Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers in 2024

Are you looking to spend your vacation on the beach? If the answer is yes, then head straight to Fort Myers. No matter what time of the year you choose, it is always a good time to visit Fort Myers!

With as many as 271 sunny days, there will never be a dearth of sun and shine in this popular beach holiday destination. However, apart from its sun-kissed beaches, there are so much more things to do in Fort Myers

So, get ready to book the Best Condo Rentals In Fort Myers Beach and choose from the following things to do to create a fun itinerary.

List of Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers

Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers
Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers

Go on a seashell quest and have a fun in Fort Myers

Fort Myers and Sanibel beaches are known to have some of the best beaches in Florida and a treasure trove for seashell hunters. You can literally set aside a day to go looking for these marine riches to add on to your souvenir collection.

You can walk along the beach and find gorgeous seashells strewn along the path for you to pick up and bring home. The best time to go seashell hunting is during low tide which happens every day.

Take a walk along the beach amazing things to do in Fort Myers

No trip to Fort Myers is complete if you don’t spend your time walking along its coastline. The 7-mile distance will pass in a flash as you find yourself getting lost in its abundant natural beauty.

You can also stop along the way, go for a swim, and then resume your walk. This is a perfect slow-paced day activity when you don’t want to do a lot but want to immerse yourself in nature.

Visit the Captiva Island in Fort Myers

Not very far from Fort Myers, the island of Captiva is blessed with long white sand beaches and plenty of options for visitors to stay the night.

Apart from its abundant natural beauty, you will also find plenty of quirky things to do such as restaurants where they celebrate Christmas all year long or mermaid play sessions.

If you have the time, be sure to add this side trip to your itinerary.

Check out the Cayo Costa State Park

A short 9-mile boat ride will take you to Cayo Costa Park which his blessed with stunning beaches and a sprawling cover of pine forests.

The ride to the park is gorgeous and you can spend an entire day walking on the beaches, snorkeling in its pristine waters, or collecting seashells.

You can also spend a night camping on Cayo Costa for a more wholesome experience.

Sample the best meal at Cabbage Key

Cabbage Key is the perfect launching spot if you are spending the day out on the boat.

Cabbage Key luncheon cruises are an hour-long guided activity with 2-hours allotted on the island for exploration and eating.

Go dolphin spotting

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the marine life while you are out on the boat! Several dolphins can be seen frolicking in the water, especially in the shallow bays and protected waters around Fort Myers.

So, it isn’t very hard to spot them and definitely one of the best things you will see there! 

Spend a day at the National Shell Museum

If you plan to add Sanibel Island to your itinerary, then Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum is must visit. It is one of its kind in the country that is solely devoted to the seashells and molluscs. Their exhibition of seashells is amazing, and you will find yourself gasping at their beauty one too many times!

Do try the local seafood

You will find several amazing restaurants in Fort Myers that offer a wide range of seafood options. But be sure to check what’s on the menu for that day.

It is best to try seasonal seafood to get the freshest taste. For instance, if you are travelling in the months between June and September, you must try the scallops and stone crabs if you are travelling between October and May.

Visit the Fort Myers Microbrewery

Fort Myers has a delicious craft beer scene. You can actually spend an entire afternoon in their very brewery sampling some freshly brewed beer! The flavours are unique, and their taste will definitely leave behind a memory that will urge you to come back again soon.

Watch the sunrise or the sunset at the beach

You must do one last thing before you leave Fort Myers is watching either their sunrise or the sunset. It is one of the most calming times of the day when you can appreciate the power of raw nature and beauty right in front of your eyes!

Create your own itinerary by choosing the activities from this list, and don’t forget to book your accommodations ahead to avoid disappointment during peak seasons.

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