Ouija Board (Spirit Board) Horror Story Will Keep You Up at Night

Ouija Board

We name the Ouija Board as the spirit board or the talking board. Well, there are many stories associated with the same. People believe in it after they experience a spirit talking by themselves.

Also, they can create their board to initialize the talking. It is the flat board that has the marked letters including alphabets, digits, and other words saying “yes,”  “no,” “hello,” or “goodbye.” Also, there are many symbols along with the graphics.

People usually use a small wooden piece or the plastic piece which we namely call Planchette. We believe the number of paranormal activities associated with the Ouija board.

Planchette is the triangular piece that rests on the Ouija Board and the board has the words “yes” or “no” on its upper both corners. Alphabets are there in the center and the word “goodbye” at the bottom of it.

Ouija Board
Ouija Board

The idea behind all such happening is spirit communications. They will move out of the planchette according to the questions you ask them. They will keep talking to you until you ask them goodbye.

Also, it could be appearing to be harmless to you in some cases, but people follow this lengthy procedure of the Ouija board.

Ouija Board Stories

Ouija Board is the medium by which we began to employ the number of ways to communicate with the dead ones. Ouija Board is not only to make your contact with the demons and the spirits.

There are many real-life claims or false stories associated with the board. Well, paranormal behavior has the number of accounts related to it. Some of them will state here before you.

Ouija board always relies on the power of your body. Well, it is true that there is a difference in the power by which you use the Ouija Board.

It depends how lightly you might place your hand on the triangular pointer which we name as a planchette.

Ouija Board photo
Ouija Board photos

Well, there is a simple explanation which is a mysterious mechanism that would power up the Ouija Board and name it as the ideomotor effect. It is the mechanism by which your body talks to itself.

Also, it is an example of an unconscious feeling which has the involuntary physical movement which states that our body moves even if it does not try to run.

Many people have the experience of waking up with the sudden feeling which is a jerk awake from the sleep then we must say it is an ideomotor effect. It provides a signal to your brain which jerks our body without awareness.

It is the Ouija Board which creates unconscious memories and the images whenever you ask a question to the spirit through this.

There are millions of scientific studies regarding the board. However, we must say that the ideomotor effect is the powerful subconscious tool.

Where can you get the Ouija Board?

Well, we must say that all type of boards works appropriately, but it all depends upon the people who are following the rules or not. You need to follow the appropriate instructions.

Ouija Board is readily available. You may try to make it a wooden piece or the plastic piece. You can even prepare it at your home. Today this mysterious board is sold in board game aisles.

ouija board pictures
ouija board pictures

However, we must say that you must not burn the board if you want to get rid of it. You can break the board into seven pieces and then bury it in the earth. It is not a joke if you start using an Ouija Board.

Also, it is not always true that the good spirits will rush and continue to talk with you. The results can be even more disastrous.

The Ouija board will give you all the answers you want to get. These spirits will always say your truth. Please do not use the board alone because it all works on power using it.

Ouija Board of History

The first automatic writing method used for the Ouija Board was out in around 1100 AD in China. The writing was known as Planchette’s writing.

It is the tool of the devil, with the simple family game. The real history of the board is that how it works.

The historian of Ouija, Robert Murch has been searching for the history of the board. However, he is not sure about the origin of the board. It is a wonder and fear matter in the American culture.

It is the obsession of spiritualism which hit America in 1848. The Fox sisters claim that they have been receiving messages from spirits to answer their questions. The medium has become the way to communicate with the dead ones.

Ouija Board images
Ouija Board images

After the Civil War in the US, it has done good business by allowing survivors to contact their lost relatives. The Ouija got its creations and got named in Baltimore, Maryland in the year 1890.

However, its use became common by the year 1886 with the phenomenon taking place in Ohio.

How does the Ouija Board work?

Well, many of you must have tried it yourself or have listened to the stories which state that one or more people will sit around the board and all of them will point out their fingers on the glass. Around this glass, there are the numbers and letters written on the board.

When you ask a question, the lens will begin its movement from one note to the other so that they can give a response to your question.

Moreover, after the experience, everyone sitting around feels a background for the movement of the glass.

They are sure about not moving it themselves, but they think it is a ghost who did it. However, later it was out that there is nothing like a ghost; it could be you or your friend who was moving it. Scientists have proved that there is nothing like a ghost.

Ouija Board Demons

The target of the paranormal investigator team, Ghost Adventures was Zozo demon.

It was an ancient period demon who generally appears after rapping on the walls and then moving the objects. It might be doing to have the empty hallway upstairs.

Ouija Board images
Ouija Board images

It was his habit to make the unusual noises, and many people believed that Zozo got tortured, harassed, and stalked by his family for the long years. Thus today he makes his supernatural appearance through history.

There are many paranormal activities associated with the ghost. The story of Zozo demon has got twisted by Darren Evans.

He was the man who believes in the unseen powers. He finds that Zozo has been consistently appearing and stalking people through the Ouija Board.

He has been threatening contactees even personally. Many websites and videos have proved its existence while calling a spirit through the Ouija Board.

Board Game to Communicate with the Dead

Ouija Board is to communicate with the spirits of the people who have left us. Many people have fun with it, but others feel scary after that. Many ghosts are friendly in nature while others are not.

People had different experiences according to the power with which they call out the spirit. Also, the hand movements make them clear regarding the same.

However, at once the starting becomes scary, but later they enjoy. The game is exciting — all you need to place your hands on the glass with one or more members.

However, be sure to have as many people because the spirits deal with power accordingly.

Your team needs to be strong. One should not leave the talk in between until you say “Goodbye” to the soul. Otherwise, these powers might have some other effects.

