Forget Hot Spots! These 5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan

5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan

Does traveling intrigue you? Is visiting new places your passion? If yes, you are in for a treat. How long can one be stuck to computers, mobile phones, and the internet? check 5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan.

If fortunately, you are someone with the means and the will, it is time you forget about hotspots and start visiting real hot spots in places all over the world.

Explore and experience the real beauty rather than beholding their virtual sights. So Taiwan is, this time! Through this article, we are going to get a glance at five major spots to be visited in Taiwan, China.  

The island nation of Taiwan is located in the Southeast of China and is one of the most populated countries in the world.

It is popular for the ancient temples, museums, and lively night markets and of course the infamous Chinese cuisine.

The Sun Moon Lake and Kinmen Island are a treat for the eyes and hold a delightful experience. With spots so beautiful and aura so calm, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready to explore unexplored Taiwan.



5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan, Taiwan travel beholds an inescapable beauty in the city of Kaohsiung. The city is an amalgamation of industries on one hand and maritime on the other.

Beautiful scenic nature enwreathes the city of Kaohsiung. It exhibits a blend of various cultures, people and communities with wonderful weather.

Hiking and cycling are two major outdoor activities here that are appreciated a lot. The city has many popular sites such as the Love River, Lotus Pond, Qijing, the old city of Zuoying.

The Hakka village of Meinong is home to traditional oil paper umbrella art. Similarly, on the other hand, the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist monastery exhibits the richness of the culture.

The best time to visit the city of Kaohsiung is during spring and Autumn, just like Taipei. If you are looking to rekindle your life, traveling to Kaohsiung can be a rejuvenating experience for sure.



5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan, The Kinmen islands or Quemoy hold historical significance as they are famous as the site of the battle between the communists and the nationalists in 1949.

Sometimes called the ‘Park in the sea’, the Kinmen islands are located between Taiwan and China and are home to the scenic beauty of forests, flowers, and natural reserves.

Beautiful historical buildings encircle these islands and the scattered beaches just add up to this amazing experience. The Due Mansion, built-in 1931, is Kinmen’s most famous, ”western” building. IN

The tower is well-maintained and portrays the Chinese diaspora with the help of Bilingual panels, shedding light on how the architecture in Kinmen has been affected by their tastes and their money.

The Juguang tower is a three-storeyed building, built in the memory of the fallen soldiers. It is an exemplary monument dating back to the year 1952.

It is often featured on Taiwanese stamps. So if you are someone who loves to dig the history and is always curious about the past, this is a spot worth visiting for.

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5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan, Wulai is a hot spot for tourists in Taiwan. Located in the south of the New Taipei city, Wulai is famous for its hot springs all over Taiwan.

Hence, it can be a memorable experience in Taiwan. Wulai offers a beautiful mixture of nature and rich indigenous culture. People visit this place for its warm waters.

Besides this, one can also experience outdoor activities like hiking in the forest, fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities here along with camping in the forests.

Wulai is also home to the Wulai Atayal Museum, which is dedicated to the Aboriginal people of Wulai, the Atayal. Visiting the museum is free if you’re interested in learning the Aboriginal culture.

Besides museums, the Wulai sausages and the salt and pepper fish are two very popular dishes. The blue and warm waters and hot springs, greenery, and the mountains make this trip, an enriching experience.

As souvenirs, you can take the two woven hats or the glass bead bracelets. The cable cars, that are used by people to cross the river above the waterfall have been a part of the scenery of Wulai for almost 50 years and is definitely something a tourist should not be missing.



5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan, Popular for its local cuisine and remarkable architecture, Lukang is the second oldest town on the island, located in the northwest of the country.

Longshan and Matzu are two most significantly popular temples of the two hundred temples present as historical monuments in this region.

The Oxtongue cakes and the oyster pancakes are two famous dishes of Lukang. The ‘Nine turns lane‘ refers to the ninth month when cold winds from Mongolia blow down during this time of the year in Lukang.

The turns function as natural windbreakers. The nine turns lanes are the oldest and the most beautiful residences in Lukang. The half-sided well is another landmark a person must visit here.

The well is half, inside the wall of a residence and half outside, which is a reminder of the days when not everyone could afford to have a well. This shows how the town of Lukang has preserved its heritage.



5 Spots Are A Must Visit In Taiwan, Taipei is the well-known, capital of Taiwan, which is home to many skyscrapers. The city is not only an amalgam of economic and political hubs but is even a cultural hub.

Taipei exhibits a blend of old and new things with a captivating experience of the cultural richness of the city. The city is popular for its cuisine and marvelous architecture.

The presence of old and ancient temples amidst some of the tallest skyscrapers makes it a stupendous experience.

Whether it is the Dihua street, which is famous for its Chinese medicine shops, it is becoming a hub for new and young entrepreneurship,

or it is the Huashan 1914 creative park, which is an early 20th-century wine factory that is a mixture of western urban models and the Chinese culture.

Amidst all this, is the Taipei 101 that goes amiss. For several years, it held the title of the world’s tallest building. This gigantic building is 508m.

The massive goldcolored iron wind damper keeps the building intact during earthquakes and cyclones, which also another landmark not to be missed.

There’s something that attracts you towards this island nation. Don’t know if it is its simplicity wrapped in urbanity or the peace of mind which it offers. Taiwan travel is one of the most paradigmatic experience one can have.

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Taiwan, hence, is one of the most classical and iconic places to visit, whether one is looking for a visit into mother nature or luxury.  For, the visit to Taiwan comes as a mixture of both.

Are you still thinking? Seriously! Well, just book your tickets guys and land on the Island Nation to begin your journey for fresh new experiences. Come and witness the beauty of Taiwan.

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