Sloss Furnaces: – The Haunted House of Alabama

Sloss Furnaces

Sloss furnaces get as an interpretive museum of the industry, and it hosts a nationally recognized metal arts program.

This place also serves as a venue for concerts and festivals. In 2015, a new visitor centre was built and opened to the public the next year.

It is a National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, Alabama, in the US.

It got operated as the pig iron-producing blast furnace from 1882 to 1971. This furnace became the industrial site after its closing.

In 1981, the furnaces got designated a National Historic Landmark by the US Department of the Interior.

There are thousands of programs that get organized for students per year.

halloween 2022
Halloween 2022

Moreover, also it is free to visit the museum during its operating hours from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m from Tuesday to Saturday. Today it stands as the monument to the Industrial Revolution.

This unique National Historic Landmark provides visitors with a glimpse into the rich industrial heritage of Birmingham with its group of pipes and towering stoves.

There are so many events happening in Sloss furnaces. Sloss furnaces events are unique and beautiful.

We heartily invite you to visit and learn about various materials, products, processes, and the people who ran the furnaces and built this city.

Sloss Furnaces Haunted House 2022

The furnaces have created a terrifying experience for those who visited there on tour. Their involvement takes you into the darkest and deepest places of the Furnaces.

The visitors on the tour of the furnaces would start their journey through the replica of the Wormwood House.

The wormwood Haunted house is the childhood home of the Slag wormwood, a sadistic foreman.

Sloss Furnaces photo
Sloss Furnaces

As part of the tour of the furnaces, you would explore this haunting relic with twisting passageways and unlock the dark and disturbing memories which drove slag to madness.

If you help the ghosts of the past survive, you need to prepare to explore the new locations that generally get close to the public, including the terrifying Boiler Room. This room is home to a hundred paranormal encounters.

There is a newly designed trail; you can make your way through it, including the furnaces catwalk, new dark passageways, and underground tunnels that force the group of people to go one by one.

On the way, you would experience the entire new D maze, which got completed with killer clowns and the spinning vortex that brought the grown men to their knees, crying with fear.

The team of Hollywood special effects has loaded the trial with dozens of monsters, effects, surprises, and scenes throughout the tour.

The team has spent more than $300,000 on this experience, making you run for the exits.

Sloss Furnaces Death Records

Sloss furnaces opened the gates of his eponymous furnaces company on 18 April 1882 while enjoying hundreds of men from the nearby area.

The various positions at the furnaces were hazardous, but working with the blast furnaces got advanced.

No government agencies were protecting the interest and rights of workers.

The workers were working for 12-hour days. Moreover, they got to pay for scripts at the company store.

Workers feared most industrial accidents while their pay was low and they had to work for long hours.

Sloss Furnaces Death
Sloss Furnaces Death

Some of them fell into the molten steel and incinerated, and some of them fell victim to the silent poisoning of CO (carbon monoxide).

There were dangers for all the workers in every inch of the furnaces.

The most dreadful death scene of the furnaces is the one that occurred to a worker on his lunch break.

He was sitting near the large flywheels, which got used to power the large scalding boilers.

He leaned too close to the wheel, and his clothes got caught in the hoop.

Slowly and slowly, the wheel dragged him into the gears. All the witnesses got shuttered at that time.

On 9 September 1887, Richard Jowers was working at Furnaces. He was standing near the top of the furnaces, and he slipped off there. He, along with the heavy bell, tumbled into the molten steel.

There was no one to help him. Before his remains got lost entirely, the people could only take off his head and some of his bones.

Sloss Furnaces Ghost Adventures

The ghost adventures have investigated Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL. Its name got borrowed from one of the principal industrial cities of England.

It has unique characteristics that make it unique worldwide within the nearby coal, iron ore, and limestone deposits. These are the three principal raw materials that get used in making steel.

Sloss Fright Furnaces October 18

Sloss Furnaces is attracting thousands of people from all around the world. Mike Posner has his ShowUp Show on 14 October at 5 p.m. on Sunday at Sloss Fright Furnaces.

Moreover, Madison Beer, Alec Benjamin, Jake Miller, AJ Mitchell, and many more were his guests.

There was no ticket for this show. People only had to come early to book their place.

Sloss Furnaces history
Sloss Furnaces

Moreover, they stayed there to experience the most haunted attraction in the Southeast.

Sloss Fright Furnaces has created a terrifying experience that takes you into the deepest and darkest parts of the Furnaces. Such experiences you do not want to miss.

Ghosts of Sloss Furnaces

The work conditions at Sloss furnaces were hazardous and unbearable. The workers were not getting any breaks and holidays in between their work.

They had to work regularly. Under the management of wormwood, 47 men lost their lives. It was ten times the fatality rate than the other shifts.

Countless men got injured in these accidents, leaving them unable to work in the factory.

In the other accident in 1888, an explosion took place, burning six men.

In the year 1906, in October, Slag Wormwood fell from the top of the largest furnaces there. This largest furnace is known as the Big Alice.

He fell into the giant pool of melting ore. His body got dissolved within seconds into this melting ore.

Sloss Furnaces pic
Image Credit: Sloss Furnaces

Many people witnessed that slag haunts the Furnaces. Many people see his ghost as an evil tormentor.

The souls of all these workers and men are still staying in the building and whipping for revenge.

Ghost Asylum Sloss Furnaces

The Police of Birmingham have more than 100 records of unexplainable activity, which has got experienced by people while they were at Sloss furnace’s national historic landmark in Alabama for the years. These accidents got recorded by the police.

Between the years 1882 and 1971, the Sloss Furnaces and its employees were tasked to turn coal and ore into steel.

Steel formed to shape the industrial revolution. In all this, there were the hands of Sloss Furnaces.

Sloss Furnaces Haunted History

On 9 September 1887, Richard Jowers was working at Furnaces. He was standing near the top of the Sloss furnaces, and he slipped off there. He, along with the heavy bell, tumbled into the molten steel.

There was no one to help him. Before his remains got lost entirely, the people could only take off his head and some of his bones.

This old building then became a national landmark. At night, the structure still echoes with noises from its past, and people hear the screams and see apparitions.

sloss furnace photography
Sloss Furnaces Haunted

There is a sinister presence on the second floor of the Blower Building, which is known as “Slag,” people can still hear him belittling his crew.

This Magic city got built on the backs of ordinary men, and many of them got toiled. They died at Sloss Furnaces.

Thus, those people haunt the place so that the city does not forget their sacrifices.

Ghost Adventures Sloss Furnaces Daily Motion

Zak led the investigators to Birmingham, AL, to investigate the Sloss furnaces, which got built in the year 1881. It was a factory which was a hazardous place to work there.

When working there, many workers died there accidentally, and many of them got injured due to worse accidents.

It is believed that these skilled workers’ souls are inhabited there in the factory.

All these reasons made the Sloss Furnaces a haunted place.

Question Hub Of Mysterious Trip About Sloss Furnaces

When were sloss furnaces built?

sloss furnaces were built in 1881

What were sloss furnaces used for?

The Furnaces operated as pig iron-producing blast furnaces. The Furnaces was one from 1882 to 1971. After 1971, it became the only blast furnace in the U.S. to be preserved and restored for public use.

When did sloss furnaces close?

It was closed in 1971

Sloss furnaces tickets detail?

Sloss Furnaces is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am-4 pm, and admission are free.

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