Awesome stay in Manali with spectacular views

When planning to visit a location in the queenly Himalayan Hill station, nothing is better than Manali. It is the most loved hill station where people come to get their groove back far away from the stresses of life. To make your holiday a lot more special, you want to select the classiest place with the therapeutic view of snow-capped mountains, seas of pines covering the area, long winding roads, and chilly waters. 

Not even stay, but also multiple things you can do at Manali but when you are on your trip accommodation is the main part of your trip.

There are several stays in Manali which offer all these features like Snow Valley Resorts, Apple Country Resort, Span Resort Manali, etc. Apart from the view, they also have the best kind of hospitality, price, service and class.

They range from economical to luxurious hotels depending upon your choice. Plus, they are near the hot tourist spots of Manali. So you can say that the place is perfect for laid-back pleasures and leisurely weekends.

Awesome stay in Manali

stay in Manali
stay in Manali

Snow Valley Resorts

Snow Valley Resort is one of the best exotic stay in Manali and is located at a considerable distance from the Manali Bus Stand. It is the perfect enchanting hideaway from the chaos of your work-life anyone would ever desire.

The rooms are extremely spacious and have breathtaking views of the meandering rivers, green valleys, and snow-capped mountains. Apart from the striking location, it also provides its stayers warm hospitality. Every room of this charming resort opens towards fruit orchards, snowy mountains, and abundant other picturesque landscape.

Moreover, there are 52 rooms in the resort that let you bask in the bright sunshine passing through your big panel windows. Also, if you have little ones travelling with you, they will be thrilled to access the games room offered by the resort. 

Span Resort and Spa Manali

This resort is the epitome of serenity, class, and luxury. Plus, it is located only at a distance of 1.5km from the Manali City Centre.

Whoever stays in this resort gets to enjoy the calmness and tranquillity of the river banks. Moreover, the spectacular view of the lush green lawns when you share laughter moments with your loved ones over a cup of tea is what gives the real pleasure.

Span Resort and Spa Manali are five-star resorts that offer specialized care, complete privacy, and pampering delights to their stayers. They have every range of rooms to match your desired room view, whether you want snow-clad mountains or green gardens or enjoy the melodious music of river Beas. 

Apple Country Resort

Apple Country Resort is another great stay you can consider. It is one of the few luxurious resorts located a few distances from the city and offers a beautiful tranquil environment of the Himalayas.

It gives you an escape from the noisy, packed city so you can dance away at its sumptuous discotheque. Enjoy your stay admiring the gorgeous view of the valley, green parks, and snow-capped peaks from the room. Then, have a drink at the bar or take your better half to a lovely couple spa.

In addition, you can also trek to the Hidimba Devi temple, which the resort will fully arrange. With top-notch hospitality and complete privacy amidst spectacular views, this is basically the best package you can get for yourself. 

Sun Park Resort Manali

This magical and charming resort is one of the best resorts in Manali that combines contemporary décor with ethnic touches. Here, people enjoy the central setting amidst original alpine meadows, lush greenery, and revitalizing mountain air. The resort is strategically placed on the left bank of the River Beas.

Its rooms offer spectacular views of the gorgeous Manali Town. Moreover, from here you are easily able to access all the major tourist spots of the place.

It has an elite rooftop dining that offers a prodigious food menu with breathtaking views. The resort also ensures that every stayer is offered maximum comfort and convenience by offering them an option of 56 luxuriously designed bedrooms.

It is basically a blessed destination that undeniably provides exotic and enjoyable stay to every voyager.

Mastiff Grand Manali

Mastiff Grand Manali is a short drive from Solang Valley. It is nestled amidst the panoramic views of the gurgling Beas River, snow-clad mountains, deodar groves, vast acres of orchards, and other soothing settings. It is the perfect place that lets you off the work burden.

So unwind yourself in the chic rooms, ornately crafted exteriors, rich and astonishing designed interiors. You can also set the musical river and savour the delicacies provided by the resort.

Moreover, laze around the outdoor terrace and greenery garden while staring and admiring the spectacular view of the town and amazing stay in Manali. By staying in this exotic resort, you get the opportunity to wake up every day listening to the flow of glimmering waters. Also, you get to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayas. So make sure to consider it. 

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