Dumas Beach | The Whispers of the Dead

Dumas Beach Surat Haunted is a highly popular tourist spot. Its infamous black sand and the fact it’s haunted makes it notoriously famous amongst the locals and the tourists.

The beach in Gujarat, India, is just 13 miles from Surat. Surat has several magnificent beaches, one of them being dumas beach.

It might look like the ‘home of God’ during daylight. However, it is the devil’s paradise.

sunrise at surat beach

Tourists and travellers visit the beach daily; however, when it gets dark, you won’t find anyone wandering around the beach.

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Dumas Beach Surat, Gujarat

Those who challenge themselves to spend the night on the beach either never come back or undergo the worst things.

Situated alongside the Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is well known for its haunting reputation. It is famous for its black sand, as well.

The beach was a burial ground. Therefore, the ground is now possessed by various spirits that don’t want to leave the region.

sunset view

Legends have it that the beach consists of black sand due to the amount of ash concocted by burning the dead, which eventually got amalgamated with the white sand and turned the shade of the beach into a darker one.

Dumas Beach Haunted Stories

There is no doubt the beach has a scenic beauty to it. However, evocatively depressing. You cannot escape the negative feeling that comes with it.

Allegedly, plenty of paranormal activity has been described after the sunsets.

Reports are several locals and tourists went missing from Dumas Beach when they decided to wander the beach after sunset.

A man was discovered dead on the Dumas beach, and his tongue was popping out. No one to date could find out the reason behind such misfortune.

haunted beach gujarat

People also reported hearing strange sounds, such as someone laughing or crying when no one is around.

Furthermore, locals have stated that they have seen white spectres, moving orbs, and numerous other mysterious paranormal activities beyond comprehension.

It might sound strange; however, dogs around the beach behave strangely after sunset. They are believed to represent their uneasiness around howling and barking.

sunset view from the beach

The haveli near the beach is also said to be haunted by spirits, as reported by the locals. People do not even dare to visit the place.

Some tourists and locals have reportedly seen someone standing on the balcony of the haveli. What makes it weird is that the palace is closed, and there is no way someone could get inside it.

Even after hearing the dumas beach haunted story, several people come from different places across the country to witness the phenomenon.

Dumas beach facts

Dumas Beach is a popular beach in Surat, in the western state of Gujarat, India. It is known for its beautiful scenery and is a favorite place for locals and tourists to spend time with their families.

However, Dumas Beach is also known for some unusual occurrences that have been reported by people who have visited the beach. Many people claim to have experienced paranormal activities on the beach, such as hearing strange voices and seeing ghostly apparitions.

Despite these claims, there are no proven scientific explanations for these occurrences. Some people believe the beach is haunted because it was once a burial ground, while others attribute the paranormal activities to natural phenomena such as the wind and the waves.

It may seem odd, but dogs near the beach act strangely after sunset. They express their discomfort by barking.

Pebbles on the beach

How to Reach Dumas Beach

There are countless ways to reach the beach. Dumas Beach is located at a distance of 20km from the city of Surat.

It usually takes around 30 minutes to get to the beach. Several other local types of transport are also available from Surat to dumas beach.


Dumas Beach location

It is located on the Konkan coast, Arabian Sea.

Dumas beach experience

Dumas Beach is a popular tourist destination in Gujarat, India, known for its beautiful scenery and black sand. However, some visitors have reported experiencing paranormal activities such as hearing strange voices and seeing ghostly apparitions. Despite this, many people continue to visit the beach to enjoy its serene surroundings. While some may be intrigued by its paranormal reputation, others simply enjoy the beach for its natural beauty.

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