The Ultimate Guide of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza

No doubt visiting the Egyptians Pyramid from Giza Street is one of the dreams of many people. Moreover, I was also one of those who was thinking of visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza for a long time.

Furthermore, when I had visited there, I was seriously amazed to see the incredibility of it.

Now I have to must say that the great pyramid of Giza which is in Egypt is the only one from those of the seven wonders which are found since ancient times.

It was one of the childhood dreams to visit the archaeological site and especially the pyramids of Egypt.

Moreover, I was travelling to the Middle East I had visited an enormous tomb of Giza street and other monuments of Egypt.

However, before visiting the memorial, I was supposed to first check out the place and also the photographs of the pyramid. Also, I cannot even tell you how impressed I have found that place after visiting it.

Great Pyramid of Giza facts
Great Pyramid of Giza facts

Well, there is not any question that a good trip becomes excellent if we have a useful tour guide.

Also, this is because the guide helps us to acknowledge the place and its importance by encountering enough time to see everything that we want to see.

Of course, I have chosen the right guide who can tell me all the essential features and importance of the pyramid so that I can help you, people, to know more about the place before visiting that.

Omio Many Geos

The Great Pyramid of Giza History

So let us first start with the history of the great pyramid of Giza Street in Egypt. I have read many books that were based on ancient Egypt history, and also had watched many photos and videos related to it.

The pyramids were ordered by the second ruler of the fourth Dynasty, that is, Pharaoh Khufu. Also, for a very long time, it was supposed that aliens or Jewish slaves built the pyramids.

Great Pyramid of Giza inside
Great Pyramid of Giza inside

Also, it is well-known that at the time of construction the great pyramid has initially been 146.5 meters tall.

However, due to erosion or absence of pyramidion, the present height of the great pyramid is around 138.8 meters. The mass of the monument is estimated to be 5.9 million tonnes.

Egyptologist made the first measurements with high precision of the pyramid, that is, Sir Finders Petrie from 1880 to 1882.

Also, for over 3800 years, the pyramid had remained the tallest human-made structure in the whole world.

Also, its first place was replaced by Lincoln Cathedral which was built approximately 160 meters tall.

Great Pyramid of Giza history
Great Pyramid of Giza history

Even it was concluded that Egyptians were not able to define precisely the value of pi in the same way as they were supposed to use.

However, there is a complete fact that the relations of areas and circular ratios that are given by them are so systematic that we all have to feel grants that they were kept in the builder’s design of pyramids.

Who Built Great Pyramids of Giza?

Now the one of the main question that must be striking in the minds of you people that who was those genius architects who had built this fantastic wonder.

Well, I had researched a lot on this question and had found a straightforward answer for you people that I would like to share with you.

Generally, Egyptologists believe that the pyramid of Giza was built as a tomb for the Fourth Dynasty Egyptian, that is, Pharaoh Khufu. Also, the great pyramid was constructed over a period of 20 years.

Great Pyramid of Giza images
Great Pyramid of Giza images

At present, the monument is almost 146.5 meters tall which was one of the tallest structures made by the man.

Initially, the pyramid was covered by limestone casing stones that were used to create a smooth outer surface.

However, when I had seen in the recent period, then I had found that it is the underlying core structure.

There are many of the stories and even the theories that are based on the construction techniques of the great pyramid of Giza.

However, the most accepted method is based on the fact that the monument was built by moving several stones from a quarry and also dragging and lifting them into the place.

Moreover, a tourist who was riding a camel around the site of the pyramid has stumbled upon some tombs that were uncovered, and this turned out to be the tombs of those builders who had played a role in the building of the pyramid.

Great Pyramid of Giza height
Great Pyramid of Giza height

Moreover, archaeologists have agreed to the statement that if the builders were slaves, then they would never be buried in such proximity to the actual tomb of the pyramid.

Also, this statement claimed that all of those workers were highly skilled Egyptians who had lived in the nearby village working under the supervision of Khufu.

Advice on Visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza

Now the critical question that must be wondering you, people, that what are the essential things which we should keep in mind before visiting the great pyramid of Giza.

However, you do not have to worry because I have some of the tips for you of which you have to be prepared.

So check out the list mentioned below which should be kept in kind if you are visiting the great pyramid of Giza for the first time:

First is that many big buses drive in and strop just right to the pyramid. However, as a solo explorer, you have to walk to the entrance of the tomb.

It is not even the distance for 8 minutes’ walk so one can easily walk through the doorway without using any camel or horse.

