as a Wayne County Poorhouse. It was one of the first hospitals which had used X-rays for diagnosis.

It was also the first one who had used the dialysis unit for kidney treatment at that time in Michigan.

Then after some time, the complex had expanded to 902 acres with approximately 70 buildings. However, the hospital got closed after some time.

Moreover, today it is used as a visitor’s place who visits this site to know what happened in this hospital.

radium treatment
Eloise asylum patients

This hospital had many facilities that got provided for their patient’s treatment.

Like there was a facility for radium treatment for cancer patients, and an open-air procedure was used for tuberculosis patients. Electric shock treatment was provided for psychiatric patients.

Insulin therapy was also offered, and he was the first to use kidney dialysis.

However, after some time, many reports like violent terms and questionable conditions have been reported, due to which the hospital population has decreased. Moreover, in 1984, this hospital was.

Eloise Asylum Haunted

Many visitors had made complaints that they had experienced many odd things on the grounds of the hospital.

Some people have reported that they had found some strange materials and some medical waste in the hospital.

Few have also complained that they had seen jars which contained some human body parts and some documents related to medical procedures in the hospital.

Moreover, some even said that they had the spirit of the woman on the roof of the hospital who was wearing white cloth.

Eloise Asylum images
Eloise Asylum

Many people also heard some noises of crying, screaming, moaning, and roaring on the grounds of the hospital.

Some had claimed that this might be the spirits of tortured and teased people who got victimized in this hospital.

Some had seen the dark shadows that had scared them. Moreover, some had found scary marks on the walls of the hospital.

It might be some tale stories or might be some fake rumours. However, the real story had not yet been found.

Eloise Hospital records

Eloise Hospital has closed now, but at that time, it consisted of about 75 buildings.

Many patients were in that hospital, and many facilities were provided for their treatment.

Eloise Asylum pics
Eloise asylum deaths

However, if we talk about the records of that hospital, then there is no particular information regarding the records or patient list.

Only the history of health and mental health treatment techniques record got found.

Many procedures or techniques were used in the hospital to treat patients.

Like open-air technology was used for tuberculosis patients, dialysis got used for kidney patients, and insulin therapy was provided; an electric shock was also given to the patients.

Eloise Insane Asylum

Wayne County had bought around 166-acre farms in Michigan. Moreover, after some time, the county wants to send the sediment of society like thieves, drunkards, vagrants, and vagabonds.

Furthermore, these insane and weak-minded people were housed there after some time. Those patients who were mentally ill got placed on the upper floor of the hospital.

Moreover, after some time, the Eloise complex had turned into a self-sufficient community with its dairy, a slaughterhouse, a greenhouse, bakeries, a pig farm, a fire station, and a police department.

Moreover, after 1894, Wayne County Poorhouse was renamed. Detroit postmaster Freeman B. Dickerson was the president of the board and had suggested that the post office would be renamed after his four-year-old daughter Eloise. Moreover, then the Wayne County Poorhouse was renamed, Eloise.

Eloise Asylum picture
Eloise Asylum

This complex has a psychiatric hospital for mentally-ill patients, a poor house for the down people, and a criminal insane.

What happened to Eloise’s mental hospital?

The bread kitchen was tragically torched because of pyro-crime in 2020.

Was the movie Eloise based on a true story?

The trailer for the film recommends that Eloise was an awful place, The genuine Eloise complicated, situated on Michigan Avenue in Westland, has a long history as a previous poorhouse, mental medical clinic, tuberculosis sanitorium and province medical clinic.

Who owns Eloise’s asylum?

Owner John Hambrick

What year did Eloise close?

Eloise quit offering mental consideration in 1979, and the overall clinic was covered in 1984.

There were many facilities provided for the treatment of mentally ill people, like electric shocks were given.

Moreover, after the 1960s, some new techniques were used for the treatment of patients. Many scientists were doing experiments on brain chemistry by treating patients with pills and powders.

Also, after that, the problem of medical illness in the country has increased by a considerable amount. Due to this, many complaints got recorded in the hospitals.

Moreover, in 1986, the building Eloise was closed. So, this was all about the psychiatrist hospital, Eloise Asylum. It was one of the best hospitals for insane and mentally ill people of that time.

It has provided many facilities for the patients and has a satisfactory response from them. The method of their treatment was entirely in agreement with the patients.

Best things you can take to the Eloise Asylum tour

Moreover, now this place is used for visiting the site. This place is full of exploring history, providing you with lots of information about history.

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