All about Poggibonsi in Chianti

Western Chianti is not all just about vineyards, there is plenty more to discover here. Chianti has been known for long as a wine production area.

The area is prominent in producing the best Chianti Classico wine in the country.

The ever increasing traffic to this side of the country has brought about a healthy and prominent commercial base.

However, just like other cities, Poggibonsi has been between the struggle for power with Siena and Florence in the picture.

The city was even ranked as one of the most charming and good-looking Italian towns. 

It was subjected to mass destruction in the year 1270, and it surrendered to Florentine Guelfs.

Unfortunately, it received many lofty plans. The latest one started back in 1484, and this was when Lorenzo de’ Medici had a plan to construct a settlement, which was to emulate the “Ideal City.”

Giuliano da Sangallo and Antonio had designed that idea. However, after Lorenzo died, the entire project came to a standstill, and until now it remains incomplete.

There are numerous reasons why you need to visit this region of the country. you are sure to encounter subtle reminders and the rich heritage of the past and its culture too.

Poggibonsi has got a unique landscape with rows of vineyards, grain fields, swaying olive trees, and a low laying forest. Here are more reasons to visit Poggibonsi.

Remarkable Reasons to visit Poggibonsi

Fortezza Medicea di Poggio Imperiale

This medieval architectural fortress was discovered by da Sangallo brothers. It was upon request by Lorenzo il Magnifico even though the project was never completed because of his death.

The project has never been worked on in the last 500 years, and now, it is a public area and park where shows and concerts take place during the summer. 

A restaurant also thrives in these ruins offering visitors panoramic scenes and lots of space to stroll this magnificent beauty between Siena and Florence.

The sidewalks in this gorgeous fortress are made of sleek modern art and stunning benches. Make your way to Poggibonsi and enjoy the bird’s eye view from the top of the magnificent landscape.

Fonte Delle Fate

Back in the 1300s, this fascinating fountain was made of six stone arches, and most probably, it was constructed by Italian experts who came from the north.

However, it was buried when the fort was being built since back then, it was considered an omen to demolish a water source. Again the position of this fountain was at a strategic point, which meant it was imperative.

The fountain was then brought back to life around the 1800s. A public park surrounds it, and it is set in a unique, full of life and activity environment. Visiting the fountain is an added advantage as you can discover astounding spots in the park.


Situated within Poggio Imperiale Park, this engaging activity is visited by those who enjoy historical mysteries and other surprising things.

On Sunday, you can stroll the permanent exhibition where actors dressed in historical costume, reenact the lives of our ancestors.  

San Lorenzo Church

This church can be traced back to the 1300s, and throughout the years has been restored several times.

The various restorations give the churches a distinct architectural design.

However, the prestige of the church lies more with its historical journey and not the architectural plans. The church was a meeting place used by Girolamo Savonarola and Charles VIII from France.

Convento di San Lucchese

This is among the few churches that were constructed with a Gothic architectural style.

The church is located in Val d’Elsa and is named after Saint Duchess.

He was a person who lived a usury and greed life, but upon meeting Saint Francis, converted.

The fascinating church is set at a place where it overlooks the Fortress on a hill. It is in an ideal position where you will be offered breathtaking scenes of the fabulous Poggibonsi city.

Among the best villas, you can decide to stay in is the Podere Celli.

It is the perfect luxury villa in Tuscan, where you can enjoy high-end facilities and resources. Each bedroom is fully air-conditioned, and there is an enormous swimming pool built in travertine stone. 

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