Stanley Hotel | A Breeding Ground of Paranormal Events

Has it ever occurred to you, whilst spending a night in a hotel room, is your room haunted? What would you do if it is? Well, most likely, you’d run screaming. In America, a hotel called Stanley Hotel inspired the infamous movie ‘Stanley Hotel The Shining.’ A film that made us all sleepless and paranoid at night.

The Stanley Hotel Colorado was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley and Flora Stanley in 1908 as an isolated mountain resort. Although they have passed away, many still believe they haven’t really left.

While, some yet question- is the Stanley hotel haunted?

Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel History

It is a historic hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado, USA. The hotel was opened in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley, an inventor and businessman. The hotel was built to provide a luxurious retreat for travellers who wanted to explore the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. The hotel became famous after the author Stephen King stayed there in 1974 and wrote the book “The Shining,” which was later adapted into a movie by the same name.

The hotel has a fascinating past and has hosted many famous guests, including presidents and celebrities.

Although it is known to be a place where ghosts are often seen, the hotel remains a famous tourist spot recognized for its stunning architecture and stunning views.

Stanley Hotel Shining Inspiration

In Stephen King’s infamous horror book ‘The Shining’, the Stanley Hotel room 237 is actually room 217.

He altered the room no’s in his book as the hotel staff feared that no one would take room no. 217 if everyone would find the room a breeding ground of paranormal events.

Though the book represented the events based on being isolated in the large hotel all alone, the book digs into the deceptions the mind could play on those prone to fear, violence and paranoia when stuck and detached from the world.

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However, the movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was apparently filmed on a London soundstage along with outdoor shots taken at Timberlane Lodge in Mt. Oregon.

stanley haunted room hotel

King wasn’t impressed with Kubrick’s adaptation of his work; in 1990, he revisited the “Hotel” to shoot a mini-series more like King’s novel.

A Ghost Hunt at Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel ghost tour costs $50 if you want to participate in the 5-hour ghost hunt, headed by a paranormal investigator who educates you on using the equipment to look for the ghosts.

The hotel apparently has a psychic named Madame Vera as a resident and a paranormal researcher Callea Seck. The hotel also offers 1.5 hours of a ghost tour at half a price.

Haunted Spots in the Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel, located in the lovely Estes Park, Colorado, is well-known for its magnificent architecture, rich history, and role as Stephen King’s inspiration for his book “The Shining.”

The hotel is famous for its purported paranormal activities and luxury. Both guests and investigators have been drawn to a few haunting locations within the hotel:

  • Room 217
  • Concert Hall
  • Room 428

Room 217

Why is the Stanley Hotel famous? So the answer is:

When Stanley King and his wife arrived at the hotel, the hotel was closing down for the period, and they were the only two guests living there for the night.

After eating their dinner, they went to their expansive room on the second floor.

Stephen woke up during the night from a horrific nightmare where he saw his 3-year-old son being chased through the hallways and screaming.

Stanley Hotel

He jumped off the bed, comprehending it was just a nightmare. That’s where the plot of his book evolved.

People assume the ghost living in the room is Elizabeth Wilson, the hotel’s head housekeeper. As mentioned above, she was hit by a lightning bolt though she survived it- only broke her ankle.

Stanley Hotel

Concert Hall

There are several paranormal uproars reported in the concert hall of the hotel.

One of the ghosts, named Paul, who is said to be a master at doing different kinds of work but not very competent in all of them, haunts the hotel. What are his duties?

Imposing an 11 pm deadline at the hotel could be the reason why guests hear ’get out’ being spoken. A spot is also a favourite place for the hotel’s founder, Flora Stanley, as many have listened to the piano being played.

Another spectre that wanders the hall is Lucy, who is presumed to be possibly a homeless woman who found shelter in the building. She amuses the ghost hunters by fulfilling their requests, frequently interacting with them with flashing lights.

front view of the haunted place

Room 428

Anyone who books a room on the fourth floor really gets a badge of bravery. Not kidding! However, you get a bonus point if you book room no.428.

Guests have started hearing footsteps coming from above and moving furniture. People say that the room is haunted by a friendly cowboy who appears at the edge of the bed.

Stanley Hotel room 418 also has a story to tell. One of the guide members said she’d been hugged twice by a kid’s ghost in that room before.

In 2016, a guest from Houston took some photographs of the hotel, and after returning home, he reviewed those photographs.

One of the photographs depicted an apparition at the top of the stairway. He doesn’t even recall someone being on the stars while he was taking photos.

parking area in hotel

Dumb and Dumber Stanley Hotel

The movie featured the hotel as the chic ‘Danbury hotel’ where Lloyd and Harry stop, immediately burning millions of dollars they just discovered in baggage.

The Murder by Death event is held every year. Murder by Death is a concert gala series held in January 2019. 

Where is the Stanley Hotel?

The staff and the guests reported numerous ghostly events in the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado. The paranormal phenomena in the hotel were first recorded back in 1911.

A housekeeper named Ms Elizabeth Wilson electrocuted at some point in a lightning storm. However, she wasn’t killed. The room where the incident occurred was room no.217. And since then, hotel room 217 hasn’t stopped getting attention due to its paranormal stories.

Statue outside the hotel

Throughout the years, every room of the Hotel has witnessed something eerie, from clothes being put together in place, to items relocating on their own, to lights turning on & off themselves.

The fourth floor of the Hotel is appalling, as many reported hearing ghostly laughter of children running and giggling down the halls.

However, the hotel staff members stated that there are no reports of any evil or menacing events happening due to the ghosts at Stanley hotel Since the Hotel ghosts are friendly and don’t hold any ill will. Yeah, sure. We believe you.


The Stanley Hotel murders

First of all, nobody got killed in the Stanley Hotel, and it was mostly peaceful, except for a fatal gas explosion that happened in 1911. The hotel owners, Freelan and Flora Stanley, had a good time at the mountain resort and lived to be old, according to the hotel’s website.

Is The Stanley Hotel open?

Click Here to know the answer: StanleyHotel

Is there any other hotel with this name?

Yes, a hotel in Greece is named “The Stanley Hotel Athens”.

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