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The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous ancient monuments in the world. The tower was first built for the fair in 1889. It is well known that a total of 25 million nuts were used to join 18,038 separate metal blocks in the construction of the tower.

And the skillful touch of the skilled hands of the 132 workers employed in this work is still attached to this tower.

It took a total of 2 years, 2 months and 2 days to build the entire Eiffel Tower. However, the tower has since been modified (partially modified) several times. So the authorities have to spend a lot of money on the version of the tower.

At one point, authorities had to spend about 30 million euros on a partial replacement of the lower part of the tower. The tower is painted once every 7 years to retain its original appearance.

It takes 60 tons of paint to paint the whole tower at once. Which is very expensive. The height of the main Eiffel Tower is 300 meters. However, there is an antenna with a height of four meters above the Eiffel Tower.

The height of the Eiffel Tower with an antenna is 324 meters or 1063 feet. Which is considered the total height of the Eiffel Tower.

The towering tower was once considered the tallest structure in the world.

But just when the Chrysler building was built in New York City in the United States in 1930, the tower lost its status as the world’s tallest infrastructure. And the Chrysler building has the status of the tallest installation in the world.

But for 40 long years before the Chrysler Building was built, the Eiffel Tower was the only high-rise structure in the world.

In addition to France, portraits of the Eiffel Tower have been erected in many countries around the world. In all, more than 9 portraits have been created in different countries of the world. The most notable of these are portraits in Mexico, Nevada, and Shenzhen.

The actual Eiffel Tower weighs 10,100 tons. However, the total weight of the metal structures used to make this installation is 7,300 tons. This huge towering tower has a total of 120 wave antennas. Besides, 336 projectors have been installed in the tower to illuminate the high-rise tower with light beds in the dark of night, and 5,000 lights have been used on each side of the tower for a total of 20,000 lamps.

It is completely illegal under French law to take pictures of the tower in a light bed in the dark of night. So be careful when you visit there.

This iron tower is divided into three levels for tourists to visit. There are a total of 1,665 steps, including the first, second and third levels, to climb to the very top of the tower.

However, if you do not understand the stairs, you can use the elevator or elevator. You will never forget the feeling of seeing the city of Paris at a glance after reaching the very top of the tower. Whenever you think of Paris, it is as if the landmark of Paris is unfolding before your eyes.

Another name for the Eiffel Tower is the Tour Eiffel. To the people of France, this tower is better known as the Tour Eiffel.

The Eiffel tower price/cost about 7,800,000 gold francs to build. The most famous tower in the world is the tallest structure in Paris.

This tower, illuminated in the darkness of night, can be seen from almost the whole of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is named after Gustavo Eiffel.

Many may already be wondering what Gustavo Eiffel has to do with the Eiffel Tower.

Why was this tower named after him? And who is Gustavo Eiffel? Well, listen, the funny thing is that engineer Gustavo Eiffel is the one who designed this tower. You will be surprised to know that in addition to this tower, he is well known all over the world for designing another popular installation.

That popular installation is the “Statue of Liberty“. Which is located in New York City, USA.

Gustavo Eiffel designed and built the statue.

Engineer Gustavo Eiffel was the designer of the railway bridge. And in that continuity, he built this tower in the light of his experience and knowledge. The tallest building in Paris was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. In a word, this great tower is one of the main attractions of Paris.

Eiffel Tower Location and transportation

This magnificent structure is located on the Champ de Marsh, part of the “Seventh Arrondissement” in the French capital, Paris.

Eiffel Tower Location

This huge tower is very easy to travel and the inspection process is very easy.

The tower is easily accessible by any vehicle from anywhere in Paris. Needless to say, in addition to the wonderful Eiffel Tower, there are several other popular installations and attractions in the city.

Due to which Paris is the city that attracts the most tourists, and this often leads to traffic jams in the city.

So visiting the Eiffel Tower during the tourist season can take much longer than scheduled. So in these times, it is better to plan the tour considering the time than the desired time to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower ticket price & information

There are two ways to collect tickets for the Eiffel Tower.

The two methods are

There is currently no alternative to the two methods of collecting tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower.

There is no fixed ticket price for visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Book Eiffel tower tickets online with complete tour package.

This ticket price is determined based on the age of the person.

However, access to the Eiffel Tower is completely free for children from zero to four years. Here are some of the set prices for access to the Eiffel Tower:

1. Access by stairs

  • For 4 to 11 years = 3.00 (Euro)
  • For 12 to 24 years = 3.50 (Euro)
  • For adults = 5.00 (Euro)

Note: In case of ascent from ground floor to second floor.

2. Elevator access

In case of ascent from ground floor to second floor –

  • For 4 to 11 years = 4.00 (Euro)
  • For 12 to 24 years = 6.00 (Euro)
  • Adults = 7.50 (Euro)

In case of ascent from ground floor to highest floor –

  • For 4 to 11 years = 10.00 (Euro)
  • For 12 to 24 years = 13.00 (Euro)
  • For adults = 14.50 (Euro)

 Note: Moreover, if you want to buy tickets online :  www.tour-eiffel.fr/en/preparing-your-visit/buying-your-tickets.html

Eiffel Tower opening and closing times

The Eiffel Tower is never closed. Instead, the Eiffel Tower is open throughout the year. However, there are several rules and schedules for visiting or entering the Eiffel Tower. The schedules are displayed as follows:

  1. Tourists are scheduled to enter between 15th June and 1st September from 9 am to midnight.
  2. In addition, at other times of the year, the public is allowed to enter at any time from 10 am to 11 pm.

Note: The time allotted during the tourist season is further extended.

Best time to visit the Eiffel Tower

Autumn and spring are some of the best times to visit the Eiffel Tower.

The busiest time in Paris is the Christmas holidays. Paris is the most happening tourist destination on Christmas Day, a Christian holiday. Numerous travel-thirsty tourists from around the world, including Europe, arrived during this time.

Crowds of people from different communities flock to Paris on a varied evening during the tourist season.

There is a lot to know and a lot to learn in this diverse gathering of people of different ethnic groups. So the convenience of travelling to Paris during the tourist season is a little more than other times. Because in addition to knowing and learning a lot, the educational importance of travel can also be realized.

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