Great Pyramid of Giza photos
Great Pyramid of Giza photos

The second one is about the best view or the best angle to see the pyramids. The best view to see the fantastic pyramids is from the dunes.

Whether you have to move there on your foot or not, it depends on the mood of the guards present there. Many people cannot find it so easy to walk in the sand for a while.

However, I am thrilled that I had paid a few bucks, almost $7 for a horse. However, there is no compulsion that you have to give rent for hiring anything.

It’s your personal choice whether you have to choose anything or not. If you are not comfortable for renting then give a smile and decline politely.

There are not only horses available for rent. Camel rides are also available that will help you to go inside the entrance.

However, I found it somewhat uncomfortable to choose a camel ride because it gets some on and off while taking the photos.

So I found it an excellent option to choose a horse ride. Moreover, the rest is up to you. If you want a camel ride then it’s your personal decision, that is, it is all up to your convenience that which ride suits you.

Giza Pyramids Tickets

From October to March, the site is opened every day from 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. Moreover, between April to September the website is opened from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Most of the tour busses choose to arrive at around 9:30 to 10 a.m.

Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Pyramid of Giza

so that one can experience the site when the crowd is very much less. The general entrance tickets of the site are around 50 LE with the additional ticket charges or visiting the pyramids themselves.

There are three pyramids, and one can go inside one of the pyramids in the middle for free of cost. Well- the pyramid of Khufu costs another 100 LE for visiting and the pyramid of Khafree costs 20 LE.

However, both pyramids look the same from the inside. Even I should recommend you to visit the Egyptian museum as well where the mummies of the pyramid were moved.

If one has to visit the pyramid on a short layover, then they can hire a taxi at the airport.

Also, if one is not feeling comfortable for exploring the pyramid on their own, then they should sign up for the properly organized tours.

Can you go Inside the Great Pyramids of Giza?

Yes, one is allowed to go to the inside of the great pyramid of Giza. However, trust me it is not too exciting as it is to get inside the tombs at the Valley of the Kings.

pyramids of Giza history
pyramids of Giza history

Many guides will tell you that that is the extra charges that you have to pay to go inside the pyramid. However, that is not the whole truth. You can visit the one pyramid whose charges are included in the ticket price.

I have done proper research before visiting the site, so I already knew all the facts about the pyramid.

Moreover, that is why I am notifying you people so that you can enjoy the place and importance without getting tensed for anything.

Can you go Inside the Sphinx?

The Sphinx in Giza is supposed to be made in the image of Pharaoh Khafre that guards the pyramid of Pharaoh. Also, I must say that it is another important place for visiting.

Also, it is known by very few people the nose of this magnificent monument is missing and is said that it is blown off by a cannon fired by the Napoleon Bonaparte. Well, there are two spots to visit the Sphinx.

pyramids of Giza
pyramids of Giza

However, most tourists prefer to go to the quite weird side structure, and even I do not know the real purpose of it.

When you are going to visit that, the checking of your tickets is done to make sure that you had paid the entrance fee to the complex of the pyramid.

However, from this angle, you are going to see the side of the Sphinx, but you will not experience the front side of the Sphinx.

Also, I was told by the guide that only the particular group of people is allowed to go in the front of the Sphinx or one has to pay extra charges of around 100 LE to visit the front.

The Great Pyramid of Giza Facts

There are some of the exciting and amazing facts about the great pyramid over Giza Street in Egypt. Also, when I was visiting the site, I had experienced those great signs from my side which I would like to share with you all.

pyramids of Giza inside
pyramids of Giza inside

First of all, I have found that every night at the Giza there is an evening show. Over the 20 years, the show that is running at the Giza has not changed.

Moreover, if one is staying at the nearby hotel of the pyramid, then they can see it from the rooftop.

I had chosen the nearby hotel, so I was able to see the evening show which was not entertaining in my point of view. However, it is up to your choice that what can delight you more.

Never forget to visit the ships when you are at the great pyramids of Giza. Once you are planning and even got ready to leave the pyramids, then you will see a structure that had contained a ship.

Moreover, the ship was used to bring the stones which were further used to build the great pyramid.

Now the most important thing to be considered is that what type of footwear would be wear to get inside the pyramid?

pyramids of Giza facts
pyramids of Giza facts

Also, I would like to give you advice not to wear flow dresses when you are visiting the pyramid. Also, you can a suitable and more comfortable for footwear to get inside the great pyramid.


I must say that visiting the great pyramid of Giza at the sunset timing was spectacular and certainly excited me to see the real beauty of the ancient wonder.

However, one should have proper time and a more extended trip as well to visit the Giza.

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