6 UAE Water Parks Ride Worth Checking Out for Adventure Lovers

There is a place in Abu Dhabi that’s considered the emirate’s entertainment hub. It is for good reason, too, because you can do all sorts of things on your visit in these UAE water parks.

That place is Yas Island Abu Dhabi. Here, you’ll find:

  • three world-class theme parks;
  • around thirty hotels;
  • the largest multi-purpose indoor venue in the Middle East;
  • the largest outdoor events venue in the Middle East;
  • a race track;
  • an actual links golf course;
  • an indoor skydiving and wall climbing adventure hub; and
  • Abu Dhabi’s largest luxury mall.

If you are interested in the UAE water park offers, you will surely enjoy your visit here. One of the three theme parks on the island is Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi has so many rides with varying thrill levels, from young fun to extreme. It’s wholesome fun for the whole family. If you are looking for unique thrills and adventure-packed experiences, read on for information on the UAE Water parks exhilarating rides.

Water Parks


Those who love the adrenaline rush will never pass up the opportunity to try Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi’s Dawwama. This ride is undoubtedly the ultimate water experience in the UAE water parks.

Dawwama is a tornado water coaster, and the largest of its kind in the world. Now, that name and description should immediately get your adrenaline up and pumping and clue you in on what you can expect from the ride. Even so, the reality is so much better than even the most fertile mind can imagine.

You start by going to the ride launch point, where you will sit on a 6-person raft. There are no seatbelts, but there are straps for you to hold on to on each side of your seat.

The raft then plunges in high speed from the height of a mountaintop and down the world’s longest, 6-person slide before hurtling down a tornado funnel 20 meters high. There’s simply nothing like it.

The entire family should be able to enjoy this thrilling ride just as long as everyone meets the minimum height requirement of 130 centimeters.

Falcons Falaj

Falcons Falaj is a water coaster, and it definitely delivers in the thrill department. It’s like a roller coaster, but on a water slide. So, it lets you experience the same sudden heart-stopping descent, hair-raising twists, and electrifying turns with the addition of full-on-the-face water sprays.

Like Dawwama, you start from a high point at the park and ride a 6-person raft. The raft then rapidly descends from a great height on a long and twisting slide with water rapids and breathtaking drops.

Falcons Falaj has a minimum height requirement of 110 centimeters

Bandit Bomber

Rollercoasters are great, heart-thumping fun, and Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi has its own version. Bandit Bomber is a dry coaster ride and is the longest suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East.

On this ride, the rollercoaster track is overhead, and the seats are suspended underneath. Yes, there is nothing between you and the great abyss below but the roller coaster seat. That’s unnerving, to say the least. On the upside, you’ll get to tour the park and enjoy unobstructed views while you’re at it.

Like any rollercoaster, the ride accelerates and decelerates in turn, twisting, turning, climbing, and suddenly dropping in a steep incline that would make your heart drop apace. Your own screams will fill your ears, that’s for sure.

Bandit Bomber has a height requirement of 100-205 centimeters.


Sebag is a water slide. But it’s not just any water slide; it’s a race slide.

Six water slide racers begin at the same point. They have to lie flat, stomach and face down, on a mat. When the light turns green, and they hear insistent beeping sounds, they will use their body weight to push themselves, head first, down what seems like an interminably long, winding tunnel.

After a rapid slide down, the slide will hurl them out of the dark tunnel and onto an exposed but extremely steep, almost vertical slide. The first of the racers to reach the bottom wins and earns bragging rights.

Sebag is perfect for families. Family members can take a tunnel each and race to the finish line. The minimum height requirement is 110 centimeters.

Slither’s Slides

Slither’s Slides is a tunnel water slide ride. There are six slides or flumes, each a different color, but every one of them looks like a wound serpent. It is the best tunnel water slide in UAE water parks.

The slides have been enhanced with audio-visual effects. Riders can choose from one of five themes before they get on, and the projections, LED lights, and sounds they’ll experience will depend on their theme selection. Because all six slides have five themes each, there are a total of 30 different experiences you can try on Slither’s Slides.

You can take this ride on a single or a double tube, so you can go as a solo or a duo. Once you are given the go-signal and let go of the handrail, you will plummet down the tunnel and spin – seemingly endlessly – until you’re suddenly and very rapidly cast out your serpent slide’s mouth.

Slither’s Slides has a minimum height requirement of 110 centimeters. There are weight restrictions, too, specifically, a maximum of 300 pounds on a single tube and a maximum combined weight of 401 pounds on a double tube.

Rush Rider

Rush Rider is a bodyboarding ride. If you’ve always wanted to try bodyboarding but are wary of trying it in the open sea, this is the ride for you. It is the best ride in UAE water parks.

Rush Rider provides an endless sheet wave you can use to learn and master the art of bodyboarding. A bodyboarding instructor will teach you the primary position and help you get started. Then when you’re stable on the wave, the instructor will demonstrate other, more challenging bodyboarding positions you can try.

Rush Rider has a minimum height requirement of 110 centimeters.

Beyond Water Slides

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi goes beyond basic water slides, and what you’ll find here is pretty impressive.

For adrenaline junkies, there are coaster slides that combine the thrill of rollercoasters and water slides, an actual rollercoaster, a race slide, audio-visually enhanced slides, and even a bodyboarding ride.

And those are just a few of the rides. There are many more attractions in Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, and you’ll be spoilt for choice on things to do in UAE water parks.

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