10 coolest Indoor Activities in Dubai this Year

Beautiful Dubai, a small city in the desert. This fantastic city of sky-touching buildings is situated in the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula. The summer is sweltering there. The scorching sun rages upon the dessert.

The temperature of the outside is almost over 40-degree celsius, which makes the residents stay indoors.

The tourist is focused on the summer season for an affordable price, so what to do when we have to live indoors? You see the anti-gravity theme mr doob google, Social Media Magazine, isn’t it? But do you know? This theme makes you surprise like a seeing ghost. But the indoor activities in Dubai are carrying far more thrill.  

Like, google gravity, the surprise is everywhere. The indoor entertainment facility in Dubai is not letting you down. The excitement and thrilling part are beautifully preserved by the entertainment department of Dubai.

Indoor Activities in Dubai Which You Can Enjoy

dubai indoor activities

Do you think summer is harrowing in Dubai? People are locked indoors, and they can’t enjoy the whole time? Then you are wrong; you can have multiple options to enjoy the entire summer. As the weather in Dubai is hot, most of the everyday activities are indoor.

Here is a list of some activities which you can enjoy in Dubai.

Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

The beautiful enormous large aquarium will give the impression of living underwater.

The big aquarium has just been situated in the heart of the city. The big 10 million lit tank has been filled with marine habitats. 

This tank is filled with over 30,000 fishes and sharks.

Marine life is also easily visible from the outside. If you want to feel the marine life from inside, it also can be possible by diving in the tanks. The expert professional divers are there to help the tourists.

Ride A Roller Coasters in IMG World

If you want to enjoy the virtual image world, then 1.5 million square feet of indoor adventure area in the IMG World is best suitable for you. The whole park is covered with huge themes of roller coasters. 

This vast area is divided into different levels. You can enjoy Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, Novo Cinemas, Marvel, and Lost Valley.

You have to just sit on the chair and can enjoy the view from the rollercoasters and feel the thrill.

Jump In The Park of Al-Quoz

The sizable inflatable park, for bouncing and walking. The whole running area is fully covered with obstetrical courses, and these obstacles are inflatable and light. Not only the children, the adults are also enjoying the park of Al-Quoz.

The climbing walls to wrecking balls, everything is inflatable in here. Morning 10 -10 night.

This park is fully equipped to give full entertainment to the children.

Mini Golf

The neon golf course. Maybe you see a green golf course. These technically sound beautiful 3D golf courses look magnificent. These 3D golf courses let you believe that you are no longer in a desert.

 The indoor course’s wall and floor of every 3D structure is covered by the 3D image. If you are a golf enthusiast, then this will be your best destination point. The beautiful neon light is all over the course to lead you. The darkness of the night will just be breaking with these small mini-golf lights.

Reel Cinemas In Dubai 270 Degrees

Enjoy the movie on a 270 degree screen. The whole movie theater is covered with three screens. That will help you to give the feel of living in the moments. The viewers think that they are a part of the movie.

This reel cinema location is also straightforward. It is situated in the heart of the Dubai Mall. This cinema hall is responsible for giving you the feeling that you are a part of the moving film, which is astonishing. 

Water Show

How could you forget about the tallest fountain in Burj Khalifa? The most soaring beautiful water show which is situated downtown. If you visit a one time Dubai mall, the beautiful fountain is in front of you. The night is the best time when you can fully enjoy the fountain show.

If you are a night lover then Dubai will not disappoint you there are many places in Dubai to visit at night like Malls In Dubai, Ski Dubaif, Lost Chambers Aquarium and many others.

The 140 meters high shoot water fountain is situated on 12 hectares of Burj Khalifa Lake.

Virtual Reality Theme Park

Are you a technically sound person who loves virtual reality related images? The beautiful park with virtual reality just makes your day. This thrilling virtual reality theme park is just lying in the Dubai mall.

This entertainment unit contains almost 21 different thrill levels.

This theme park gives you the most thrilling feeling. Suppose you are just living in the visions.

Sports World

If you are a sports person? Then all the big platforms of the indoor sports field are here for you. Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, etc., are here for you to enjoy.

This big sports complex is lying in the Dubai World Trade Center building. This sports world is capable of giving you the thrill and excitement within the court. 

Sky Zone

Love to walk in the sky? Want to feel the astronaut’s feelings? Then the sky zone is here for you. The almost 36,000 square foot floor is fully covered with anti-gravity playing platforms.

From the climbing wall to the wipeout zone, every activity is anti-gravity. In the Ibn Battuta Mall, the whole anti-gravity theme park is situated.

Visit The Rainforest

Want to see some green? The whole beautiful rainforest with different kinds of small species of animals is just waiting for you. The beautiful desert city of Dubai is focusing on one principle that is flora and fauna. This principle is helping them to balance nature. You can feel the feeling of a green planet by a simple city walk. 


Summar, Dubai life is not a boring life for anyone. The indoor activities of only Dubai have the potential to make your summer and the trip more memorable. These indoor activities are best for the children. Apart from these parks, the toddler parks, OlioOli, Citywalk, Adventure theme park, Kidzania are all for the kids only.

The kite beach is the best destination point for any kid’s parents. The beach is fully equipped with an outdoor trampoline and skating park.

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