Cahawba Alabama: Most Famous Ghost Town in Dallas

Cahawba Alabama

Cahawba is the first permanent capital state of Alabama from 1820 to 1825. The place locates the confluence of the Cahaba and Alabama rivers.

The site always suffers from regular and seasonal flooding.

Moreover, thus it was the primary reason why the state legislature has moved the capital city to the best place in the year 1826.

The Cahawba town has even suffered from the other major flood in the year 1865.

Thus after that, the authorities further moved the capital to the northeast to the Selma. They found it to be better situated.

Cahawba has now turned out to be a ghost town because it became defunct. Now people visit the place as the historic site.

It is the old Cahawba Archaeological Park. The state and the associated groups of the citizens are still working to develop it as the best interpretive park.

They are working for the restoration of the building. In the beginning, Cahawba has always remained the underdevelopment town on the two rivers. The formation of the statehouse was on the brick system.

However, due to flooding, the place had a low population due to the unhealthy atmosphere of that area.

Cahawba had got adversely affected by the loss of the government business of a state.

Now the place has got the National Register of the Historic Places in the year 1973.

Many visitors see the streets, ruins of the former state capital, cemeteries, and the country seat.

The Advisory of Cahawba Committee is in the list of a non-profit group which has its basis in Selma and thus it serves to support the park.

Also, they run the website which resides the views of the park and the history of the park.

Ghost Stories in Cahawba Alabama

Well, as per the knowledge there are many ghost stories related to Cahawba in the 19th and the 20th centuries.

The most famous story is of the house that locates in between Pine and Chestnuts streets.

cahawba alabama pic

Digital Alabama has reported many haunted places. In a year seeing the old Cahawba is something that people does naturally but the new thing is to experience the ghost stories during the night time.

The Friday night is the mark to the start of the ninth Haunted History Tours along with some wagon rides.

The old Ghost town is the most prominent town in Alabama. It is now the home of many other ghost stories to date.

Well, many people had shared their experiences with us. They told that the ghost stories are something people love to listen to, not matter even if they feel afraid of it.

It is something new to experience. It will let them visualize things differently.

It is the place where the spirit world meets our human society. Anything that you see during the night time could be either in your head, or it may be real even. It is nothing that humans had made it up.

cahawba alabama images

Tour to the Ghost Stories in Alabama

The journey to the ghost stories starts at 7 pm, and the last one will run at 9 pm.

The first destination of the trip is the new cemetery which got established in the year 1850s.

At this site, Misty Green and Linda Derry share out their stories with the people that have got buried.

They even tell about the stories that have been still haunting the hallowed ground. Derry first welcomes guests to his destinations.

If you are thinking of the beauty of the place, then it is all due to the presence of ghost stories.

Also, many people after searching for the area take a number picture to capture their memories with it. Also, those photos had a sign of the presence of spirits.

One may wonder that someone would be whispering behind the grave which makes them scary.

cahawba alabama

The second stop is the Barker family slave quarters. In this, the guests will go through the investigation of certain paranormal activities.

It is the favorite place of the people where they gather up all their experiences.

It is the place where there is the real cross-section of the distinct ages. The young people enjoy being with their paranormal ghost investigations and hunting shows on the television.

Well, if we listen to the word haunted then Alabama is the full crowded with the haunted ghosts. We can even call it the ghost town.

With the majority of the people dealing in the place, they will look for the stories of the places that are being published here.

It is nothing but more than the folklore and the homespun ghost stories. However, then also we have here gathered much information across the whole state and many other sources.

Haunted places of Cahawba, Alabama

cahawba alabama pictures

Cahawba has turned out to be the ghost town and even the state historic site.

We generally locate the sight in the southwest of Selma. Well, many stories turn the place of Cahawba Alabama to be haunted.

One such is of the grave formed of John A. Bell. People have also experienced many other paranormal activities. Also, many have reported them through the reports published by the media.

The First Cahawba Bank in Selma Alabama

Well, the First Cahawba bank provides the banking way as it must be. The priority for the bank is to hire the hardworking individuals and the businesses that act as the backbone of the community.

As we have already seen that the area banks turn to be part of the megabanks.

The First Cahawba Bank is to make the local decisions and thus offers you with the comprehensive service of banking such as people can meet the financial goals.

No matter if you are an old customer or you are going to open up a new account, the bank can customize the products and the services for the people.

They are offering people with the latest technology in banking. It is to maintain the privacy and the security to the identity of the people.

Old Cahawba Alabama Bell Family

A grave of John A Bell locates in the New Cemetery in the park Old Cahawba.

In the year 1856 on 23rd May, there was a shootout on the main street in Cahawba. J.R. BELL along with his two sons was fighting against Will E. Bird, Thomas Hunter, and Mathew Troy.

They were the members of the extended family. Many people watched the shootout and eventually John A Bell, and John R bell along with his sons lost his life. Thus since then, there is a grave of John A. Bell at that place.  

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