How to find the cheapest ATL Airport parking rates

Catching a flight out of one of the busiest airports globally, the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International airport, can be strenuous, but finding cheap ATL airport parking rates doesn’t have to be! Sounds too good to be true?

Read on to get tips on how to find the cheapest ATL airport parking rates and where to find affordable Atlanta airport long-term parking.

First off, cheap airport parking in Atlanta does not have to mean compromising on your car’s security or waiting around for eons for shuttle service to the airport.

There are ways to enjoy the best of both worlds. Let’s tell you how. 

Book your ATL parking spot ahead of your travel

Booking your Atlanta airport long-term parking arrangements in advance means you’ll save both time and money and have less to worry about on the day of your trip.

For instance, it’s logical to assume that ATL parking spots will be in super-high demand during peak travel times. More demand will drive up ATL Airport parking rates – the impact of this will be felt most on ATL long-term parking rates.

If you need to be away from Atlanta for more than a few days, the best thing to do will be to book your ATL parking spot as soon as you’ve booked your plane tickets from Hartsfield Jackson. Almost all the lots that offer to park near Atlanta Airport will let you book your Atlanta airport long-term parking months ahead of your travel.

You’ll be saving quite a few dollars by the simple expedient of booking your ATL parking spot early. There are quite a few websites and apps that will allow you to pre-book your ATL long-term parking spot.

For instance, the Way parking app/website lets you choose and book parking in less than a couple of minutes. Reserving your ATL Airport parking early pretty much guarantees that you’ll get cheap ATL long-term parking and won’t have to spend extra money on an Uber or taxi.

Choose to park at offsite ATL long term parking lot

The unwritten rule is that the closer your park near Atlanta Airport, the more dollars you’ll end up shelling out. This is why ATL long-term parking is way more expensive in Atlanta airport than near Atlanta Airport.

Parking at the North & South Daily Parking Lots, for instance, offers easy access to the airport terminals but will set you back by $14 a day! Since most offsite ATL long-term parking lots will provide you with free shuttle bus transport to and from Atlanta Airport, you don’t need to find parking in Atlanta airport to save time.

Parking a little away from the airport can, in fact, help you avoid the crowds and bottlenecks near the official lots. This is true for both Atlanta Airport long term parking and Atlanta Airport short term parking. Offsite Atlanta Airport parking lots are usually a little further away from the airport and much cheaper.

For instance – the cheapest onsite Atlanta Airport long-term parking (at the Economy Lots) will cost you a neat $10/day! Hourly Parking, which is closest to the terminals, will cost you a whopping $24/day.

Compare this with the offsite lots that offer pretty much the same parking facilities for as low as $4/day with free airport shuttle service! All you need to do is drive up to the lot, show the reservation on your phone, park your car and hop aboard the shuttle, which will take you directly to your Hartsfield Jackson airport terminal. Another major positive aspect of parking at offsite.

Atlanta airport long-term parking lots are the enhanced security features. Many customers also tell us they appreciate the security features at offsite ATL long-term parking lots.

They’re usually monitored 24 hours a day, have camera surveillance, and a lot attendant who will help you with parking and retrieving your vehicle, regardless of whether your plane leaves/arrives at noon or 2 a.m.

Try to find a spot at a hotel parking lot near Atlanta airport

It happens sometimes- you get booked on a flight that leaves or lands at unearthly hours! If the very thought of waking up at an awful hour to get to Atlanta airport on time appalls you, you might want to take a look at hotels near the Atlanta airport that offer park, shuttle, and fly deals.

This is also a good option if your home is a reasonable distance from the airport and you don’t want to be driving over long distances before or after your flight. Search online for deals usually include an overnight stay, secure ATL long-term parking for your car, and free shuttle service directly to the airport.

Booking a room is not mandatory, though. Several hotels near Atlanta airport will allow you to park in their lots even if you don’t book a room with them. If you’re pondering, ‘Which are the park and fly hotels near Atlanta airport?’ you might want to head over to

Usually, hotels do not offer park and fly deals directly, and you’d be better off booking online.

Book your Atlanta airport long term parking space online

To snag the cheapest parking Atlanta airport has, you need to make your Atlanta airport long-term parking reservation ahead of your travel.

In fact, we strongly recommend that once you book your airline ticket from ATL airport, the next thing you should do is to reserve your ATL airport parking spot. This gives you enough time to do your research, unearth a coupon (or even two!) for airport parking in Atlanta and check up on other customer reviews.

Wondering which is an excellent online site for Atlanta airport parking? Check out the Way website or install the Way mobile app! All you need to do is select a date and time of your choice, and you’ll be presented with plenty of Atlanta Airport long-term parking choices.

Compare prices, services, and amenities, then book your ATL long-term parking spot and relax!

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