The sudden camping urge of post-Covid travelers

The almost complete end of Covid-19-related restrictions has freed up the wanderlust of countless people, propelling many of them to travel and adventure abroad that they would never have ostensibly undertaken before the health emergency.

You have probably heard this more than once before, yet Covid-19 has changed us profoundly, in ways we still do not fully understand.

The emergency period and the various lockdowns have changed our consciences profoundly, making us more responsible and much better prepared to deal with any unforeseen future events, especially thanks to a newfound pragmatic spirit that Covid-19 seems to have completely awakened.

Our habits, the way we work and relate to others have also changed profoundly, not to mention the great upheavals that have affected the learning of the youngest while schools were closed.

Each of us is well aware of being a different person as the great change has affected each of us, perhaps in different ways and at different times, but equally marking the individual consciences of every person on the face of the earth.

It has not always been a positive change: for some, particularly students, the upheavals triggered by Covid-19 have caused severe psychological upheavals, making consultation with psychologists and other professionals of the same kind who could provide some kind of support at such a hard time inevitable.

The new travelers

The change-which is still ongoing-is manifested in all its evidence in people’s desire for intense, unusual and exciting experiences, capable of projecting them for a few moments into a dream dimension from which they would never want to depart.

Among the most desired experiences, in the period immediately following the end of most pandemic-related restrictions, is certainly that of travel, in every possible form.

We are in an extremely special historical phase in which people, perhaps for the first time, feel impelled to have exhilarating experiences, much more intense than before, as if all the negative feelings experienced during the lockdowns – oppression, fear, even depression or the fear of never being able to return to normal again – have removed all obstacles to the full enjoyment of life, in all aspects, particularly because of the great emotional power contained in travel and all experiences directly related to it.

Many people, for the first time, have tried new ways of traveling, others have booked stays in nations where they had never set foot, while still others have made serious changes to their usual style of travel. It is certainly no coincidence that many people have decided to embark on a long first time road trip, avoiding the plane and perhaps experiencing the thrill of crossing an international border in their own car.

Many people have also taken advantage of vacation periods to try staying in a campground, inside fully equipped tents, caravans or passenger cars, all without being able to rely on the comforts and comforts to which they were accustomed during their previous vacations.

The value of this experience is extremely high, and has to do with the not entirely conscious desire to try one’s hand at something extremely unusual and adventurous, with an almost primitive lifestyle and in close contact with nature.

The magic of camping

With a little forethought, all those experiencing a secured camping for the first time will be able to enjoy it in a way that is not overly hectic, without even giving up the use of their electronic devices.

This is also why you will undoubtedly need to bring along a camping plug for your devices, working chargers and possibly power banks, so that you are not overly dependent on the presence of power outlets (which may not be there).

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Some trips never end. Sometimes, the best ones can even begin with a light tap on the screen of your cell phone, after lightning-fast pulling it out of your pocket.

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