A Tour of Ghost Adventure Basin Park Hotel: Ghost Stories, History

You obviously do not want to be awake at 4 am for no reason, as long as your mom doesn’t call you out for school/college. Since you’re on your ‘holiday’ trip and you certainly do not want to wake up this early in the morning; especially in a lush hotel such as the basin park hotel.

First-class and one of its kind! However, this hotel has a different reputation apart from being a luxurious hotel. It is believed that the hotel is haunted!

From the time when the basin park hotel established in 1905, stories of paranormal activities have made its way through the hallways of this 7- story building. Some believe that the paranormal event is due to the hotel being constructed on the site where The Perry House perished.

Others have something different to assert- it is believed that the bizarre activities surrounding the hotel are due to the magical quality of the original healing springs, holy to the Native Americas who initially found it, sited in the city park next to the hotel. The cause of the hotel’s ghosts is as mystical as those aliens themselves.

Basin Park Hotel pic

Who is that tall man that everyone keeps seeing at 4 in the morning? How do the doors slam shut on its own when there’s no one? Who is it that guests keep hearing and seeing? Countless mysteries are yet to be solved. Let’s find out more as to what happened and who built this grandeur hotel and why do people think that the hotel is haunted.

Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs

Basin Park hotel- amongst the magnificent landmarks in Eureka springs stands steadily established on the side of a mountain in the core of the town, right next to the City Park. Basin Park Hotel has ruled the town center and influenced the creativity of tourists and this society for more than 100 years.

Eureka springs basin park hotel lies in the area of another hotel constructed by Captain Joseph Perry, in charge of several other hotels that jumped up along the western rail lines.

Basin Park Hotel image

Allegedly, he moved to Eureka Springs as a convalescent; however, on as soon as he stepped into the Basin Park hotel, he found his cure. He decided to inhabit there permanently near the ‘healing’ fountain.

Perry built a 4-story hotel in 1881 and named it as The Perry House. The hotel was constructed within 100 feet of the spring, at the cost of $50,000; a million dollars in today’s age.

The hotel served as a first-class hotel and housed 60 rooms, and each room accommodated with running water, modern furniture, electric bells, and an elevator.

However, this wooden structure lasted only for a few years since the 1890 fire incident that took place in the area leaped the building under its wrath.

1905 Basin Park Hotel

Above the ashes emerged the Basin park hotel in 1905; a fireproof castle built initially from limestone and dolomite mined in the area. The basin park hotel was more copious than the previous Perry House.

The new hotel possessed about 100 rooms with all the modern accommodations. Each of the 100 rooms included hot and cold running water, electric lighting, a telephone, attached bathrooms in half the rooms, and a guest bath on every floor.

Omio Many Geos

The ground floor had a barbershop and medical store; on the other hand, the seventh floor proffered guests fine dining, a grill, billiards, sun parlor, and a ballroom for dancing.

After reaching the hotel through one of the two porte-cochères and checking in, an electric lift offered guests with easy entry from foot to top.

If a fire takes place, iron catwalks authorized quick and easy run to the mountainside. Due to this little feature, Robert Ripley added the hotel to his collected work, as this was the only hotel whose every floor is the ground floor.

Basin Park Hotel photos

A local group of people developed the Syndicate Company to reconstruct the structure. They looked for their finances thru local banks & institutions, and almost bankrupting them during the process. The basin park hotel’s price increased to $150,000; roughly, 4 million dollars in today’s era.

Throughout the Prohibition Era, owners snuggled up to the Chicago elite, offering a playground in the Ozarks for illegal booze and gambling. Al Capone’s sister allegedly spent a month in the hotel, and the hotel had its personal ‘entertainer.’

Their business was known pretty much by everyone, however, usually ignored. Everyone’s business was prospering during this period, however, with such situations, things ultimately took a toll.

In 1955, on the eve of basin hotel park’s significant events, the sheriff invaded the Barefoot Ball, capturing slot machines, and liquors. This was a massive setback for the owner, and he eventually decided to sell the property since he wasn’t getting funds from such unlawful activities.

Basin Park Hotel images

The barefoot ball is unique in itself, though the event started of an add event, which continues till date. The ball event first began when a couple won a two week trip to the basin park hotel on the truth or consequences radio show, on one condition that they would be barefoot in their entire trip.

