Travelling to Myanmar for the Wedding: Myanmar Tour on Wedding

How Myanmarese Deck Up On Their Wedding For Your Myanmar Tour

Travelling to Myanmar for the wedding gives you the amazing expense of travel and help you to know the cultures of Myanmar.

Just the mention of the word “Wedding,” starts giving you cold feet and stomach butterflies, isn’t it? It’s a very special and auspicious day in the entire life.

Travelling to Myanmar for the Wedding

People start preparations for the big fat weddings, its wedding shenanigans all around and families looking out for attires to deck up on the wedding day. Well, Myanmar has a different story to tell altogether.

Travelling to Myanmar for the wedding

 Myanmar Tour on Wedding

Well, we do not say that weddings do not happen, but weddings are not a great deal to Myanmarese.

Couples in love can announce their marriage to seven houses on either house, either on the bride’s side or on the groom’s. 

The couple is thereby considered wedded, and soon, they start living with their parents initially. However, many brides wish to celebrate their weddings grandly in the community.

If you are visiting the Myanmar tour for a wedding, you will find the event being attended by parents, elders, friends, families, official people, and monks who are present to bless the newlywed couple.

Since Myanmar has a variety of creeds, the celebration depends mainly on the family’s financial status.

 Myanmar Tour on Wedding

Affluent families may have cars & parades accompanied by musical instruments like trumpets or trombones.

However, the ceremony is different in rural areas and demonstrate a more traditional and cultural side of Myanmar.

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Myanmar Culture on Wedding

Myanmar Culture on Wedding

Travelling to Myanmar for the wedding gives you the amazing expense of travel and help you to know the cultures of Myanmar.

Like it is performed in other countries, the prospective groom’s parents shall visit the prospective bride’s home in order to discuss in detail about the wedding.

They decide the venue to hold the ceremony and come on the common grounds by negotiating.

It was quite surprising to know that many traditional families invite nat Kadow to the home & offer coconut, banana, and pickled tea leaves in a tray. Thereby they pray the spirit to take care of the couple while they move into the new place.

Many Buddhist families also call monks and offer them food. Once the monks bless the couple, they are allowed to live together.

Myanmar Culture on Wedding

On the day of the wedding, the bride wears a hip-length jacket made from silk or satin, looking similar to the princess of the Royal Court from the olden days.

The bridegroom dresses handsomely wearing the traditional Myanmar attire called “gaung baung”. “Gaung baung” is a long sleeve stiff collared shirt, worn along with double length silk longyi and velvet slipper.

The friends and families who attend the wedding ceremony are expected to shower the couple with personalized or household gifts that will be helpful to the couple to carry their journey forward.

The wedding hall is decorated and entertained by the traditional glass mosaic embedded gold-gilded Myanmar orchestra.

The monks or the officials who will bless and announce the start of the ceremony. They will recite the specially written stanza and shower the couple with the poetic praises.

Travelling to Myanmar for the Wedding

Also, the experienced singer of the band will start singing auspicious wedding songs and keep the audience engaged.

The girl holding the flower bowl starts scattering the flowers which the wedding couple has to follow. Now comes the moment that everyone is waiting for.

The entry of the bride and the groom into the hall. The bride’s best maids and grooms best men follow the path led by the couple.

Once the couple reaches near the stage, they turn around, bow down their heads in respect towards the elders.

The exchange garlands which is one of the most auspicious customs of Myanmar. Once the wedding gets completed, the guests are offered refreshments and good food.

Travelling to Myanmar for the Wedding

The “married couple” greets the guest and shows gratitude for the presence in the event. After the completion of the event, when the couple returns home, then the “gei-bo” ceremony begins.

In this ceremony, the couple is not allowed to enter the chamber by the friends and family standing in rows, blocking the path.

Until both the parties(i.e. the couple and the group) come on a negotiating amount, they are allowed to pass through the passage.

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Since Myanmar has very less influence on modern culture, some of the traditional thoughts also play a role in deciding if the pair is suitable or not.

The following combinations of pairs are considered poor according to the traditional beliefs.

Travelling to Myanmar for the Wedding

Saturday-Thursday born, Friday-Monday born, Sunday-Wednesday born, Wednesday evening-Tuesday born couples do not make a great pair according to the locals.

Locals who believe in getting astrology advice, usually consult the astrologers for the wedding.

Many astrologers even advise couples about flower arrangements and decorations for the event. This further symbolizes good luck and financial wellbeing.

This being said, Myanmarese locals are superstitious especially when it comes to a wedding.

They look out for the auspicious day and couples usually get married in the months of Tagu (April), Kasone(May), Nayone (June), Thadingyut (October), Dasaungmone (November) and Tapoedwe (February) according to Myanmar’s calendar.

Travelling to Myanmar for the Wedding

Locals usually avoid getting married in other months. Therefore, if you wish to witness traditional Myanmar’s wedding, book your Myanmar tour packages during these months.

Weddings in Myanmar or Myanmar Tour on Wedding are for fun and gettogether, guests come, rejoice and bless the newlywed couple.

Every ritual plays an important role in the wedding family, and people stay happily-ever-after. Travelling to Myanmar for the wedding gives you the amazing expense of travel and help you to know the cultures of Myanmar.

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