5 Reasons You Will Love Merino Wool On Your Travels

Packing clothes for traveling is often tricky, especially for long trips. On the one hand, you do not want to lug around tons of bags and luggage. And on the other, you still want to be comfortable, fresh, and clean during the entire journey.

Luckily, Merino wool clothing allows you to bring just a few pieces while making sure that you are comfy and protected during your travels. There are a couple of reasons why travelers love Merino wool.

Here are a few:

Merino Wool Travel Clothing

Merino Wool Travel Clothing

Merino Wool is Comfortable and Soft for travel

Whether you are planning on casually touring Paris or embarking on a trekking adventure in Nepal, comfortable clothing is essential while travelling. Skin itchiness and irritation will not only distract you during your travels, but they can ruin the entire trip for you. 

That’s why a lot of regular travelers have a couple of Merino wool clothes in their bags. Merino is composed of fine wool fibers measuring between 16.5 to 19.5 microns. This is way below the “itching threshold” of 25 microns. 

Because the fibers are thinner than human hair, they easily bend when they make contact with your skin. It prevents the unpleasant sensation that other wool fibers cause. That means Merino wool clothes can be worn for an extended amount of time. 

2. Merino Wool is Easy to Maintain

One thing that’s challenging during travels is washing clothes. You may be lucky to find a hotel that offers laundry services. However, this can be expensive. And, you do not want to spend your evening’s hand washing your clothes in the hotel bathroom sink. 

Fortunately, Merino wool is easy to clean and maintain. First, it is naturally odor- and moisture-resistant (more on this below). As long as they are dried properly, your Merino wool garments do not need a lot of washing. 

You do not need any particular products or methods to clean them at the end of your trip. Just set your machine in a normal wash cycle between 30°C and 40°C with your usual detergent. 

To extend the life of the wool, do not tumble dry your clothes. Instead, flat drying rack and let it air dry. Do not explode Merino wool under direct sunlight as it can shrink the fabric. If there is tons of excess water, use a dry towel instead of wringing it out. 

3. Merino Wool is a Great All-Rounder

Merino wool can be worn in practically all seasons, as a standalone outfit or layer. It can quickly cool you down during hot weather and warm you in winter. And it can accomplish this versatility through its fiber structure.

Wool fibers have a rippled structure that creates air chambers. These act as efficient insulation, which helps the body regulate temperature. Whether it is summer or winter, Merino wool will protect you from the changing temperature. 

Merino wool can even withstand hot and humid weather. It efficiently absorbs moisture which prevents sweat build-up. And, as the moisture dries, it leaves a refreshing feeling through the evaporative coolness.

4. Merino Wool Regulates Moisture

Unlike fleece or polyester, Merino wool still feels comfortable and warm even when wet. The hydrophilic fibers absorb up to 35% of their weight in moisture without getting soaked. Each fiber pulls moisture to its core, keeping the surface dry. 

The moisture buffering quality helps the fiber pull moisture from the skin and rerelease it as the weather dries.

This quality alone will help you feel fresh and comfortable during your trips. It removes sweat from your skin which allows it to breathe better.

This is essential, especially when you are active during hot weather. 

The same characteristics help Merino wool keep you toasting during cold weather. By keeping your skin dry during winter travels, your body can easily maintain heat. That is why Merino wool is a great base layer when hiking through snowy trails. 

5. Merino Wool Regulates Odor

Without the right clothing, all those activities during your trip may leave you smelling unpleasant at the end of the day. That is why wool is a popular choice among experienced travelers due to its odor regulating qualities.

Merino wool has a natural antibacterial effect that prevents the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. 

The protein molecules in each Merino fiber, keratin, prevent bacteria and other organisms from getting lodge in the fabric. Combined with its ability to regulate moisture, Merino wool keeps odor off for days, even during damp or humid conditions. 

Because it dries quickly, all you have to do is leave your wool garments to air dry after each day. You can wear your clothes again the next day without the need to wash them. 


While it is true that some Merino wool clothing collections can be expensive, they are still great investments. Aside from the qualities that you will love, this type of wool is known to last for a long time. With proper care, some may even last for decades. 

And, classic wool outfit designs are easy to mix and match. They are perfect for any season, from walking tours to week-long treks. 

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