Best Place to Park at Cleveland Airport

Cleveland. Home of Lebron James, Arsenio Hall, Halle Berry, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Cleveland Guardians, this bastion of Ohio is one of the hidden destinations of the Midwest to Park at Cleveland Airport, sporting an enticing mix of quiet, sport, music, history and innovation.

Whether you want to experience a city and region anew or an escape that offers both the space of a countryside getaway and the thrill of a night out downtown, Cleveland has more than enough for travellers of every interest.

However, driving a car is essential for getting around the Cleveland area, and with the need for a car comes the need for parking. This might prove a challenge for visitors, especially those new to the city and unfamiliar with their surroundings.

With so much new information, it can be hard to know where you’re getting a better deal or which Park at Cleveland Airport has lots to avoid- thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about the best places to park around Cleveland for Airport Parking and our top pick for a parking spot!

Rockwell Parking Garage

One of the most extensive options on this list, the Rockwell Avenue Garage offers some nine storeys of parking in a prime location between the Cleveland Arcade, the House of Blues, Cleveland’s ritzy downtown area with plenty of breweries and restaurants, the Cleveland Mall and the JACK Cleveland Casino.

This is a solid choice for daytime trips, especially for those who want to seize the day and start their adventures as early as possible- forming operation at 5 a.m.!

Rockwell Parking Garage

Morning people, this is an excellent option for you! In addition to the hours of operation, the garage also maxes out after just 1 hour of parking, making it an economical choice to Park at Cleveland Airport and explore the city’s bustling centre all day.

RTA Parking

For those visitors who want to pay the minimum on gas and parking ( understandable with some of the numbers we see at the pump! ), navigating Cleveland with the RTA is a great option.

This is better suited to those visitors who are more familiar/comfortable with walking and using public transport. However, it is still a solid option for all visitors to Cleveland to consider. Riding around with the RTA gives visitors more opportunities to take in the city.

Removed from the stressful task of driving or searching for parking, simply parking at any of the RTA lots around the city and its suburbs means your party can enjoy taking photos and looking at the map while riding the RTA around, as opposed to the hectic rush that can occur while driving.

The lots are plentiful, service many of the city’s attractions and neighbourhoods, accommodate longer-term parking, and are well-lit and staffed. This is especially good during tourist season when hunting for parking might be more competitive, as you can just set your car in one of these lots and enjoy riding past the traffic!

This is also a standard option for locals wanting to come into the city for work or leisure, another item to consider as a cheap and sustainable link to the suburbs.

St. Clair Garage

Regarding parking, a key factor for visitors is location, location, and the St. Clair Garage understands this well! Offering parking for a full day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for the low price of 12.50, visitors are in a golden location, walkable to many of the major attractions and venues of Cleveland.

The St. Clair garage is only a short walk to highlights such as FirstEnergy Stadium, The Cuyahoga and Lake Erie waterfront, the JACK Cleveland Casino and the Cleveland Public Auditorium. For a shaded, affordable solution

parking at cleveland airport

within walking distance to many of the city’s attractions in the downtown area, whether it be the performing arts, a home game or an event near the city centre, the St. Clair Garage is a great choice.

Euclid Prospect Gateway

Just a short walk from major highlights such as the House of Blues, Barrio Gateway and the Cleveland Public Square, Euclid Prospect Gateway is a favourite of Cleveland’s vibrant centre, all at a very forgiving daily rate.

The pricing at this garage very clearly favours longer-term Park at Cleveland Airport, whether for the many sports and music events on this side of Cleveland or just a long night out. While every 15 minutes is 2.50, the maximum tops out at 10 dollars, meaning you instantly start to save past 1 hour! IN

This is a significant advantage over other lots in the area that might cost 4 or 5 dollars an hour and is an incredibly cheap expense for easy day or night parking in such a good location.

In addition, there is also a limited number of reserved spots for those longer-term parkers, great for those who will be staying in the Cleveland area and making regular commutes.

Fifth Third Centre Garage

This large installation has multiple convenient entries and exits along some of Cleveland’s most essential and busy streets- for relatively cheap! This garage is also centrally located amid some highlighted venues for the arts, community organisation and Cleveland’s lively downtown!

Parking here is also very favourable to long-term parking, especially weekend evening parking, with the initial rate being 2.50 for every 15 minutes but maxing out at 16 dollars for 24 hours and 7 dollars for a whole evening. However, this

garage is early to open and close on weekdays, making it a good option for day trips but an even better choice for weekend excursions when the garage expands to 24 / 7 operation. The massive size is a draw for many, as the garage will not run out of spots as quickly as a smaller garage would.


Hamilton Garage

The Hamilton Garage boasts a cheaper option for those visiting the city on a longer-term vacation or those just wanting to park their car in a safe, secure and convenient location at a great price- what more could we ask for?

Parking is just five dollars for a full day, and reserved parking can be booked for up to a month for just 155 dollars! And with 24 / 7 operation, this is suitable for travel plans at any hour, whether going out on the town until sunrise, early risers to enjoy that dawn runs, or impromptu dashes to the downtown area.

The Hamilton Garage offers versatile, cheap parking. Not to mention the proximity to downtown Cleveland’s most prominent attractions- this is an excellent option for its price and flexibility.

Whether you’re working with a very indeterminate itinerary or have a specific area of Cleveland in mind, there are many good options to choose from for parking around the city.

However, our nomination for the best Park at Cleveland Airport goes with the Euclid Prospect Garage, chiefly due to its superb location between many of the city’s attractions and dynamic areas, as well as the highly convenient 24 / 7 operation.

While your specific itinerary or to-do list might put you closer to a different garage- for general-purpose parking suitable for many of the major events and attractions here in Cleveland, the Euclid Prospect Garage is an excellent base operation, day or night.

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