Why Do You Need To Use Dive Computers?

Reason for Dive Computers

Dive computers offer beneficial measurements of nitrogen saturation levels and initial and subsequent surface time for your dives. Before diving computers and dive tables, it was inevitable to get Decompression Sickness (DCS).

A dive table was created to determine how far a diver can go before needing to stop. This was manually calculated by the diver before every dive. With dive computers, this is automatically calculated and monitored.

You may see an octopus under a rock and abandon your old exploration plan. The dive computer will tell you what your limits are with the new path you’ve taken when diving.

What is Decompression?

Decompression is the need to stop during a dive. These stops can range from one to two times during your ascent as to readjust your body to the pressures it’s being faced with. A no-decompression dive is when you ascend without needing to stop before you reach the surface.

However, most dives need a stop for decompression. As you are ascending, it gives your lungs and blood time to stabilize to not cause any harm to your body.

Dive Table, Rent, or Own a Dive Computer?

You may have an important question; should I rent or own a dive computer? Owning your own equipment can save time and you will know how to use your personal dive computer.

Some divers prefer their own equipment and other new divers may only need to use the equipment once or twice a year, so it’s easier to rent.

When you’re a frequent diver, you may be diving twice a day and diving in deeper depths. Dive computers can calculate how deep you go on your first dive and what is safe for your second dive.

This is more difficult to calculate with a diving table and is not as efficient. If you fall into this category, purchasing a dive computer is suggested.

The Dive Computer in Action

Diving is a dynamic adventure that requires keeping yourself as safe as possible. With the technology of a dive computer, you can know how deep you can go, what your nitrogen saturation levels are at all times when you need a decompression stop, and how many stops you need when ascending. A dive computer is a great investment and adds to your diving experience.

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