The Mysterious Story of The Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

Devil’s Tramping Ground

Devil’s Tramping Ground is one of the scariest camping spots in the world which gets located in a forest near Harper’s Crossroads area in Bear Creek, North Carolina.

This ground is known nearly from one hundred and twenty years old. It is the site where nothing can get grown within the boundaries of the circle.

Devil’s Tramping Ground Explanation

Devil’s Tramping Ground renamed as The Chatham Country Vortex, recently. The Devil’s Tramping Ground is around 50 miles away from the South of the Greensboro, NC.

From NC 421 South turn Right onto State Route 902 to Follow For about 7 miles turn Left on Devil’s Tromping Grounds Rd.

devil's tramping ground images

An official DOT of the “green sign” is now pointing towards the site. Follow for 1.7 miles.

We can see gravel pull off on the left. The Devil’s Tramping Ground is around 150 foot down to the dirt path.

It has a dry circular patch in the North Carolina woods. People of Chatham County claim the about 40-foot-perfect circle in the woods along Devil’s Tramping Ground Road has been barren from the last 300 years.

They believe that nothing can get grown within the boundaries of the circle. Whatever gets built in the loop will damage during the night.

Moreover, also anything is placed in between the ring will be thrown back next back, no matter what is the size of the object, how heavy it is. Locals of the country said that they had seen red glowing eyes in the circle.

Devil’s Tramping Ground Debunked

There is nothing that will deny that the stories of people of Chatham Country are superstitious.

A few years ago, a journalist of Greensboro paper spent the night in a tent smack in the middle of it with his two dogs to disprove the story.

The reporter stayed up for the whole night, even though he reported for the hearing ghostly footsteps circling his tent.

devil's tramping ground story

Devil’s Tramping Ground Story

This site gets renamed as the Devil’s Tramping Ground as “The Chatham County Vortex.”

It claimed that this site is the anchor of a “Magdalene Crystal Column of energy.”

Magdalene energy gets emerged out of England in the past decade. It proposes that the planet gets surrounded by a web of the divine that is “Ma-Ray” energy.

It is an expression of a divine feminine presence, and bundling the idea with an earlier English tradition of Jesus traveling to the British Isles at some point in the life, while also incorporating this into a mysticism which based on Jungian psychology and feminist readings of Arthurian legend.

devil's tramping ground pics

The original name of the Devil’s Tramping Ground is part of a broad American tradition.

This Devil seems to have come to Chatham County with Scotch-Irish settlers who got arrived in North Carolina during the Eighteenth Century, populating the course of the Cape Fear River, the Uwharries, and the Appalachians.

The colonists were immigrants from Ulster and also from the counties along the border between England and Scotland, and The Devil was very much part of the culture they brought along with them.

Belief in witches, ghosts, and goblins was an excellent cultural fixation, and this demon-haunted world came with those settlers to America.

Enterprise Many GEOs

Where is the Devil’s Tramping Ground

The Devil’s tramping ground gets located in a forest near Harper’s Crossroads area in Bear Creek, North Carolina.

This ground is near about 10 miles south of Siler City. From Siler city take US421 south then go R on NC902.

Drive at 7 miles to Harper’s crossroads and turn Ron SR1106, then immediately turn L on SR 1100 until you see a pull-off Go 1.7 miles gravel parking area on the left. The tramping ground is at 150 feet down a small path.

devil's tramping ground

Devil’s Tramping Ground Movie

The real story based movie on ‘Devil’s Tramping Ground’ which was directed by Will Huneycutt and Andy Kahn released on USA’s cinemas on 26th April 2007.

Jaysen P. Buterin wrote this movie
Cast :
Kindal Blattner – Buterin – Cassady’s Wife
Jaysen P. Buterin – Cassady
Jessie Derusha – Izzy
Debbie Everhart- Club Owner
Taran Hall
Martin Henderson- Dante
Andy Kahn- Damon
Chris Micca- Mick
Sarah Rose- Lilly
Will Shuford- Crazy Ralph
J. Evan Wade- Devil
Produced by: Jaysen P. Buterin
Jennie Prince
J. Evan Wade
Music By:
Scott Estkowski
Cinematography by: Ken Randall
Film Editing By: Will Huneycutt, Ken Randall

Devil Tramping Ground Truth

This ground has included so many stories and becomes a favourite tourist spot. A number of people I have some beliefs and stories. “It’s like the hairs of the arm stand up.

devil's tramping ground photos

I guess the cause that you think what the saying is,” said 45-year Chatham County native Reece Maness“.

Ever since we were little boys, we always heard about the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

However, until I was Sixteen years old, my momma and daddy and they didn’t want to talk about the thing, it wouldn’t go for it and had nothing to do with it.

The thing was something that we didn’t talk about,” remembered Robbins resident Tommy.

Hussey recalled that time when he was 16 and went with a bunch of friends “to investigate” the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

671 Devil’s Tramping Ground Road

671 devil’s Tramping Ground Road, livestock animals, situated at Bear Creek, NC 27207.

This home featured with 20 acres of land and 1920 sq. Ft of living area with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This property got built in 1959. After this property got sold on June 24, 2014, at $89000. Now its listed price is $109900.

devil's tramping ground haunted

What is the Science behind the Devil’s Tramping Ground?

“Now don’t go near that evil spot where Satan walks around, in the heart of Carolina, at the devil’s tramping Ground’’- Daniel Ground

So many scientists include Rich Hayes (who had run many tests on the soil of land) researched on this place about why nothing has got grown but no one able to find the reason.

What soil composition was found in the devil’s tramping ground that keeps plants from growing to harden?

The soil in the Devil’s tramping ground gets found barren because there was a circle which was the site of the UFO landing and the radiation from UFO’s extraterrestrial engines has permanently exterminated the grassland of Devil’s Tramping Ground.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground and other Mystery Stories

There are many stories and different beliefs of different people.

devil's tramping grounds

Ever since we were the little boys, we heard about the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

Until I was 16 years, my momma and daddy didn’t want to talk about the devil, and they had nothing to do with the devil. Devil was something that we didn’t talk about,

Hussey had recalled the time when he was 16 and went with a bunch of friends “to investigate” the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

“We were going to spend that night there. We started getting the edgy feeling, so we all left!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never been back to it since.”

Aviator Devil’s Tampering Ground Tripel

Devil’s tramping ground tripel by Aviator Brewing Company, located at North Carolina, United States. It contains 9.2% alcohol by volume (ABV).

This drink has a golden coloured ale with a fruity, spicy flavour. This drink has an excellent market with 3.8/5 rating.

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