10 Best Places To Visit In Dubai At Night

In a city as beautiful as Dubai, no one wants to go home once the sun goes down. There are glittering lights, water fountains, and a stunning skyline all waiting for you. Read on to find out some of the best places to visit in Dubai at night. 

Some of the best places to visit in Dubai at night are Downtown Dubai, Burj al Arab and Emirates Towers. If you want to explore the world’s tallest building, Burj al Arab Tower is the best place to start your tour in Dubai.

Night sightseeing in Dubai is something that can be done in Dubai at night with great pleasure.

Also, many things you have to know before visit Dubai is Best Time To Visit Dubai, best food to eat in Dubai, food cost in Dubai best places to visit, things to do in Dubai and many others.

Best places to visit in Dubai at night

Ski Dubaif

Get ready to hit the slopes inside the mall and escape the heat outside. It’s one of the most fascinating places to visit in Dubai at night because of the real authentic skiing experience that you will be able to enjoy with your family.

Ski Dubai features five slopes with varying degrees of heights and sizes.

When you plan to visit Dubai its must a one of the must going place in Dubai.

Other snow sports you can participate in are snowboarding and tobogganing if skiing isn’t your thing. They will supply you with all the necessary equipment to be safe and comfortable on your adventure.

You can even book sessions with an instructor if you’re a beginner or want to work on some of your skills. 

Malls In Dubai

One of the main reasons people like to visit Dubai is because of its world-renowned malls and the fact that it’s famous for being the International Shopping Destination in the world.

You’ll find fashion and luxury brands of the highest quality and designs that cater to all styles.

And if you don’t want to spend any money you can walk around the malls for free and enjoy the many attractions along the way as well as the unbelievably intricate architecture of each building. Each mall has something unique to offer from skiing to bowling to water fountains and many more amenities.

There are also a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can grab a cup of coffee or have a delicious meal with loved ones.   

Tee & Putt Mini Gulf 

Who doesn’t love a round of mini-gold? Bring the kiddos down to Tee & Putt Mini Gulf for a night of gulf with the family. Get those competitive juices flowing with a little healthy competition between family members.

The course is lit up by cool glow-in-the-dark neon lights to add a flare to the whole experience and they look amazing at night. They offer different activities including solving puzzles throughout the course. You and your little ones can book whatever you find most intriguing.

The perfect family outing in Dubai where you can have fun, learn how to problem solve, and practice teamwork.    

Lost Chambers Aquarium 

Enter the world of the lost civilization of Atlantis and explore the underwater Lost Chambers Aquarium. Walk through the breathtaking glass tunnels and discover the 10 chambers that are home to about 65,000 marine animals.

You and your kids can have close encounters with stingrays, seahorses, sharks, lobsters and much much more. What makes the Lost Chambers Aquarium so special is that you can experience all of these incredible creatures all in one place.

Inside the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can also sign up for an aqua trek, Atlantis dive, ray feeding and shark safari. You’ll have many options to keep you entertained when you visit the aquarium at night.

Burj Khalifa

It’s hard to fathom the grandiosity of the tallest building in the world known as Burj Khalifa. It truly is a work of art and at night you can enjoy it from a different perspective with all the lights surrounding it.

If you want to witness one of the most beautiful places in Dubai at night then make your way to the 124th floor. Take a ride in the fastest elevator in the world and watch in awe as you ascend among panoramic views like you’ve never seen before.

Its one of the best destination for tourism in Middle East.

You and your loved ones will definitely not want to miss it! Once you step onto the observatory deck, use the telescopes to get a better look at the view from that high up.  

Dubai Fountains

There is something fascinating about water, especially when you pair it with lights and music. The Dubai Fountain is a magically orchestrated performing fountain.

Every 30 minutes a show takes place with a variety of different music ranging from classis to contemporary and other musical arrangements from around the world.

What a fun show to enjoy with your family and it is completely free! Imagine being able to witness this water art at night with the backdrop of the BurjKhalifa Lake.  

Arabian Desert

In order to be able to fully appreciate what Dubai has to offer, you’ll definitely want to take a night safari in the Arabian Desert. Not only will you be able to enjoy lying down under the desert sky at night, but you’ll be able to indulge in delicious barbeque dinners and watch cultural performances like belly dancing and the Tanura Dance Show. It’s one of the most enchanting places to visit in Dubai at night.

If you get there early enough you can engage in many other activities like sand skiing and camel riding as well as dune bashing. Watch the sunset with your little ones and take in the serenity of just being in that environment. 

Dhow Cruise

Hop onboard these authentic wooden boats and take an exquisite cruise along the Dubai Creek. The whole experience is mean to be one of historic and cultural enrichment as well as being able to share that with your family.

As you cruise down the creek, you’ll fall in love with the views that surround you and the sound of the peaceful water beneath you. You’ll be able to get glimpses of old and modern Dubai as the music plays in the background. Dinner and some cultural performances will also be apart of the evening entertainment. 

Gold and Spice Souk

Allow yourself to experience the joys of walking through a traditional souk (market) while learning about Dubai’s heritage.

The gold and spice souks are located close to one another and are not to be missed so make sure you add them to your list of places to visit in Dubai at night! Buy locally grown dates and saffron while soaking up the aroma of a whole assortment of spices and condiments.

Your kids will love the different flavours and colours all throughout the shops.

Bargain your way through the gold souk as you select from an array of unique gold pieces and products. 

Bounce Dubai

if you are looking for a place to spend your vacation then Bounce Dubai will definitely be one of the best places for you.

you would not just enjoy your vacation but you would also be able to meet new people with the different activities that are held in this city. If you are a person who loves to go out on a date then it is highly recommended that you go out with Bounce Dubai.

You will be amazed to see the variety of things that are available in this place. These include many things such as indoor games, outdoor games and even arcade games.

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