Shanghai Tunnels: A Tour of Underground Portland Ghost Adventures

Shanghai Tunnels

The place which we popularly know in today’s world as Portland, Oregon was earlier popularly known as Shanghai Tunnels.

It was situated near the bank of the most adorable river the Willamette River.

Going deep down to its dimensions the river is around 180 miles long and about 110 miles in width.

But here we are not concerned either with the origin of the river not the places near its shore but here we are deeply concerned with the most important part that the place which is situated near its bank and has its own shady history in the form of Shanghai Tunnels.

What are the Shanghai Tunnels?

Shanghai tunnels are the passages underneath the basement of the city which connects one road to the other road secretly in the city.

The tunnels were made for the business purposes in order to save time from hustle and bustle of the city but is that true?

Shanghai Tunnels portland

In Spite of being these tunnels were dug for the business purposes but these were used to fulfil the crew of the marine people and mainly for prostitution.

Going in the history of the tunnels, according to the renowned historian Barney Blalock, the tunnels were dug in the 1970s and according to him from here the hoodwink tour started.

Shady Facts Of Shanghai Tunnels

Dug for the purpose of the business the tunnels were no longer used for business but the connecting passages of the city linking bulk of hotels, beauty parlors, pools, and the low den were now used for “blood money”.

Looking back to the facts in history it was believed that Shanghaiing trade was responsible for the black history of this place.

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Due to the Shanghaiing trade, the Shanghai port was popularly known in the top 10 most dangerous ports in North America and on the top in the list of Old Chinatown.

Due to this trade work, the people could not stop for a drink in the bar, not be able to go to the salons and walking in the night is giving his own life for no purpose.

Shanghai Tunnels portland tour

Not even men though women were also not safe in the city and they were warned not to wander here and there and should be suspicious to each and every activity going over there but some poor people found themselves in the clutches of the darkness and these people are of all kinds imagining from the expedition people to the cowpuncher.

These people were enslaved into the cells made in the tunnels until they were sold to captains of the sea who were looking for the people to work for him and the term used for this purpose is “white slavery”.

The people were sold only for blood money. Thousands of people were missing and no one had heard a word about them in future.

Entrance in the Shanghai Tunnels

According to the historians, the Hobo’s restaurant is the famous entrance gate to these tunnels and also there were hidden trap doors, short passages build on wooden planks, cobwebbed paths and some boreholes etc.

Shanghai Tunnelss

In Portland, two companies provide tours to these tunnels. One company is Portland Walking Tours while the other is the Cascade Geographic Society.

The second company is run by a tunnel Michael Jones who in himself is a tunnel historian and the founder of the tour guide to these tunnels.

The tours were started by Michael 22 years ago because he believed that the history of the tunnels is hidden and he had to show the people about these tunnels.

Ghost Adventures in Shanghai Tunnels

Michael P. Jones who offers tours to the Shanghai Tunnels starts his tour from the Hobo’s restaurant and it is believed that this restaurant is haunted as some paranormal activities are seen at this place.

The Hobo’s restaurant has its own history and before the 1800s this place was known as Lazlo’s Saloon.

An incident was noted while featuring a film on these tunnels in 2004 and the paranormal activity that happened was a flying brick come on the casts of the movie while they were seeing the boots of the people which were enslaved there.

Shanghai Tunnels portlandd

The second activity was noted in these tunnels that there was a chime hanging in the tunnels, though there is no air flow down there still the chimes swings back and forth.

Many spirits stand witness to the horrors of the Shanghai tunnels but the most prevalent is Nina who was a Klickitat Indian, grabbed by the white slavery and sold to prostitution and she died there and some paranormal activities have been collected about her like after two days of her missing she was thrown down by an elevator in the tunnels.

Not only these four students were also reported missing in 2012 and there the last location was traced in the basement of these tunnels and after that, no one had heard about them.

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