Faze Rug Tunnel, San Diego: History, Images, Google Maps

What Is The Story Of Faze Rug Tunnel?

Faze Rug Tunnel is a haunted tunnel comprised of haunting stories. So, this tunnel is supported to make the video, which made the tunnel famous.

This tunnel is more than the nightmares. This tunnel has become a favourite spot for urban people to visit the tunnel on the weekends. So, people visit this place for adventure.

This trip is worth making, and people enjoy their journey. Many haunted stories are famous, like the screaming of any woman, and the other is a small girl calling her mother out.

Faze Rug Tunnel
Faze Rug Tunnel

These paranormal activities are making people visit this place. The tunnel is so famous for all its beauty as well.

The Faze Rug tunnel is such a fantastic place to be visited. People visit this tunnel during the day, and during the night, it becomes scary.

This place does not have much history but still amazes us with its scary stories. So, visiting the area will surprise you with lots of adventure.

Now capture some information related to the Faze Rug Tunnel described below.


So, this tunnel is found to get located in San Diego. This tunnel is often known as the Miramar tunnel (Mira mesa tunnel).

Although this tunnel does not comprise so much history, it is still popular because of the haunting stories that belong to this tunnel.

faze rug ouija tunnel
faze rug ouija tunnel

The haunted tunnel san Diego still has mysteries that surprise you with its adventures. It gets said that the tunnel is very haunted and gets surrounded by many spirits and faze rug ghosts.

It gets also noted that the Tunnel is very dangerous and very haunted. However, this is a drainage system.

This tunnel gets mostly covered with graffiti spread all around the tunnel. It is profound and is around twenty miles.

These tunnels consist of one way only. So, this place has an exciting way through one way, which attracts people all along the way.

Why is it Called Faze Rug Tunnel?

San Diego haunted Tunnel is also known as the Miramar tunnel and consists of a Drainage system.

This tunnel is even worse than any nightmare. It is so famous that every urban visitor often visits the place.

This tunnel does not have much history but is a favourite spot. People have visited the faze haunted rug tunnel in san Diego claiming to listen to the screaming and terrifying voices around the tunnel.

They witnessed the sounds of a woman and a small girl calling her mother.

faze rug 24 hour challenge
faze rug 24-hour challenge

So, these voices from the tunnel have gone through many rumours, creating all the stories. One of the stories was related to a girl that got hit during an accident near the tunnel.

Even one of the stories is related to the couple involved in the crash in which the boyfriend was fine, but the girlfriend died.

So, many stories got comprised and spread like hell all around and made this tunnel famous. The haunted tunnel story is so horrible.

Where is the Faze Rug Tunnel Located?

This Tunnel, or the Miramar tunnel, gets located in San Diego.
Real faze rugs address in the tunnel map: Faze rug tunnel location.

Even some people claimed that they had seen prints of the paw of some small kid animal. The tunnel consists of one way.

The entrance of the tunnel is covered totally with trees. It gets also thought that prints belong to raccoons or possums.

haunted tunnel
haunted tunnel

How long is the Faze Rug Tunnel?

It is not sure the tunnel is official how much longer, but it is rumoured and guessed that it is twenty miles long. Why is it called the faze rug tunnel check Here?

It also gets speculated that this tunnel branches into many other tunnels forming an extensive tunnel system.

Many consider that this tunnel way itself into Mexico. This tunnel is supposed to be the system for transporting cocaine or any other drug.

The Mexico and USA border passed it, but this news got rumoured, and nothing got found, but this added fire in people.

When people started exploring the tunnel, they found many strange things happening. It feels like paranormal activities are happening in this darkness, and it’s only natural for us to feel uncomfortable with all these happenings

faze rug challenges
faze rug challenges.

Many people claim that it feels like someone is watching you and makes you feel like you are entirely watched out, and this will occur until you get in and then out.

It was found to be the reason that maybe it is because of the ghost thing that stares at you.

Exploring San Diego

San Diego is considered to be the Urban Myth that this place consists of many hidden tunnels. Is this the faze rug tunnel end?

However, then this myth became a reality of having tunnels and even scary tunnels. Faze rug tunnel little girl story is the most Mysterious in the history of the mysterious world.

One of the tunnels is Faze Rug Tunnel or Miramar tunnel. This tunnel is cooling and is also a short adventure.

faze rug attic
faze rug attic

This tunnel looks pretty during the sun, but when the sun goes off, the tunnel becomes scary and may become a nightmare as well.

The haunting stories will show you up in real. This place gets visited during the day only, and night is perilous. However, people find this amazing.

So, this tunnel is cool but scary and makes you feel adventurous for a short period. However, you will enjoy it for that short time.

This tunnel makes you think scared when the sun goes off and night starts appearing. This place is neat, and people visit it on their weekends. It is a fantastic place for those who love scary things.

It does not consist of history but is still attended by many people, and this is just because of the tunnel’s creepy and screaming stories.

So, guys, get up and try it out. Don’t waste your weekend, and enjoy your day in the scary Faze Rug Tunnel!

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