Ouija Board photo
Ouija Board photo

Places Of Ouija Board To Buy

Well, you can go with the number of online sites to buy the wooden board for the Ouija Board. You may visit the magic shops and the second-hand shops for the product.

However, make sure before buying that you will make the informed choice. It would help if you made the right choice of the product.

Divine Ouija Board – Divination Tool

There were around 500 boards of such a kind. They have the beautiful and the original artwork that consists of the spirits, a fantastic representation of Merlin, and a Guardian Angel.

They guide you when you seek answers from them. It is the homemade planchette which has its gold satin bag.

Ouija Board Buy Online

Black Cat Moon Pentacle Glass Top Ouija Board

It is the fantastic 3D board that has the air of steampunk along with the authentic Pagan symbols. It also has a Black Cat, a Pentagram, and Crescent moon.

It has one separate glass cover which allows for the smooth gliding of the planchette. It also has the cool tree of the Life design.

Spalt Pure Evil Ouija Board

It is for the practitioner who never felt afraid of the tempting fate. It is the scary and striking Ouija Board which is not for the faint heart.

You will also feel thrilled with the stylish addition to the fortune-telling tools. Can you place your hands on this beautiful art piece?

Ouija Board images
Ouija Board images

Ouija Mystical Spirit Board

When you look for simplicity and affordability, then you can prefer this Ouija Board. It comprises of the style made with the real wood. It is the right one for the beginners of the user of such a kind.

Arachnafaria Ouija Board

The design of such an Ouija Board is by Anne Stokes. Also, there is one romantic poem written on the flip side of the board. It has proved to be a lovely addition to the delightful and straightforward package.

Ouija Board Rules

Well, it is not a joke when it comes to using the Ouija Board. Most of the time people take it as a funny matter, but it is not always true that the board will bring communication to the right spirit. It may have some scary results too.

Also, the minds who talk to you can tell you anything that you want. Also, it would help if you never used the board alone.

It is better when more people use it. It provides us with more energy by which we can connect to the spirits.

Also, it would help if you did not use this board at home because power will remain forever there. One of the group must be a leader to guide everyone. He must know the perfect use of the board.

Layers of Fear Ouija Board

It is a puzzle to solve. Well, mystery means something more interesting for us. The first part of solving is elementary in which you need to explore the Ouija Board room.

Ouija Board image
Ouija Board image

It would unlock the first string of the digits by finding out the series “363853” which is further followed by the series fo the dots that indicate the missing numbers.

However, the matter is to solve the puzzle with the final three digits. The number like 999 is a random number, and we should not waste our time in answering this.

If you want to solve it, then you will need the previous note to remember. However, if then also you did not find the number then it is your luck which had not let you do it.

Also, if you entered the number then also you can not exit from it. In this case, you need to select the blank slot of the digit and then press “Yes.”

Ouija Board Movie

Ouija Board Movie is the supernatural horror film which gained commercial success after receiving $103.6 million.

The film starred Andrew Form, Jason Blum, Bradley Fuller, Michael Bay, and Bennett Schnier.

It is the story of the two best friends who were playing with the board as a child but later they throw the board in the fire.

There was something strange that was happening with that Ouija Board. The film explains the experience of those two friends.

What Is Ouija Board in the Shady Plot?

It is advisable to connect to the spiritual world where the spirits of the people reside who are dead. The best role of the Ouija board is that it has helped us to write down the ghost stories as it was devilish and duckies.

Also, many people have talked to the great people who are famous all around by calling in their spirits. You will know the number of stories that still not out to people.

What to ask Ouija Board?

You must be polite when using the Ouija Board. First, you need to start your questions which would answer like yes or no in the starting.

Do not irritate the ghost for responding to you. It will tell you which kind of spirit you have called in to communicate.

Also, it would help if you framed out yes and no answers accordingly. It would help if you never asked them a personal question like their death, religion, and illness.

These turn to be inappropriate and irritable. Frame the issue as yes or no, and hence it is easy for the spirit to answer.

What is the Ouija Board piece called?

The small piece of the wood of the Ouija Board is known as Planchette. It could get equipped up with the castor of two wheels and one pencil that is holding on the aperture. The pen is to encourage automatic writing.

The use of the paper is to deal with the difficult questions that have given rise to the belief that the devices will foster up the communication with the spirits. It is a very popular device known to date.

Ouija Board
Ouija Board

Who Invented the Ouija Board?

First Ouija Board got into existence in 1100 AD in China. It was in the documents of the history of the Song Dynasty. The method was called as the planchette writing.

It is the way in which a person might communicate with the spirits by calling them. It became the central practice in the number of countries. Many people used it to talk to the minds of their relatives.

Why didn’t Ouija Board work?

These were not the spirits who get called by the people. It is a trick in actual. The scientists have been claiming for the fact that one of the friends among the group or you move your fingers.

There is nothing like spirit. They have used eye-tracking technology to prove the same. They state that it is not something that happens in reality.

Why the Ouija Board should I buy?

Well, we must ask you to at least once experience the theory and story behind the Ouija Board. According to the people, it is something supernatural and paranormal.

Also, the theory by scientists states that there is nothing like we think. Hence we must be ready to experience new things. We prefer you to buy the Ouija Board.

What is Ouija Board in Spanish?

In Spanish, we name Ouija Board as Tablero del Ouija. Well, all other rules are the same for the Ouija Board working. It has many different translations in Spanish, but the meaning remains the same for all.

When to Play the Ouija Board?

The location that you should use while playing with the Ouija board must be darl area like at the night time. Space must be free from noise.

You must talk to the spirit in a low voice. Be polite to them. You can light one candle to guess what the spirit wanted to convey to you.

For more mysterious games visit this.

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