10 Best Golf Tips for a Holiday

Planning your next golfing holiday is an exciting experience. You need some golf tips like knowing where you want to go is the most important part of the process.

Going during a specific time of the year may be the only time that you get to venture out, but it could also mean a less enjoyable trip.

If you play golf with a group of friends, consider renting out a place together at a resort that everyone will love. Golfing is a great pastime and hobby so mixing it up with your vacation period could be the best thing you do all year. Your golfing experience doesn’t have to just be about the sport.

You can enjoy yourself much more if you plan the holiday carefully. With enough time to organize things, you can go on the vacation of your dreams. For 10 of the best golf tips, this guide has you covered.

Go a Day Late

During summertime, golfing resorts are incredibly busy. Everyone has the same idea about spending their free time away from work playing in the warm sun and sipping on cold drinks. The trick is that during specific seasonal periods, prices vary a great deal.

These seasonal periods are also very specific to the date that you choose to go. For example, going on the last day of August may cost up to $500 a week more, whereas, one day later on the first day of September will save about $200 on your total bill.

There is no need to worry about the weather either because one day won’t make much of a noticeable difference other than how much you will save.

To get this right, book your annual work leave for one day later than usual if you have the option. Your experience will be just as memorable but you will have more spending money to take with you on vacation.

Pack Clothes Suitable for On and Off the Grass


Unless you are a style guru worried about how you look to other people, your golfing shoes and outfits are all you need. As you will be spending most of your time on the grass, there is no need to pack evening wear or swimming costumes.

Your pants and shirts need to be lightweight material as you may be walking a lot or in the sun often. Your shoes must be comfortable enough to withstand walking anywhere from five to 10 miles a day.

Golfing shoes nowadays are made from various branded names like Nike and Puma, so you can find a pair that is both stylish and practical. You will also save room in your luggage, which will help to cut down air travel costs if travel to your golf tips destination by plane.

Don’t Go During the Weekend

Most vacations are scheduled around the holidays, long weekends, or festive seasons. Keep in mind that any hotel or resort whether they offer golf tips or diving will charge you more on a Friday and Saturday.

Those are the busiest and most popular days for tourists to travel, but the price you pay will be almost three times as much at the end of a longer vacation.

Book in on either a Thursday or Sunday and checkout mid-week. If you cannot go any other time than during the weekends or public holidays, at least try to go during off-peak seasons where the courses won’t be very busy and you can take your time to enjoy your holiday.

Good times to go when it is quiet will be February to May, and again from September to November.

Take Enough Golfing Essentials

Your golfing essentials for your holiday should include mostly your clubs, golf tips, and clothes. There will be plenty of equipment to hire at the resort that you can choose from.

Also, bring along your own golfing tees and accessories that you need to play. The golfing retreat will provide everything else that you need to have an amazing golfing experience.

If you want to bring your own supplies, such as your golf cart to improve your experience, you can. Make sure it is serviced before you leave; you will find everything you need from floor mats to batteries to make this easier.  

Choose a Convenient Hotel

If you are spending more than 60% of your holiday time in the hotel, then you aren’t really on a golfing vacation. Done correctly, you will spend the majority of your time on the pitch or planning your next game.

If the resort doesn’t already have a hotel to stay at, look for one with the bare essentials. You will only need a place to eat, sleep, and relax, so don’t go for the executive suite.

Choose a single bedroom with just a bathroom and a small kitchen. The likelihood is that you will probably be eating most of your meals at restaurants anyway, so go for a hotel that caters to just your basic human needs.

This way you can spend more money having a good time and playing the golf tips course you like.

Go With An Agency

Planning the perfect golfing holiday isn’t difficult but it is time-consuming. Get advice from the professionals who know what golfers are looking for in a retreat, and sit back while they plan everything.

Where this may cost you a bit more initially, an agency can help you get a better experience than if you manage everything yourself.

This is because the agency will know what hotels are nearby and whether there are promotions for certain facilities. An agency will also have connections with various places in your destination so they can get you great deals.

The whole booking process will be handled for you and you can even ask for suggestions on the best golf tips course to try out.

Play Multiple Rounds of the Same Course

Depending on where you choose to stay, you may have to pay separately for every course that you want to play. Unless you have accounted for this, stick to a few courses but play them multiple times.

Some resorts will even have special championship courses for experienced players, but these come at a higher price. If you play multiple rounds of the same course, you can benefit from improving your game.

Instead of struggling to perfect each course, you can get better every day by playing on the same one. You will know what to expect and it will be good practice for when you play up against your friends back home.

Choose Early Morning or Afternoon Tee Times

Golf Pitch

The most popular time for golf tips to tee off is mid-morning. Around the time that brunch is normally served is when everyone will be on the pitch.

If you want to avoid huge crowds and long waiting times to play, start your game either as early as possible, or towards the mid-afternoon slots. Even though your golfing holiday should be relaxing, if you go at just the wrong time, you may spend an extra five hours just waiting to play the next hole.

Choosing the ideal time slot will also depend on where you stay and what period of the year you vacation. The best time to start the course for most avid golfers is about 9 AM.

This way you get a good four or so hours to play while the other golfers are still eating their breakfast. It will be worth getting up a little bit earlier.

Go Somewhere Exotic

While you are at it, why not go to a golfing resort that is also filled with stunning scenery. They do exist, you just have to find them.

Just because you plan to play golf tips most of the time, does not mean that you can’t experience some nature and wild animals in the few hours you’re off the course.

If you want to visit a truly exotic place in the world, book as early as you can. A year in advance is a good way to get lower costs with all-inclusive packages.

Be sure not to book during major holidays as the whole city or island can become overcrowded very quickly. Book your air tickets at the same time that you book the golfing holiday and you will also save a bit.

Relaxing is Everything

The whole reason that you book a golfing holiday is to take time out away from your regular life and daily responsibilities to enjoy your hobby during your free time. The main point is that you return home feeling relaxed and refreshed, knowing that you spent your time wisely.

If you want to play for 12 hours a day, go for it. No one can dictate how you should spend your golfing holiday, so do what makes you happy. To relax properly, you need to plan well in advance and make an itinerary of everything that you want to do.

Start getting excited about planning your annual golfing holiday with these 10 golf tips and you will soon be having the time of your life. You may even get to travel to some interesting countries with the best golf courses the world has to offer.

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