Things to Do in Australia | A Guide from Local

Australia is a vast and beautiful country with an impressive variety of things to do in Australia. This list should help get you started on planning your trip!

1. Visit Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens

Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens are a great place to visit while in Australia. There are so many different types of gardens and plants there that you can easily spend a whole day exploring the grounds. These gardens have everything from ferns to flowers and everything in between!

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, consider booking one of their guided tours or taking part in an organized walk through some more interesting areas, such as the rainforest section or bamboo grove.

You’ll find yourself wandering through several different terrains here: from tropical rainforests to warm greenhouses filled with exotic plants from around the world (and even some native Australian species). Have fun exploring this beautiful landscape! IN

Horse Riding

Australian horse riding is a great way to see the country, so it’s no surprise that many people want to experience it. Many riding centres are in national parks Top Reasons to Visit Australia and offer guided trips through some of Australia’s most beautiful areas.

Before getting on a horse, ensure you bring appropriate things to do in Australia: long pants, closed shoes, and a hat are essential for safety reasons, but you should also bring sunblock as it can get boiling in the open. Ask around if you need to buy horse gear in Australia.

To book your ride, contact your local facility directly or check their website for details on how they operate (some places have online booking systems). Some facilities will have packages with accommodation included—make sure this suits your schedule before booking!

Make sure to ask about special conditions if you have medical issues such as asthma or allergies to prepare you for anything when out on track.

Horse Riding in Australia

Playing Golf

Of course, there’s no reason to limit yourself to the golf courses in your destination city. If you’ve got time before or after your trip, why not travel somewhere else that has an excellent reputation for golf? Why not take a few days to go play on one of Australia’s numerous famous courses?

One of the best things to do in Australia is you can play golf anywhere. Whether it’s around a cruise ship port or right in the middle of a national park, chances are good that there will be some sort of green space where someone has put up some sticks and a golf putter and decided they wanted to hit balls at them. 

Find the Best Services for Apartments

When you are travelling, finding the best services apartment is essential. It must be close to where you will be visiting, have good reviews, and have a reasonable price. You also want to look for an apartment that has wifi and possibly a kitchen so that you can cook your meals.

A serviced apartment means that someone else will clean your apartment every day, so this will save you some time when it comes to cleaning up after yourself or cooking meals in the home.

If possible, try not to book too far away from where you’ll be staying because this could make transportation difficult if there isn’t any around (or maybe they only provide buses). For example, staying at this serviced apartment in Rockhampton when you are in the area is ideal.

This would also mean higher costs due to transportation and rental fees being more elevated than usual because of the distance between those locations. 


2. Go to the beach

The best things to do in Australia on beaches is that they’re relaxing. You can swim, surf, build sandcastles and just relax. If you like to take photos or videos of the ocean, you’ll have plenty of time to do so at the beach.

There are many kinds of beaches all over Australia, so it won’t be hard for anyone to find one near them. The best way to find out what beaches are available close to you is through an app called BeachMate, which shows all the beaches nearby with their addresses and directions on how to get there.

Most vacationers usually visit a beach even if they don’t live near one because they’re fun places where everyone can relax while doing something different than sitting inside watching TV or playing video games all day long!

3. Take a hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature and see Australia at its finest. Start with an easy trail, such as one that offers spectacular views or a chance to spot native wildlife. Pack water, snacks, sunscreen, and a map so you can find your way back if necessary.

Bring along a camera so you can capture those special moments on film! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes—you’ll need them for all the walking you’ll be doing!

Hiking in Australia

4. Tour the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a beautiful structure, and it’s worth seeing it up close. Whether you want to tour one of the theatres or just see what’s happening inside, this is a must-see attraction in Australia.

First, let’s talk about how to get there. The Sydney Opera House is located right along Sydney Harbour, so there are plenty of ways to get around once you’re there:

  • By bus: Buses that go from the town have convenient stops at Circular Quay, which is where most buses leave from
  • By ferry: Ferries also travel frequently between Circular Quay and Manly Beach (about an hour away). If you’re looking for some things to do in Australia that are a little more adventurous than the bus ride, then taking a ferry might be your best option!

5. Walk the Harbour Bridge in Sydney

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. A walk across this majestic steel arch bridge is a must-do activity, especially if you’re looking for a great place to take pictures.

If you have time, it’s worth exploring some of the lesser-known parts of this iconic structure, including its pedestrian walkway and lookout points.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built in 1932, making it the world’s largest steel arch bridge; it spans 580 meters (1,900 feet) across Sydney Harbour and has two towers rising 236 meters (774 feet). You can get up close to these impressive structures on foot or from above by taking an elevator up one of them!

6. Visit Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Australia, and it’s a great place to visit when you’re in Sydney. The beach is about 18 miles (29 kilometres) from Sydney’s central business district.

It’s popular with tourists who see the waves crash against rocks, walk along its sandy shoreline, and enjoy other recreational activities such as swimming or surfing.

If you’re planning on visiting Bondi Beach during your stay in Australia, here are some things to do in Australia.

7. Go to Uluru or Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock

Uluru, or Ayers Rock as it’s also known, is a large sandstone formation in the Northern Territory that has been a prominent landmark for thousands of years. It’s one of Australia’s most well-known natural attractions and attracts more than half a million visitors annually.

The exact meaning of Uluru is unknown. The indigenous Anangu people believe it to be sacred and have traditionally asked non-indigenous people not to climb on or swim near it out of respect for their beliefs.

It’s possible to take guided tours around Uluru and hike up Camel Hill (a minor hill next to Uluru). You can also relax at one of two campsites nearby—Kaltukatjara Campground or Yulara Tourist Village—or stay in an accommodation unit within walking distance from Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, where there is an information centre with displays about the area.

8. Get a photo of yourself next to the 12 Apostles (rocks near Lorne)

Take a picture of yourself next to the 12 Apostles (rocks near Lorne). The 12 Apostles are a series of limestone stacks off the coast of Port Campbell in Victoria, Australia.

These natural rock formations are part of the Great Ocean Road, a popular tourist attraction that stretches along the south coast and is known for its scenery and wildlife.

The best time to visit is during sunset or sunrise; this way, you can capture the sandstone cliffs and ocean views in your photos.

9. Hire a car and drive on the other side of the road!

You might think it would be a great idea to hire a car and drive on the other side of the road. But don’t do it! It’s not as easy as you think.

You will have to learn how to drive on the right side of the road instead of the left one, which can be tricky if you aren’t used to it. And other things to do in Australia are different from driving on either side: in Australia, they go a lot faster than we do in Europe.

They have more dangerous animals like kangaroos and koalas who might suddenly appear on your way, and their cars are more significant with bigger wheels, so you need more space when turning corners at low speeds (and yes – I found this out firsthand).

Australia is a beautiful country with lots to do. Help your readers plan with this post!

Australia is a beautiful country with lots to do. Help your readers make plans with this post. You can find more information on the Australian government website.


I hope this post has given you a good idea of what to do when visiting Australia. I think the best way to plan your trip is by finding the things to do in Australia that sound most interesting to you and then looking up what else there is. For example, if you love movies, check out some Sydney theatres before deciding where else to go!

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