Best Time to Visit Tungnath

Chopta is one of the best and most visited destinations in Uttrakhand, where tourists gather to take the view of the fascinating Himalayan Range. You can see the Best Time to Visit Tungnath.

The destination has the most beautiful sightseeing of Uttrakhand with a 30 kms long trek also from Chopta to Chandrashila Peak.

If you are done with the stubborn city chaos, hectic schedule of office life, and the same daily boring routine, Chopta is the perfect place to make you feel relaxed and get out of the stress.

Best Time to Visit Tungnath

The Himalayan Range will allow you to feel like you are in heaven. If you are planning to visit the destination, you need to look for the best time to visit Tungnath.

The place is known for its sightseeing and view of sightseeing will become more enormous when it is viewed at its best and right season. You can read also Places to Visit in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

Tungnath Shiva Temple

The temple of Tungnath situated on the Chandranath mountain is 3680 meters high, which is 30KM from Ukhimath. To reach this one requires a problematic trek through dense forest. The temple has sixteen doors in the dome and a two and a half feet tall statue of Shankaracharya.

According to a legend, Lord Vyas told the Pandavas that if their hands are stained with the blood of their relatives, then only Lord Shiva can forgive them for this sin.
Then Lord Shiva undergrounded his body and divided it into five places, these five places, where five grand temples of Lord Shiva stand, are known as Panch Kedar. A part of his body identifies each one. Tungnath is the place where his hands were supposed to be. Kedarnath, his hump; Rudranath, his head; Kalpeshwar, his hair; And Madamaheshwar, is his navel.

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Best Time to Visit Chopta Tungnath

Best Time to Visit Chopta Tungnath

Chopta Tungnath is good to watch throughout the year because the place has different sightseeing views at different seasons.

So let’s explore the seasons to know the particular month suitable as per one’s requirements and desire. You can read also Chopta Weather & Best Time to Visit Chopta, Uttarakhand.

Summer Season

summer to Visit Chopta Tungnath

The summer season of Tungnath is in between April to June. At the time of summers, the Tungnath trek is in its best view of the greenest and prettiest way.

The base of the trek is green with a very beautiful, clear, and refreshing sight view. For the pilgrims at the peak of mountains, it is the perfect time to visit, and Tungnath even opens at this time period. You can read also Chopta Trekking: Chandrashila Deoria Tal Trek.

Climate will be moderate at this time, about 16 degrees C. If you want to enjoy the trek comfortably, then summer will be the best time period. You can read also Best Places to Stay in Chopta, Hotels in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

Monsoon Season

monsoon to Visit Chopta Tungnath

September to October is the time of Monsoon. At the time of July to September, there are heavy chances for rainfall, which can make the tourists to not to avail the real fun of the place because rain will not let them explore the destination.

In the time period between Sep to Oct, the sky is clear, there is cold. View of the Himalayan Range is fascinating due to the upcoming snow. You can read also Best Camping in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

Winter Season

winter to Visit Chopta Tungnath

November to March is the best and most visited time period in Tungnath when everyone loves to plan for the Chopta trip. The reason being is the snowfall and the mesmerizing view of the city.

The view of the sky is crystal blue, snow-covered mountains, the snowy ground, each and everything of Chopta become more beautiful in winters. You can read also Adventure Sports in Chopta.

winter to Visit Chopta Tungnath

If you want to visit Chopta Tungnath for trekking, in the snowy terrain, it can be quite challenging, so try to choose other seasons. you can read also Chopta Tourism: Things to do in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

The guide is mentioned for you so that you can plan your trip to Tungnath as per your best time to visit Tungnath which makes you feel best at your trip. You can read also Chopta Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand.


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