5 Tips To Wine Bottle Packing For Travel

We all love to wine packaging for travel. Short and long journeys can be exciting. The camera, clothes, sunglasses, perfumes, and shoes are excellent.

But there is nothing more adventurous than carrying a carton of wine in the travel suitcase.

Cross-country travel is not that easy, airport blues, the jostling of our luggage with hundreds of others, is enough to send us jitters. Now imagine what your Stella rosa will go through as it passes through the conveyor belt.

It is an expensive bottle, and to risk it this way is not a good idea. What if it breaks in motion and the red wine leaves stains on your clothes in the suitcase? Avoiding airport mishaps needs some amount of care and foresight.

Here are some tips to help you carry your prestigious wines with safety and precautions for travel.  

Airport Constraints To Know

Airport security should be in your mind while packing your wine bottles in your luggage. The alcohol content is a major point to look into before packing it.

Travelers should refrain from carrying liquor bottles with over 70 percent alcohol content. Only 5 liters of alcohol between 24 and 70 percent are permissible.

The good part is that wine bottles have an average alcohol content below 24 percent, so carrying them for an outdoor business or vacation trip is excellent.

Taking alcohol in carry-on containers is fine. But make sure the alcohol weight does not go more than 3.4 ounces.

The best way to circumvent it is to buy liquor bottles at duty-free shops upon reaching your airport destination. Duty-free allowances vary from country to country. The United States allows one duty-free liter bottle of alcohol per individual.

Secure Packing of Liquor

There are many options to pack a wine bottle.

Please put it in a sock, wrap a clothing item around the neck of the bottle, and then wrap it with more clothing items such as shirts.

For extra security, a watertight plastic bag is a good option.

Bubble wrapping is a good option to keep the contents of the bottle of whiskey or wine safe and tamper-free.

Irrespective of what you choose between clothing or bubble wrapping, always keep the liquor bottle in the middle of the suitcase. Surround the wine bottle with adequate clothes and miscellaneous items so that the risk of breakage or spill-over reduces.

Check For Wine Flies Free Airlines

There is a fair chance of an airline treating cardboard boxes containing wine bottles as a suitcase. To avoid the consequences, display your name and flight number on the cardboard box.

Most airlines have set 50 pounds as the weight limit of the bottles. Some airlines like Alaska Airlines allow you to carry wine with no baggage fee, thanks to its Wine Flies Free offer! This applies to US flights only operated by a couple of airline operators, including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines.

Make sure to ask for ‘Fragile’ stickers at the airline counter. It is a must, especially if you are carrying precious cargo like wine to your destination. Think of an extra measure or two to keep your wine safe and sound. You will feel nice and so will your wine.

Use Specially designed Wine Gear

Like travel items, wine bottles also need protective gear around them. If you feel the conventional wrapping of liquor bottles is a risky option, go for wine transport bags. WineSkin is a simple, effective solution for the safe transportation of liquor bottles.

Buy safe and secure wine transport bags directly from the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. They come with shock-absorption bubble-wrap and promise you leak-proof confidence during your travel. The skin of this transport bag has no adhesive. For extra security, you can seal it with duct tape.

The versatile VinniBag is your travel bag for liquids and fragile items. It has inflatable air chambers to protect and insulate wine, gourmet goodies, olive oil, collectibles, toiletries, and wet items.

Supposing you are traveling with a large number of wine bottles in your suitcase. Wine Check makes traveling with your wine safe and convenient.

Its 12-bottle wine shipper boxes are ISTA rated (tested and approved for shipping). The protective wine gear of the bottles, including the bottles, meets the weight limit of checked baggage.

For the discerning traveler, there is a wine suitcase option that helps in the safe transportation of wines and bottled treasures.

The next time you have a leisure or business trip coming up, you can plan the cherished wine bottles.

Direct Shipping

Wine bottles are prone to shattering while in transit.

When a bottle breaks, it is usually along the seam.

Though their design is prone to withstand bumps and bruises from the winery to the retailer and the restaurant table, the odd chances are always there.

Try and avail direct shipping facility from the wineries. It saves you the space in your crowded suitcase and the tension as well.

Shipping charges of wine bottles are minor, depending on the place you buy it. It is good to invest a dollar or two extra for the safe transport of wine bottles.


Apart from the above travel guidelines for wine bottles, bear in mind that you must be 21 years old to bring alcohol to the United States, even if you are getting it as a gift.

Packing wine bottles may seem a challenging task, but it is not. Follow the instructions and take along and bring back the choicest of Bordeaux wine or a Pinot Noir in your fancy suitcase. Bon Appetit!

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