5 Things to Do in Australia During the Everest Horse Race

The Everest horse race is the peak of Spring Carnival. It’s a fascinating event with the fastest raceNatios in Australia, where the horses compete for a lump sum amount of money. Sydney’s Royal Randwick is the high standard venue that holds the rich races.

The events are always very memorable, but you need other things you can do when attending Everest horse racing. There are many mysterious places in Australia & the top suggestions of fun activities you should explore during your time in Australia.

Things to Do in Australia

Barrington Tops National Park

The national park is north of Sydney; it’s a beautiful area that features wildlife, rainforest and woodlands. It will be a welcomed break from the city when you want to unwind during the Everest horse race event.

You should explore the beech forest walking tracks or the campground for the ultimate experience with nature. The park also has fishing spots and overnight hikes you can enjoy with friends. It’s a one-stop for all outdoor nature activities.

Guided tours and walks are available to help you explore all the highlights of the national park. Breath-taking landscapes surround their accommodations. It will be a great addition to your Everest race event experience.

Margaret River Farmstay

If you want to get up close with farm animals, the Margaret River Farmstay provides an excellent opportunity. You will also have easy access to other attractions around the region from the farm. Their studio accommodation is suitable for groups of people.

It would be an ideal stay if you were attending the Everest horse race with your family. The kids will enjoy feeding all the animals, including alpacas, Dorper sheep, ducks, guinea fowl, geese, and so many more.

There is a lot going on close to the farm hideaway, including whale watching and a vibrant farmers market with many fresh produce and goods. Make your trip one for the book with a stop at the award-winning Farmstay.

Sydney Opera House

There is no denying that the opera house is one of the beautiful places to visit in Sydney. You cannot complete your stay there without catching at least one show. The building itself is world-heritage listed.

Many shows and events are happening in the Opera House all year round. Find what you like and enjoy a show during the racehorse event. You can also tour the building located at the Sydney Harbour and enjoy a meal at the premises.

The guided tours will show you the iconic theatres that bring to life more than 1500 performances and shows every year. There is so much to do there so you can visit more than once for the weeks you will be in Australia.

Aerial Tours

Make the most out of your time in Australia by enjoying helicopter tours. Getting a view from above is one way to explore a wide city or area in a short amount of time. If you ever wanted an air balloon experience, this is your chance to enjoy a sky view of the beautiful Camden Valley.

The Balloon Aloft has been offering air balloon tours in Australia for forty years. You can also explore top sights in Newcastle with a Scenic Helicopter flight. The local pilots will give you all the information about McDonald Jones Stadium, Bar Beach and other sights during your aerial tour.

There are many other helicopter tours that will take you around Uluru, Sydney harbour, Yarra Valley wineries and other iconic locations in Australia. It’s one easy way to make the most of your limited time during Everest world-class racing event.  

Bondi Beach

You can’t miss visiting one of the most popular beaches in Australia. It’s also a chance to interact one-on-one with local people. The atmosphere at the beach is very exciting despite it being one of the busiest beaches in Sydney.

Make time away from the Everest events and enjoy some water activities, especially on the warm and sunny days. There are a lot of dining options, accommodations and retail experiences in the surrounding suburbs.

The beach holds Guinness World Record for the biggest swimsuit photoshoot. You will learn a lot more about their history as you enjoy your time on the white sands.

The dramatic scenery makes it a perfect location to enjoy a coastal walk. It’s a sure way of entertaining kids if you are visiting the location with the family.


The Everest racing event puts Sydney on the top of the world every time. If you are an attendee, it’s also a perfect opportunity to explore Sydney and nearby locations. By the time all the racing events are over, you should have explored all the top attractions and camping in Australia.

These are some of the things you can do during the event. Utilize all the time you have wisely by planning your trips before you reach Sydney.

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