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Put-in-Bay is located a few miles from Cleveland. It’s popularly known as the “Key West of the North” because of its close resemblance to the Caribbean.

It’s believed the town got its name from sailors who would “put in the bay” when it was too stormy and rough to continue sailing. So that’s where the name originated.

The activities of the sailors on the island are traced back to the first decade of 1800. 

It’s estimated that the region receives over 750,000 tourists per year to explore the different aspects of island life. As a result, the bay is home to fascinating resorts, island home rentals, exciting nightlife, and local restaurants. 

In this quick guide, we show you all you need to know about the region to have a seamless trip and stay experience. 

Getting to Put in Bay

Put In Bay Travel Guide

Given that it’s an island, there are only two ways to access it: plane or boat. The two boat services common and most trusted in the area are the Jet Express and the Miller Ferry. 

The boats operate between the island and Port Clinton, Ohio. Within 20 minutes, you’ll have arrived at the Island from Port Clinton. You can bring your boat from the mainland and use it to travel to the bay. 

The alternative is to use a private plane or the normal passenger plane, which will be allowed to land at the airport situated in the northwestern part. However, the authorities don’t allow any landings or takeoffs before dawn or after dusk because this airport’s runways are not lit. Moreover, if you’re using your plane, you’ll need to carry a sufficient fuel supply as it’s not sold at the local airport.

Flight times from the major gateways are as follows: Cincinnati 1 and a half hours, Columbus 1hour, Detroit 45 minutes, and Cleveland 20 minutes

However, this isn’t an international airport and so if you’ll need to go through to Port Clinton airport to clear customs. The Jet Express ferry service also extends its operations to Kelly’s Island from Pint-in-Bay. 

Getting around Put-in-Bay

It’s a good idea that you don’t bring your car to the island, though such practices are not prohibited. You’ll need to wait approximately four hours to get off or on the island – it could even be longer depending on how busy the day is. There are times when parking in the downtown area is a major issue. Given the island’s small size, it’s no use bringing your car to add to their existing traffic. 

That said, some taxis will readily transport you to your destination. However, golf cart rental services are the most popular means of moving around in Put-in-Bay. They’re popular because of their fuel efficiency and the friendly fares that the drivers charge their clients. Plus, they’re flexible enough to manoeuvre and get you to any location. 

The vehicles are ideal for scenic travel as they’ll enable you to take in as much of the surroundings as you can while on your journey. However, due to their high demand, it’s recommended that you make reservations ahead of your travel. 

That way, you’ll avoid the inconveniences and the time wasted while trying to look around for a free one. Depending on the number of people you’re travelling with, you can rent 4, 6, or 8 passenger golf carts on an overnight, daily, or hourly basis.

The local authorities have put in quite some hard work of ensuring that their roads are well-maintained. If you plan to drive yourself in a rental car, you must maintain the appropriate speed limits, always have your seatbelt on when driving and drive on the right. You can also rent a bicycle or mopeds if you need to catch a break from your daily driving routine. 

Put-in-Bay Attractions

There are countless things to do and places to go right from when you arrive here. Major attractions include the Historical Society Museum, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, Put-in-Bay Winery, South Bass Island Park, and more. The journey to get to the island is an adventure of its kind right from the time you set off from Sandusky, Catawba, or Port Clinton

The scenic bike rides, the beautiful golf courses, and jet skis are a few of the popular activities that characterize your stay. The islanders are also never left behind when it comes to celebrating national holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day

They also have unique events, such as the annual Pyrate Fest that entail sword fights and reenactments. Popular musicians and bands such as Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, and Kid Rock are some of the names that grace their yearly music festivals. 

Put in Bay has some tantalizing recipes and aromas made from locally sourced ingredients. Some local names of cuisines and drinks include Sloppy Scotty and the Artichoke Asiago. 

It is in your best interests to check Put-in-Bay tourist information online when planning your itinerary before your travel day. 

So here is the list of attractions in Put-In-Bay travel guide is:

Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial
Heineman Winery
South Bass Island
Butterfly House
Put-in-Bay Winery
Perry’s Cave
South Bass Island Lighthouse
Miller Ferry
Kayak the Bay
Chocolate Museum

Where to stay In Put in Bay

where to stay
where to stay

Put-in-Bay offers a range of lodging, home rentals, and hotels for your enjoyment during your stay. Many of these facilities are centrally located, so you’ll find it easy to move from one place to another.

The Commodore Resort, Birds Nest Resort, the Put-in-Bay Condos, the Pool View Condos, Island Club Home Rentals, and the Victory Station Hotel are popular accommodation locations. 

There are several advantages of all the accommodation services in Put-in-Bay. For one, the competition is high, so each service provider has to up the quality of their services to attract customers. The lodgings, condos, and hotels offer spacious suites, lovely guest rooms, serene vacation homes, and waterfront condos. 

There are many Put-in-Bay hotels, but your choice will depend on many factors such as the number of your travel companions, budget, the specific area you want to visit, and more.

Note that there are hotel rooms located downtown, condos that sit right on the shores of Lake Erie, and other accommodation options. Most of them have on-site pools, great landscape and located close to restaurants, breakfast joints, and golf cart rental services.


That’s your quick guide to getting a head start when visiting Put-in-Bay. As you’ve seen, it’s an island like no other. Its unique and exciting history, attractions, transport system, and lifestyle make it a place worth visiting and experiencing. 

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