Shani Shingnapur Lockless Village: Temple Timings, Story & Guide

Shani Shingnapur is a lockless village mystery that has made us believe that miracles exist. Can you sleep at night without locking your doors? Can you? None of us can! But in India’s Maharashtra state, Shani Shingnapur village is known to be a “lockless village.”

Meaning- ShaniShingnapur is a village where villagers abandon security because of their never-ending faith in Lord Shani Temple (God of Saturn). According to them, Shani God protects their community from any mischievous occurrence.

At the heart of the Shani Shingnapur Miracle lies the temple’s extraordinary practice of omitting doors and locks, symbolizing the village’s trust in a divine presence safeguarding their community.

People also consider it as the significance of Shani Shingnapur village without doors. It is a renowned Shani temple in Maharashtra. Below, we have provided the history of Shani Shingnapur and God Shani Dev Wallpaper for Shani Shingnapur.

Shani Shingnapur Images - Shani Shingnapur
Shani Shingnapur Images

Shani Shingnapur History

The folklore had the Shani Shingnapur Temple History as About 300 years ago, once a torrential downpour and subsequent water had passed through the area, the residents discovered a gigantic black Shani Shila of rock washed up on the shores of the Panasnala River.

The Panasnala River once flowed through the village. Here, we start the Shri Shani Shingnapur story or the Story of Shani Shingnapur. When the villagers found the black Shani Dev Stone, they touched it with a stick, and blood suddenly began dripping.

That night, Lord Shani appeared in the village head’s dreams and told him about the black slab being his idol.

He further ordered the ‘village head’ to put Shani Dev Shila into the village’s core and that he would reside there from now on.

However, the god had a condition. The condition was to keep the slab in the open-air ground. This way, he could see the villagers without any obstacles.

Lord Shani ended the dream by blessing the head and promising to keep his village from harm. Soon after, the villagers kept the slab on a roofless stage in the middle of the village.

They even decided to withdraw all locks and doors from their houses. The tradition of being lockless has been going on for ages.

The people in this village only rest a wooden panel on their front doors to keep the stray dogs away. The crazy thing is that the villagers don’t even save their jewelry and money in a secure vault.

Their firm belief in their guardian protecting the village from harm is why they roam around so confidently. If there’s any new construction happening, they, too, have to follow this custom of going lockless in this village.

Shani Shingnapur Houses without Doors

The people of the village are so calm that they don’t even ask their neighbors to look over their house while they’re out.

At least 40,000 devotees pay their visit to see the shrine themselves for once.

Even though the village had remained “theftless” for decades, someone stole cash and valuables worth 35,000/- from a visitor’s car in 2010. Another theft report reported gold and jewelry worth 70,000/- in 2011.

However, the villagers dismissed those allegations because they claimed the incident occurred outside the village.

Critics claim that there haven’t been any thefts so far because of the area’s remoteness and not any holy might protecting the village. Whatever the reason, people are advancing with time, and some villagers are encouraging the locals to install doors and locks to ensure safety for themselves.

But, for some villagers at Shani Dev Shingnapur, it is a tradition, and they’d like to keep it as it is. Their belief is still that the god almighty is protecting their village. Below, we have provided Shani Shingnapur temple images and Shani pics.

Images of Shaneswar Maharashtra Rooms
Images of Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur Temple

Shri Shaneswar Devasthan’s trust well maintains the temple. The shrine is well-organized and neat.

They place Lord Shani Dev Temple as a black slab under a roofless platform, which is why this Shani Shingnapur Maharashtra India differs from all other temples.

The driver would generally act as a guide and tell you the temple’s procedure. Below, we have provided Shani Shingnapur village images and Shani wallpaper.

Shaneswar Photos in Maharashtra
Shani Shingnapur Photos

Shani Shingnapur Temple Distance

Where is Shani Shingnapur? The Shani Shingnapur no Doors temple is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage destination devoted to Lord Shaneeshwara Temple in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India.

It has a massive black monolith representing Lord Saneshwar, whom followers revere. The temple symbolizes the followers’ unshakable faith and dedication and a place of great spiritual value.

There is no Shani Shingnapur railway station. But the nearest railway station to Shingnapur Shani Mandir Maharashtra is Rahuri. Click to view the Shani Shingnapur Map and Shani Shingnapur Direction. Below, we provide the Shani Shingnapur Temple Location:

Shingnapur Shani Dev Mandir, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. Below, we have provided Shani Shingnapur temple photos and Shani pictures.

Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Distance

What is the distance between Shirdi and Shani Shingnapur, and how far is Shani Shingnapur from Shirdi? Shani temple near Shirdi is Shani Shinganapur. Shani Shingnapur to Shirdi distance is approximately 75 KM.