Fulfilling the requirement, the (then) owner of the hotel saw them going everywhere barefoot and decided to organize the first barefoot ball in their honor in June. Since then, the annual Ball on the top floor of the hotel has become a sign of community dignity.

History of the Basin Park Hotel

American inhabitant has a legend to share of a great healing spring in the Eureka Springs location. People of several native cultures visited the Eureka springs for this holy purpose.

The European Americans too believed that the springs had magical healing powers. After their arrival to this land, they illustrated that the water of the springs has some magical powers.

Native American legends tell of a Great Healing Spring in the Eureka Springs area. People of various indigenous cultures long visited the springs for this sacred purpose.

Basin Park Hotel picture

Dr Aivah Jackson, who discovered the springs, recognized in American history, claimed in 1856 that the waters of basin springs healed his eye conditions.

He built a hospital in a local cave in the course of the civil war and used the waters from the spring to treat his patients. After the war was over, Jackson, promoted the spring waters as ‘Dr. Jackson’s eye water.’

The Ozarka Water Company formed later in eureka springs in 1905. Carrie nation shifted there just before she passed away, establishing Hatchet Hall on Steele street. The building worked as a museum, however, is now closed.

Basin Park Hotel Ghost Stories

Being an ancient and historical building, it has a scary side, as well. The doors do not shut properly, and floors have a squeaky worn out feeling everywhere. The basin park hotel is a birthplace of numerous ghost stories.

In room 309 guests have reported waking up in the middle of the night from their sleep at 4 am. They reported seeing 6 ft tall man sporting boots, spurs, and a duster standing at the edge of their bed.

Another guest shared her story saying that she came to her room to put some powder in her shoes; she clearly remembered that she packed the powder prior leaving the room.

Basin Park Hotel photo

When she came back, she placed her silver ring on the nightstand along with her watch, glasses and some coins, and went to sleep. When she woke up the next morning, the ring was not in its place. She searched her whole house, however, couldn’t find it.

Frustrated as she was, she raised her arms in the air and thundered- When you’re finished playing with the ring, please give it back. After two weeks, whilst sweeping her home, she found her ring laying in front, where she was cleaning.

One of the hotel staff members shared his story in which he told that last winter he was doing room checks on the 2nd floor when no guests were there.

He further claimed that he checked the north hall and turned to the corner into the hall, to the front of the hotel, when he heard a door slammed right behind him down the north hall.

He went in to check on the doors and found every one of them locked; no one was there, as well. As he continued walking to the south hall, he heard as if someone was wiggling a doorknob. This experience shook him pretty intensely for the first time in the basin park hotel.

Several mysteries are unresolved; these include the frequent orbs that appear on the guest floors, specifically those arms of the hotel that touch the ramps of the limestone hills behind the hotel.

People have seen human shaped shadows in the barefoot ballroom; huge faces appear on the inside of the tainted-glass windows in the ballroom’s lobby.

One of the recent incidents that took place was with one the tour guide of the basin park hotel. A mark appeared around his throat, and he had no idea how he got those marks.

Basin Park Hotel pics

Manager of the paranormal tours, Keith Scales, granted access to a popular paranormal expert and his wife for a private investigate the Barefoot Ballroom.

They had seen numerous moving shadows and encounter frequent temperature fluctuations. One of their tour guides throughout an EVP session began feeling pressure on his throat.

The force on his throat increased making him unable to, and he started coughing. He ran to his feet, leaving the room, anticipating to evade this grip and get some air.

When he returned to the room, he allowed others to have a look at his neck to which they saw red marks surrounding at the front of his throat looking as if two hands tried choking him.


Basin Park Hotel Ghost Tour

Moyer stated that it is these sort of mysteries they are asking their guests and Adventure fans in order to assist them in solving this mystery. Scales asserted that The Ghost Adventure of the Bain park hotel is created to bring together the excitement of a ghost tour with the adventure of a paranormal survey.

Patrons get to know the stories of the vivid characters who lived, worked, passed away, and possibly, stayed inside the walls of the ‘hotel’ while partaking the basin park ghost tour. Moyer wrapped up by saying- the more people participating in the tour, the more various encounters are testified. It still a mystery.

The ticket prices for the adults are $15 and for children below 13 years of age is $8. However, it is advised not to bring infants with you.  

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