Do you Need to Win a Lottery to Visit These Places?

Hitting a big jackpot and millions in the bank! Isn’t it a dream we often fantasize about? But after and buying a luxurious house to settle in, spending as per your fancies, what all you plan to do if you won the lottery?

If traveling the world with your win is the next thing on your list, then here are some best places that one must visit in a lifetime. The new experiences and memories of these places will surely leave you in awe.

A must-visit if you won the lottery

must-visit if you won the lottery

How about heading away from the worldly hassle and stopping by a private island? Well, a lottery winner can leverage this retreat! Musha Cay is an exclusive collection of three islands in the Bahamas owned by illusionist David Copperfield.

You can rent it for £50,000 a day with accommodation for 24 people at a time. During this, your privacy and seclusion are always prioritized.

Bora Bora

The Bora Bora island in French Polynesia is no less than a tropical paradise on earth. It is surrounded by some ultimate luxurious hotels with stunning overwater villas.

One among these stands the hotel Conrad, which gives you all the feels of being a royal identity — with a golf cart ferrying you to your rooms! No doubt, it is no thrifty travel spot to travel, putting all your savings.

It would only help if you had a lottery win here.


This capital of romance has always been a dream destination of many. With some of the most expensive dining treats to Vendome’s designer shops, Paris is the best to spend lavishly if you won the lottery.

A meal in Jules Verne, situated on the fifth floor of the stunning Eiffel Tower, can pull you off £250. And if that’s not much of your money, don’t miss out on the 18-course taster menu of Guy Savoy.

If you are a mystery lover and find a perfect place for you you can visit the Catacombs of Paris.

Herein you can enjoy some really exotic flavors for £430 per head.


Oslo is the next wonderful yet costly holiday destination. Even before you move to the Norwegian amenity’s higher decks, the day-to-day prices in Oslo will strip you of your wins.

None other less, the city has got some fantastic places for you to explore, including:

  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • Akershus Fortress
  • Vigeland Sculpture Park
  • Oslo Cathedral
  • Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum


With an array of grand hotels and glorious resorts, Dubai is a delight to visit. Most of the resorts are even equipped with bedrooms featuring underwater views.

Now that’s quite a luxury to splash your cash for if you won the lottery.

The iconic Burj Al Arab, also the tallest hotel globally, awaits you with world-class dining and splendorous services. Nonetheless, the price also scours as high as this building, with $24,000 per night.

Fiji Islands

Covered with 332 islands of pristine white sands and palm trees lurching with the cool tropical breeze, Fiji is food to the soul. However, the costly bills to hop around the isle, the boat trips to Mamanuca and Yasawa can easily fuse all your peaceful specks.

On top of this, if you prefer staying on the island of Laucala, you are highly welcomed with the traditional greetings of Bula (hello). And this is followed by the landing fees of £11,500.


Although marked as the world’s smallest country, Seychelles comprises 115 islands. Situated off East Africa’s coast, the country nestles white sand beaches with turquoise water surrounded by forest-clad mountains. But all of it doesn’t come cheap.

Seychelles is home to the most expensive hotels at £6,000 per night. But what makes the country stand out are some of its peculiarities, including:

  • The Rare Black Parrot: This rare species is considered the national bird of Seychelles. You can spot it in the Valle de Mai nature reserve and Praslin National Park of Seychelles.
  • Takamaka Bay Distillery Tour: Take a tour of this 250-year-old plantation estate to get insights into the rum-making process. While at it, you’ll also get to taste the five different varieties of local rum.
  • The famous UNESCO sites: Aldabra—famous for its distinctive fauna population is something worth exploring on your tour. Likewise, Vallé de Mai, believed to be the Garden of Eden’s original site, is a must to speculate spot to learn the mystical truth.


Famous for its fascinating landscapes, little picturesque villages, and artistic legacy, Tuscany is one of Italy’s most popular regions. Being scarcely populated and the lack of hotels, you can burn a good sum of euros fumbling between accommodation, food, and sites.


Travelling allows you to expand your horizon, discovering new places, cultures, and customs. These were some of the incredible places you can jot down in your bucket list as you set for your world tour.

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