Fly Into the Future: 3 Trends on Private Jet Use Post-COVID

The travel and tourism industry experienced a major blow during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) declaring an estimated $1.3 trillion worth of losses in 2020. Because of this, the international organization called for stronger coordination to reinvigorate tourism around the world.

Interestingly, the aviation sector seems to be experiencing the silver lining that came with the health crisis – a surge in private charters.

This article will discuss the future of flight, focusing on the top three trends in private jet use and the key advantages these alternative air transportation options can offer.

Why Fly Private: 4 Key Advantages of Private Charters

Before tackling the newest trends in business aviation, here’s a quick peek at the primary reasons why people choose to fly private:

1.     Health and safety

Because people are now more concerned about their health, wellness and safety have become key drivers in the rise of private charters.

Since the COVID-19 virus is communicable, passengers feel uneasy whenever they board a plane. Sure, commercial airliners put a lot of effort into upgrading the air filtration system and cleaning and disinfecting their aircraft. But, unfortunately, commercial passengers still find themselves sitting within the ideal six feet distance of other people.

With private charter flights, people can choose not only their destination, but also the size of the plane to minimize exposure to other people and, ultimately, reduce the risk of getting infected..

2.     Efficient use of time

Before health concerns triggered a rise in private air travel, many C-level executives and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) have already experienced the perks of flying on a private jet, especially about their travel time.

For most business moguls and high-level executives, time is a valuable commodity. And private jets allow them to maximize their hours and minutes, staying productive even through long flights. This means they have the option to work and make a profit even while they are flying.

3.     Security and privacy

Aside from valuing their time, HNWIs also put a premium on privacy. This isn’t just limited to business people. Artists, actors, government officials, athletes, and other prominent personalities prefer to be left alone, which private jets can help with.

When they are onboard private charters, these individuals are assured that their privacy is protected and respected.

For celebrities and other public figures, flying privately offers them rare moments of peace and quiet. For business moguls, CEOs, and government leaders, private charters provide security and peace of mind, knowing that they are safe from curious eyes and espionage even while handling sensitive information.

4.     Comfort and convenience

Traveling by air is fast and convenient – at least, most of the time. But the thing is, not all commercial airline flights are as comfortable as people would hope.

On the other hand, private charters provide exemplary amenities that are much more luxurious than what you’ll find in first-class commercial flights. Whether it’s the plush leather seats and spacious cabin or an en-suite shower and private bedroom, private jets deliver experiences that are as comfortable as flights can get.

Top 3 Trends on Private Jet Use in a Post-COVID World

The private aviation sector is already considered one of the transportation channels that brings people closer and supports economic activity even before COVID-19. Now that the world is gradually recovering from the pandemic, private charter companies are following suit.

Here are the top three trends that can affect private air travel in 2021 and beyond:

1.     Critical focus on biosecurity

Private jets have expanded beyond aid cargo charter and air ambulance services for the benefit of public health. Today, even business and leisure flights are becoming more vital in keeping travelers safe and well.

Safety measures to keep everybody COVID-free remain at the core of discussions in any business, regardless of the industry. Unfortunately, this means that hospitals aren’t the only ones taking significant steps to avoid viral spread and help manage the pandemic.

So, whether you own a restaurant or even a private jet charter firm, you’ll want to do everything to make sure that health protocols and procedures are strictly implemented.

Of course, this also means that commercial airlines follow biosecurity measures of their own, including deep cleaning of facilities and aircraft. However, what they cannot overcome are the large, crowded halls and long queues filled with strangers from all around the world.

Private charters are much more appealing, especially to those who can afford them, because they can eliminate unknown factors that make passengers feel uneasy. This offers not only offers passengers a sense of security, but also a better idea of what to expect during their flight.

Besides, private jets have their own terminals. Therefore, even if normal airport security protocols are implemented, passengers will still have minimal wait times and exposure to other people due to the shorter queues. In other words, unnecessary contact with other people is reduced.

Aboard the plane, passengers can feel like they practically own the aircraft since they are more comfortable and can move around without worrying about the virus.

2.     More first-time private jet travelers

Because the threat of the coronavirus has yet to be fully eradicated, you would think that people will be more scared to travel. But some people need or want to travel.

The business model private charter companies follow caters to those who understand the importance of exclusive transport in time, efficiency and safety. These HNWIs are set to be the target for expanding the customer base of business jet charters.

Even though COVID-19 has been quite debilitating for most of the travel industry, it shone a light on the perks that only private jet charters can provide.

3.     Greater emphasis on customer experience

Since the private charter clientele base is expanding, a focus on improving customer experience should follow.

After trying out the service during the pandemic, business travelers and other HNWIs will be deciding whether to continue using private jets even after the threat of COVID-19 is gone. This means that these companies will do their best to make a great first impression with enhanced customer experiences.

This can come in online support and big data analytics on consumer preferences, among others. The goal? To create more personalized travel experiences for the passengers.

Fly Into the Future

Thanks to their health and safety advantages, private flights have become one of the most sought-after services during the pandemic.

If these trends continue, the private charter sector is bound to fly higher into the future, continuing to prosper for years to come.


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