How to reach Shani Shingnapur from Shirdi? Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Cabs, like Tata Sumo, Tata Ace, etc., are available regularly.

How to go Shani Shingnapur from Shirdi? If you are a long-distance lover, this information is for you: Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur distance by road, Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Distance by bus, and Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur distance by car is 70 Km.

It’d be much easier for you to travel in a group because you can book an entire taxi. It takes two hours to reach Shirdi to Shani Mandir Shingnapur. Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur trains and Shani Shingnapur to Shirdi buses are always available.

Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Fare, Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Cab Fare, and Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Taxi price depends on fuel prices and inflation.

If you want to check the Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur Msrtc bus timings and Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur bus ticket price, click the link.

Other Places To Visit in Maharashtra: The Shani Shingnapur to Aurangabad distance is 85 km, and from Shani Shingnapur to Aurangabad buses are also available.

What is the distance between Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar? Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar distance is 236 Km.

Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar Distance

What is the distance between Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar? Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar Distance by bus is approximately 175 KM. Taxis like Tata Sumo, Tata Ace, etc., from Trimbakeshwar to Shani Shingnapur Taxi are available regularly.

You could reserve a complete taxi, so traveling in a group would be more straightforward. The trip from Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar Bus takes four hours.

Other Places To Visit in Maharashtra: From Nashik to Shani Shingnapur distance is 145 Km, and Nasik to Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur distance is 170 Km. Nashik to Shani Shingnapur Bus Msrtc is available every time.

Pune to Shani Shingnapur distance is 160 Km. And from Pune to Shani Shingnapur buses and Pune to Shani Shingnapur trains are also available. Pune to Shani Shingnapur to Shirdi Distance is 230 Km.

Manmad to Shani Shingnapur Distance

Shri Shani Dev Mandir Maharashta to Manmad Distance is approximately 140 KM. Taxis like Innova, Tata Ace, etc., from Manmad to Sri Shaneshwara Temple Taxi are available regularly.

Traveling in a group would be much easier because you could reserve a taxi. It takes three hours to get from Sani Dev Mandir to Manmad.

Other Places To Visit in Maharashtra: From Mumbai to Shani Shingnapur distance is 340 Km, and Mumbai to Shani Shingnapur buses and Mumbai to Shani Shingnapur trains are also available.

Shani Shingnapur to Grishneshwar Distance

Shani Mahatma Temple to Grishneshwar Distance is approximately 100 KM. These taxis, like Tata Sumo, Tata Ace, etc., from Grishneshwar to Shani Shingnapur Taxi are available regularly.

There’s even the option to book an entire taxi, making group travel much more effortless. Sanichara Mandir to Grishneshwar is a two-hour journey. Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur to Grishneshwar Distance is 175 Km.

Shani Shingnapur Temple Timings

The temple is open 24×7. Devotees can visit any time of the hour. There are no charges either to enter the temple. However, you’ll have to pay ten/- per packet for packet prasad.

The temple gets crowded on Saturdays and holidays, such as Shani Jayanti, so plan your visit during the week to avoid the rush of people.

Here we provide the Shani Shingnapur Temple opening and closing time and the Shani Shingnapur prasad distribution time of this temple:

  • The temple remains open 24×7. So there is no Shani Shingnapur temple closing time.
Shani Shingnapur Darshan Timing5:30 A.M9:30 A.M12:30 P.M8:30 P.M
Prasad Distribution Time10:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M12:00 P.M – 3:00 P.M6:00 P.M – 7:00 P.M7:00 P.M – 9:00 P.M
Shani Shingnapur Timings

If ever you get time, do visit this place. I’m sure the village will intrigue you as much as it has intrigued my fellow visitors. Below, we have provided the Lord Shani Shingnapur Darshan:

Shani images - Shani Shingnapur
Shani Images

Rules for Shani Shingnapur temple

A revered Hindu pilgrimage site in Maharashtra, India, the Shani Dev Shani Shingnapur Temple Maharashtra is well-known for its distinctive customs and practices that set it apart from other temples.

Some laws regulate behavior within the premises of this temple, which is visited by worshippers and tourists seeking the blessings of Lord Shani, the deity linked to justice and karma. At Shani Shingnapur shops, you can purchase pooja items and other essential items.

The temple’s unique cultural practices and beliefs are reflected in these regulations, which help shape visitors’ spiritual experiences in this remarkable location. Now you are curious about “What are the rules for Shani Shingnapur temple?” So here are Shani Shingnapur Temple rules:

  • The devotee has to dress in damp apparel and take a full-body bath before entering the platform.
  • Without a headgear or visor, the devotee must be completely bare-headed.
  • Use the holy water during the worship of lord Shani.
  • People also use sesame oil during prayer.

