Top 6 Best Ways on How to Book Airport Car Parking at Tullamarine

Whether you’re visiting the city on business or flying out with your family, booking airport car parking at Tullamarine can be an essential first step in your trip.

Whether you’re flying out to a conference or just holidaying, sometimes the only way to guarantee an affordable parking spot at Tullamarine is by booking ahead of time.

While there are many ways to book airport car parking at Tullamarine, these six ways are some of the best ones.

1. Book A Parking Space Online

Booking a parking space online is one of the most convenient ways to get airport car parking for your trip. Here’s how to make things easier.

You can book airport car parking by using an online booking service by visiting the online portal of your preferred airport parking facility.

The website will let you know what spaces are available so that you don’t have to drive around looking for somewhere to park and wasting waste

Enter your flight details into the search engine, select a location and pick up information. You will also be able to obtain details such as price (or compare prices if there are several), facilities provided, approximate walking distance from the terminal, and more options.

An online booking for airport car parking in Tullamarine means no unnecessary driving and waiting around. Once you book your spot, it’s guaranteed until departure – meaning no unexpected closures or changes to times or costs. Save time and money by pre-booking online!

Airport Parking

2. Reserve Your Parking Spot in Person

If you’re not in a position to make an online booking for airport car parking, visit your chosen off-airport parking facility and select your spot.

Please check all other vital details, such as insurance options, shuttle services (if they exist), and opening hours so that nothing surprises you. You don’t want to find out when it’s too late that you can’t get a shuttle or your traveling by plane lands an hour before the site closes!

The great thing about booking for an airport parking slot in person is that you’ll have time to ask questions if there are any queries you need help answering.

Staff members should be readily available throughout business hours, and their knowledge will prevent any nasty surprises on arrival (or departure).

Some companies will even offer limited special offers for reserving space ahead of time. Take advantage of these if they apply to your particular set of circumstances.

3. Use Park Now App

The easiest way to book airport car parking is through your mobile app. It’s convenient, timely, and doesn’t require you to visit an airport parking office or drive around looking for a better price. What more could you want?

You can even make your booking while on the move using your mobile phone. Mobile apps have transformed many businesses, and they can do precisely that for alt airport parking rates. Download an app and start booking today!

Park Now app is suitable for easy searching of rates and locations and GPS tracking of where you park, so no delays are getting out of the lot.

It’s essential to note that using a reliable app to book your airport car parking space eliminates overcharging because real-time pricing will always be available. Users know how much they pay upfront and don’t find themselves facing extra fees after their trip has ended.

Once you download an app, all you need to do is enter your travel information, including flight number, the number of passengers in your party, and check-in time, then select a location near the airport from which you will be departing.

Let an app do all that work and give yourself some valuable time. Using an app to search for airport car parking saves you hassle and hassle, but it also saves you money.

4. Phone an Agent

Did you know that you can book a parking spot right over the phone? While it’s easy to get lost in booking your flight and hotel, sometimes you might forget about little details like car parking.

If you’re planning on driving from Melbourne Airport, finding an airport car parking space shouldn’t be a hassle. It’s accessible over the phone—if you know where to look.

Of course, each reservation varies depending on your needs and how long you need a reservation for; short or long-term parking options.

First, you need to identify the off-airport parking facilities closest to Melbourne Airport. Pick one convenient for you and will meet your needs and not affect your travel time. Reliable off-airport lots offer shuttles that take travelers directly to/from Terminal 2 or 3 every 10 minutes during peak times.

For example, United Airport Parking offers customers convenience, low prices, and valet service from its four locations located only minutes away from Melbourne Airport terminals.

So pick up a phone, call and book an airport car parking space at your favorite airport parking facility in Tullamarine.

5. Pre-Book Online

If you know your dates and times, pre-booking your airport car parking online is often cheaper than booking it on arrival. You can save up to 15 percent off-peak rates when you pre-book with reputable car parks.

However, make sure you book early enough before your departure date to avoid running out of time.

Some airport car park companies offer free cancellation until two hours before your reservation start time. If you plan on changing your booking anyway, there’s no harm in seeing if they can still provide some savings for a last-minute booking.

Some locations also allow you to reserve your spot using your credit card over the phone. Ask when you’re signing up.

6. Using Fast Track Entry Pass

You can skip some of these queues with a Fast Track Entry Pass and head straight for a parking space. If you’re traveling with children or lots of luggage, it might be worth getting one of these.

You can get a fast track entry pass from the machine near gate 12 at Tullamarine’s domestic terminal. To use it, enter your details into the print machine and print out your pass ticket—you will need to display it on your dashboard throughout your stay at Melbourne Airport.

Make sure you bring a photo ID with you before buying a pass because you will have to show staff who work in security first thing in the morning when picking up a ticket. You can get a fast track entry pass by arriving earlier than most travelers—before 6:00 am.

Be aware that if you get there after 6:00 am, there won’t be any available parking spots left, so there won’t be any advantage to having a Fast Track Entry Pass then!

The system only applies when leaving your car parked overnight; if your trip includes any early-morning departures from the airport (between 4:30 am and 5:15 am), then you won’t get any special treatment upon returning. Your parking pass will also allow you access back out of Fast Track Lanes during your stay.


Booking for an airport car parking space is essential before leaving your house. It keeps your nerves calm because you’ve taken care of your airport car parking slot beforehand.

The guide helps you book airport car parking at Tullamarine and make a reservation.

Remember: preparation before departure can save you stress once you’re there. Consider the methods above so that you can book a place in advance, making sure not to miss your flight!

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