Most common mistakes more of the amateur travel bloggers do

You are bound to make mistakes as an amateur travel blogger. But that should never make you feel discouraged. Blogging is like a journey. Once you begin, you can reach your destination.

Most likely, your blogging journey is aimed at being the best. You would want all the time to have your content users remain glued to your site and craving for more content.

That will require you to avoid amateur travel blogs mistake.

Mistakes are common. Even the most famous bloggers make mistakes sometimes.

But it would be good for you to learn from them. That way, you will likely avoid repeating them.

You can become the blogger you have always aspired to be. Every logging day gives you a chance to build your standards.

If you are a travel blogger, here are amateur blog mistakes you are likely to commit.

most common mistakes by amateur travel blogger

#1 Being too general

Any person reading your posts is looking for specific content. Your information has to satisfy the needs of your readers. No one would want to waste their time going through available content that does not offer value. 

Amateur travel blogs need to focus on a specific thing and give useful content to any visitor. Travelling is a too broad topic. Once you have decided to focus on it, you need to be particular on what you post.

Ensure you write attractive and exciting travel content.

#2 Disregarding the importance of SEO

Your blogs have an objective to achieve. Maybe, you want to inform the travelers about the top-rated word tourism destinations. Your goal may also be about the best travel company and what it can offer people.

Many internet users come online to look for such information. But only a few will search beyond the first page of Google. If your website or blog post is ranked higher on the search engine tools, you will likely attract massive traffic. Many people will read your content. 

If you are looking for best SEO services you can take service via hackploit techologies.

While optimizing bog or website is such important, many amateur blogs do not focus on SEO. That will make your traffic to stall if you are an amateur travel blogger.

SEO has become vital in marketing. 

Learn SEO practices. It is crucial since the skills you get will enable you to get and use the correct keywords that will help you to optimize your travel amateur blogs. 

#3 Failure to focus on quality

Quality content is one thing that you should always have in your mind as you create posts. High standard and eye-catching content will attract more readers. You are likely to lose even your loyal users with low quality and boring content. 

Ensure you take enough time to write unique and best travel content. Whether you aim to attract traffic or educate your readers, your content must be of high standards. Quality content also increases the chances of your website being ranked high on search engine results. 

Many amateur blogs aim at getting big numbers, whether they compromise quality or not. It is one of the grievous mistakes the amateur bloggers need to avoid.

As you blog, keep it in mind that a large number of followers never matter but the exact number of readers who engage with your post.

#4 You are not being consistent in posting

You need to work hard and dedicate your effort if you want to create successful blogs. Blogging is not a one-time event. It will be good for you to carry out a regular posting. Do not publish fresh content and then disappear for long.

Your readers would want to get more and more from you. 

Ensure your amateur blogs are consistent. If they are attractive, they will keep your reader forever on your site yearning for more. While you do not have an optimal time between one post to another, it will be good for you to figure out a good posting pattern. That will assure your users on when then to expect your upcoming post.

You can post weekly, twice a week, or two times a month. But make you are constant. Post regularly if you don’t like disappointing your readers.

You will have given them a reason to come back for your content.

The blogging network is very important. That is a secret that many amateur bloggers have not known. Meet your fellow bloggers and share experience about amateur blogs.

You will get a chance to learn more from professional bloggers.

At times you will feel less motivated with blogging. That is natural. But if you can create a network of bloggers, you are likely to motivate each other. Many travel bloggers likely you exist across the globe. Just connect with them, and you will never walk the blogging journey alone.

Learning never grows old. Every day, there are new things to learn and improve what you already know—linking with your fellow bloggers who have been on travel blogging before you will help you to discover new and many things good for your blogging career.

I also help new travel blog or travel websites to get more traffic or help them to connect with other blogs via travel write for us page.

$6 Rush to make money with no reputation

It is very normal for you to want to get money from something you have passion about. Many amateur blogs seek to earn money just right from the start of the blogging journey. But you need a good reputation for your amateur blogs to bring you income. 

It will take you time to create a positive reputation. Do not hope to begin and become famous overnight. You will have to do it for some time.

Create good articles, respond to comment, and even interact with your audience through social media. It will also add value to you by reaming an honest blogger.

All that, with time, will earn you a good reputation. Once you have attained that, you are ready to make money with travel blogging.


As you create amateur travel blogs, you will make a mistake. The above errors are very common with amateur travel bloggers. But you can avoid them if you seek to be a great blogger.

You can make money through blogging. Do not let mistakes discourage you.

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