5 Famous Places to Visit near Shani Shingnapur

The village of Shani Shingnapur, located in Maharashtra, India, is surrounded by a serene terrain that has drawn pilgrims and tourists to it with its distinctive customs and spiritual atmosphere.

Discover this region’s rich cultural and historical legacy, which lies just outside Lord Shani’s hallowed dwelling.

Here, we explore five well-known locations close to Shani Dev village that will add depth and meaning to your travels.

Below, we have provided the details of famous places near Shaneshwar Mandir Shingnapur.

  • Sai Heritage Village: With its painstakingly restored rural setting, Sai Heritage Rural, a cultural and spiritual retreat close to Sani Temple near Shirdi, immerses guests in the teachings and life of Sai Baba.
  • Wet N Joy Water Park: Near Sri Shaneshwara Swamy Temple, Wet N Joy Water Park is an exciting aquatic paradise with various water slides, pools, and entertainment options that provide a cool respite.
  • Dwarkamai Shirdi: For followers of Sai Baba, Dwarkamai in Shirdi is a holy place with immense spiritual meaning since it was where he lived for a large portion of his life, teaching, curing, and leading.
  • Sai Teerth Devotional Theme Park: A unique fusion of spirituality and entertainment centered around Sai Baba can be found at the Sai Teerth Devotional Theme Park, which is located near Shree Shani Shingnapur.
  • Sonai Renuka Mata Mandir: “Sonai Renuka Mata Mandir is a highly esteemed temple, renowned for its serene atmosphere and picturesque setting close to Shani Shingnapur Mandir.”

Other Places To Visit in Maharashtra

A wealth of fascinating locations that appeal to a variety of interests may be found in Maharashtra, one of India’s most varied and culturally rich states.

Everybody can find something to enjoy in Maharashtra, from the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai to tranquil hill stations and historic locations. This post will examine a few of Maharashtra’s most popular tourist destinations.

  • Ahmednagar to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 40 Km
  • Rahuri to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 25 Km
  • Pandharpur to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 260 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Ellora Caves Distance = 103 Km
  • Kopargaon to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 87 Km
  • Shirdi Sai Baba to Shani Shingnapur = 74 Km
  • Nagpur to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 535 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Ajanta Ellora Distance = 180 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Nagarsol Distance = 120 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Saptashrungi Distance = 220 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Vani Distance = 200 Km
  • Shegaon to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 340 Km
  • Thane to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 270 Km
  • Tuljapur to Shani Shingnapur Distance = 270 Km
  • Shirdi to Shingnapur Distance = 72 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Nashik Distance = 145 Km
  • Shani Shingnapur to Bhimashankar distance = 200 Km.

5 Eye-Opening Facts about Shani Shingnapur

Shani mandir near Shirdi in Maharashtra, India, has drawn attention worldwide with its distinctive rituals and spiritual significance.

This village’s lack of doors and residence locks symbolizes the villagers’ devotion to Saturn’s deity, Lord Shani. Here are five fascinating facts:

  • Shani’s idol is placed in the open sky. It means the idol is placed in a roofless place.
  • In this village, people have no doors and locks in their houses.
  • After the court decision, Women also entered the temple.
  • This temple has become a tourist attraction, and there are also many tourist attraction places near this temple.
  • The naturally self-manifested idol of Lord Shani, called “Swayambhu,” enhances the god’s significance and the temple’s veneration.

Below, we have provided the Sri Shaneshwara Swamy Photos:

Shani photo - Shani Shingnapur
Shani photos

How to reach the Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur, a village in Maharashtra, India, is known for its devotion to Saturn’s deity, Lord Shani. This town is unique because its residents believe in their deity’s protection and don’t have doors or locks.

Pilgrims nationwide visit this sacred spot for blessings and this remarkable show of trust. This detailed guide will help you reach Shree Shanidev Temple Shani Shingnapur on your spiritual path.

  • Roads connect Maharastra cities to this temple. Shani Shingnapur is in Ahmednagar District. Take a taxi or bus to Shani Shingnapur from Ahmednagar(Shani Shingnapur District).
  • Rahuri Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Shani Shingnapur (25 KM). To get there, you can use a taxi or rickshaw.
  • The distance from Aurangabad Airport to Shani temple in Ahmednagar is 87 kilometers. It is Shani Shingnapur nearest Airport.

5 Interesting Things to do near Shani Shingnapur

Beyond its sacred bounds, the spiritual attraction of Shani Shingnapur opens the door to many wonderful experiences in the vicinity.

The environs attract you to discover historical sites and engage in leisure activities, creating diverse opportunities that enhance your experience.

Here, we have a range of fascinating activities close to Shani Bhagwan Temple that guarantee enriching your trip with various life-long learning opportunities.

