Harwich Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunt: History, Timing, Images

Harwich Redoubt Fort

Harwich Redoubt Fort stands on a narrow peninsula at the mouth of the River Stour, where it gets joined with the River Orwell. It would have the river access to both the west and north-west.

The joining of two rivers forms the substantial harbour area that could be vulnerable to attack. This fort commands the waters on both the sides of the peninsula.

Let us Know How the Harwich Redoubt Fort Got Built!

Between the year 1803 and 1815, during the Napoleonic wars, there was a genuine threat which Great Britain could get invaded by France.

In the year 1805, in December, Napoleon had defeated two of his enemies at the battle of Austerlitz that was Austria and Russia. Then, they put their attention on improving the defences of South-east England.

Harwich Redoubt Fort
Harwich Redoubt Fort

In the year 1805, in October, the battle of Trafalgar had got fought. In this battle, the British navy had had a decisive victory over the French under Lord Nelson.

Britain got a considerable breathing space and despite it would be the dominant naval power in Europe for many decades to come.

It did not lead to stopping the plans for strengthening the coastal defences of Britain from going ahead.

As the part of the chain of forts, The Redoubt at Harwich got built which gets known as Martello Towers.

This Harwich ran from Alde burgh in Suffolk to Seaford in Sussex. Moreover, moreover, these two were of similar size.

The foundation of Redoubt got laid in the year 1807, and it was ready to get armed by the end of the year 1809.

It is circular fort which got built in the year 1808 to defend the port of Harwich, Essex from the Napoleon invasion.

The Harwich Redoubt fort is open for the public from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm during the summer season from 1st May to 30 September.

Harwich Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunt

You can experience the night of ghost hunting at the Harwich Redoubt Fort in Essex. The ghost hunt events are going to start on 20th April at 8:00 pm until 2:00 am. The price of the ticket is $40 per person.

harwich society
harwich society
  • Ghostly activity: The witnesses have seen apparitions through the windows, and they have heard the unexplained footsteps. Many visitors also report that they have got touched by the unseen hands in the lower casements. There are too many mysterious noises and apparitions that have got seen by many visitors.
  • This fort gets well known for the phantom of the headless soldiers. In the year 1972, a soldier got decapitated by the cable that got attached to the 12-ton cannon which broke under strain. It gets rumoured that the soldier is now roaming in the fort.
  • What to expect: The team of investigators will be there throughout the night so that you can easily participate in:
  1. Seances
  2. EVP experiments
  3. Vigils
  4. Automatic writing, Pendulums, and Dowsing
  5. Table tilting and Rapping
  6. Use of the ghost hunting equipment
  • The ghost hunting events will include:
  1. The usual group size of eight people
  2. The number of groups depends upon the venue size
  3. Controlled sessions and 45 mins to 1 hour with our mediums
  4. No lengthy briefings or workshops
  5. Opportunity for the lone vigils throughout the evening
  6. Free time for you to investigate your own
  7. Regular breaks
  8. Complimentary tea and coffee throughout the night in the regular breaks
harwich maritime museum
harwich maritime museum

The ghost hunting night begins with the tour of the entire building with their medium who will replay you with their feelings and senses about the site. It will also encourage the ghosts of the location to communicate with you.

Then you will get split into groups in the most haunted areas of the fort, and there you will use the ghost hunting equipment like glass moving or table tipping.

You will get activities throughout the event with the hope of paranormal experiments in the unusual venues of Essex. Everything that you will experience at the ghost hunting night will be 100% real.

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Beacon Hill Fort Harwich

Beacon Hill has got used as a military fort since the year 1500s,’ but this hill has got left abandoned since after World War 2. It is private property.

Many of the buildings of Beacon Hill fort are in a dangerous condition, and there are many uncovered shafts and deep excavations.

harwich museum
harwich museum

This fort gets located on the natural south-east facing on the south side of the Orwell Haven which is comprising the estuaries of both the River Orwell and the River Stour.

This fort got designed to mount the single 10-inch breach loading the disappearing gun on the disappearing carriage.

In the year 1947, the 6-inches weapons got removed from Beacon Hill, but the twin 6-pounder got retained until the year 1956 when the fort got decommissioned, and the artillery got removed from the fort.

Forts in Essex

Once Essex had at least 26 castles and many forts. From all the majority of these forts, only some forts work like Mount Burse and Rayleigh Mount.

Still, there are a few great castles which you can visit. These castles get open to the public throughout the year. Here is the list of castles that you can visit:

harwich redoubt fort open day
harwich redoubt fort open day
  • Hedingham Castle
  • Mountfitchet Castle
  • Hadleigh Castle
  • Harwich Redoubt Fort
  • Colchester Castle
  • Rayleigh Mount
  • Tilbury Fort
  • Bath Side Battery
  • Beacon Hill Battery
  • Coalhouse Fort
  • HM Fort Rought
  • Mersea Fort

Land Guard Fort

This fort is a fort at the mouth of the Orwell River outside the Felixstowe, Suffolk. This fort got designed for guarding the entrance to the port of Harwich. This fort is now to the public.

harwich redoubt ghost hunt
harwich redoubt ghost hunt

Coalhouse Fort

Coalhouse Fort is an artillery fort in the eastern country of Essex. This fort got built in 1806s’ for guarding the lower Thames against seaborne attack. The fort stands on the North Bank of the River at the Coalhouse point.

Harwich Museum

Harwich Redoubt is a circular fort which got built in 1808 to defend the port of Harwich from the Napoleon invasion.

harwich images
harwich images

Now, the fort gets open as a museum, which is the largest ancient monument in the UK which gets restored by the voluntary group.

The exhibitions in the museum include a large number of replica firearms. The battle re-enactments and some other events get held during the summer months.

The museum receives open only on Sundays from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm.

The ghost hunting event is waiting for you on 20th April. So book your tickets and enjoy this ghost event.

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