How to Plan a Best Private Jet Charters Trip

Planning on going on an adventure? Do you have a business meeting coming up? After the lockdown, a lot of countries are getting into the action, opening their doors to tourists, and picking off their economy.

However, this pandemic won’t be ending soon, so travelling safe must be a priority.

I know what you might be thinking – private jets can be a bit overpriced sometimes but if you take into consideration safety, comfort and privacy, they can offer a tremendous number of qualities.

Not only will they treat you like a king, but you will also surely land in your destination, safe and sound.

Before we get too much into it, if you already have an idea of what you want, be sure to click here for the best private jet charters around.

As the world slowly gets back on its feet, the interest in renting private jets has been increasing. Experts truly believe this might be the safest way to travel around, nowadays, with a number of advantages. Here’s why:

Benefits of best private jet charters

private jet charters are safe and hygienic

Aeroplane companies have suffered all over the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The economic loss has caused serious damage to the aviation industry.

The problem is, as the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing (again!), companies might not be taking into consideration the safest and cleaning requirements.

Most of the commercial aeroplanes may contain yeast, mould or other bacterias (not to mention – Covid-19), that can put a person at risk. Certainly, that won’t be a problem in flying on a private jet, as every cabin is properly disinfected before each flight.

private jet helps you avoid crowded places

As we well know, crowded places and direct interactions are not an option, nowadays.

Passengers of private jets don’t have to wait in long lines at boarding passes, avoiding physical contact or other interactions that might be risky.

You just need to be there 15 minutes before your flight takes off! Besides, some of the companies will allow you to drive straight to the aircraft, avoiding the terminal, whatsoever. A commercial flight won’t be that flexible.

Reduces traveling time

Security checks are quicker and much more efficient.

You don’t have to wait in long lines to pass through the scanner. Passengers of private jet charters will walk across private halls with an escort, that will simply inspect the passenger at the boarding passage.

You’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll be able to save.

Furthermore, private jets will fly directly to their destinations, without making any stops or connections to other flights. They have specific routes and limited access to the airports they can land.

This will help you stay safe to the exposure of any type of virus you might encounter, and always be right on time!

Fewer People Everywhere

In many private jet companies, the passenger, or the organizer of the chartered flight, can choose how many people they want and who they want to fly with.

Consequently, there will be less seats at the plane, and less interactions with people you don’t know.

Surely I’ve convinced you to experiment with this service but now comes the tricky part. All of these qualities might be tempting for you, but renting a private jet might not be a “quick n’ easy” way to travel, as it might seem!  Especially, when it comes to the rental prices.

No worries, I’ll make sure you’ll get everything you need to know to make a wise decision.

Simple and easy, in just five steps!

How to Plan a trip to best private jet charters

1. Discuss Every Detail

Details are important.

Make sure you let the company you’re working with know every single desire you want.

How many people are you flying with, the travel dates and times, luggage requirements and specific routes? This can change every trip solution.

The more information you can share, the better the company can arrange the right aircraft for you.

2. Review Charter Solutions

By this step, the flight coordinator will offer you a large amount of solutions and the pros and cons of each one of them.

For example, if you’re travelling on business, wi-fi connectivity must be an option.

Another important feature is, how many beds you might be needing? If it’s a long-distance trip you’ll need to sleep, especially if you’re accompanied by some other business workers. The aircraft must respond to every need on your wishlist.

3. Select a Top 3 Solution Plan

For example, private airliners or ultra long-range ones, such as the Gulfstream G650, Boeing Business or Global Express, are suitable for long range flights, with VIP travelers or larger groups.

If you’re looking for a mid-flight you can always search for aircrafts more like the Hawker 900XP or the Citation XLS. They will provide you enough space for the luggage, multi-zone cabinets and other special features.

Don’t forget to compare price ranges according to your budget, and again, discuss every term with the flight coordinator before you make a decision.

By now you might be thinking ‘how much will it cost’ to rent one of these things.

It’s similar to the cost of a normal plane ticket – it will only depend on the duration of the flight, the length of the stay and the type of plane.

Due to the pandemic, most of the companies are even launching a short-term leasing program, where travellers are able to book a private plane for one to three months with a fixed monthly cost. This might come at handy if you travel a lot on business.

4. Review Booking Terms and Cancellation Measures

After you choose the company, the flight coordinator will send you a charter agreement that includes the booking terms and the cancellation measures.

As in every flying company, the earlier you book, the better. Nevertheless, it will always depend on the company.

For example, PrivateFly has a booking and take-off record of only 16 minutes, on the other hand, Villiers Jets allows you to book two or three hours before the flight.

Imagine if something happens at the last minute, and you can’t board the flight that day, each company has its unique charter rates and guaranteed availability.

All in all, don’t worry, most of them are very flexible but you’ll have to understand that there are some periods of the year where the no-fee cancellation window is a lot smaller, especially during the holidays.

5. Arrange Payment

Let’s cut to the chase. Once the travelling plans are reviewed, the next step is to sign the payment agreement or transfer the funds. Most private companies have simple and quick processes that will allow the client to reserve the aircraft without having to deal with that much paperwork or boring contracts.

Confidence and quality are one of the most important qualities and insurance of these types of flying companies.

You’re able to choose the right deal for you without having a headache at every step of the process.

Show up and fly

Quick and easy. If you have little savings to spare, and if you treasure your own safety and the one of your loved ones, this is the perfect travelling option for you. You’ll be surprised how many companies are investing on private jet charters due to the pandemic.

The aviation industry has taken a tremendous step back due to the Coronavirus, so now they are betting on reasonable/affordable prices to get back on stage, which is also happening in the private jets industry.

Don’t ever forget. Safety comes first, and when it comes to health, there’s no money in the world that can buy it, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book that trip you’ve always wanted, you have everything you need to go!

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