  • Visit the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
  • Explore Dwarkamai
  • Relax at Wet N Joy Water Park
  • Discover Ralegan Siddhi
  • Indulge in Local Cuisine

Best time to visit Shani Shingnapur

Choose the ideal time to visit Shani Shingnapur for an enriching experience. Weekdays in the temple are quieter and less crowded, enhancing spirituality. Weekends and other events draw more people, which may increase wait times.

Weekdays allow devotees to engage with the holiness of the area in a more tranquil and meditative mood. This choice can significantly improve your Shani Shingnapur journey. October is the ideal month to visit this temple. For Shani Shingnapur live darshan, visit their website.

Festivals Celebrated in Shani Shingnapur

Situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Shani Shingnapur is a unique and esteemed village recognized for its unique religious customs and the commemoration of festivals honoring Lord Shani, the Hindu god connected to the planet Saturn.

This little community in the Ahmednagar district is well known for its unique customs and extravagant celebrations, which attract followers and visitors from all over the nation.

In this blog, we shall examine the festivals observed in Shani Shingnapur, providing insight into the traditions, ceremonies, and meaning of these festive celebrations.

  • Shani Amavasya: Shani Shingnapur celebrates Shani Amavasya to seek Lord Shani’s blessings and lessen Saturn’s harmful effects through conventional practices & strengthening faith.
  • Shani Jayanti:  In Hindu astrology, Shani Jayanti is observed on his birthday to commemorate Lord Shani and to ask for his blessings and protection against the effects of Saturn’s influence, which is known to promote peace and prosperity.
  • Gudi Padva: Shani Shingnapur’s religious practices include celebrating Gudi Padwa to welcome the Hindu New Year, asking Lord Shani for blessings, and wishing a happy year.

Best things you can bring to Shani Shingnapur Temple

A journey to Shani Shingnapur Temple is significant for many seekers of spiritual peace. Thoughtful preparation can produce a seamless and engaging experience. In Shani Shingnapur banks are also available for pilgrims.

Bring particular objects to improve your visit and immerse yourself in the temple’s ceremonies and ambiance. We discuss the finest items to bring to the Shani Shingnapur Temple to optimize your sacred journey.

Shani Shingnapur Pics
Shani Shingnapur Pics

5 Best Hotels To Book Near Shani Shingnapur

When pilgrims and tourists head towards Shani Shingnapur, a sacred place, having cozy hotels near Shani Shingnapur temple becomes essential. There are many Shani Shingnapur Dharamshala available there.

This area’s spiritual value and peaceful atmosphere make suitable accommodations necessary. To guarantee a relaxing and fulfilling Shani Shingnapur stay, we have compiled a list of Shani Shingnapur hotels and Shani Shingnapur Lodge.

Below, we have provided the list of hotels where you can book a room and check the Shani Shingnapur room booking:

More About Shani Shingnapur

The village of Shani Shingnapur is in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. It is known for its distinctive shrine to Lord Shani (Saturn), one of Hindu astrology’s nine celestial deities. The village’s heritage of lockless homes made it famous. More on Shani Shingnapur:

  • Choose weekdays over weekends if you want to escape the crowds at the temple.
  • Shani Shingnapur gives an unforgettable cultural experience, showcasing a traditional and spiritual lifestyle. Residents can reveal their beliefs and practices.
  • During worship, many also use sesame oil, which is available from local grocery stores.
  • Wearing unsuitable clothing may be discouraged or outlawed. At the temple, pilgrims are required to conceal their knees and shoulders and follow the Shani Shingnapur Dress Code.
  • Make arrangements for your lodgings to enjoy the temple trip without stress.
  • The devotee must bathe in water and put on wet clothes before going onto the platform.
  • The temple prohibits photography and mobile phones to protect holiness and prevent disturbances during prayers and rituals.
  • Ahmednagar has numerous additional attractions. Shirdi, home of the Sai Baba Temple, draws millions of pilgrims.

Shani Shingnapur Village is also known as Shani Gaon in Maharashtra. For more in-depth information about this temple and Shani Shingnapur online darshan, visit their Shani Shingnapur Temple website.

Shani Dev Statue - Shani Shingnapur
Shani Dev Statue

Famous Shani Temple in India

In Hinduism, there is great significance to the worship of Lord Shani, the deity connected to the planet Saturn in Vedic astrology. Devotees consider Lord Shani to be the one who brings justice and eases pain.

Lord Shani is worshipped in numerous temples across India, where devotees come to ask for his blessings and protection from evil forces. We shall examine well-known Shani temples in India in this blog.

Shani Temples also exist in Shani Mandir in Mumbai and Shani Mandir Nashik. The above temple links provided details like Kokilavan Shani Mandir Timings and other temple details.


Shani Shingnapur official website

For inquiries about Shani Dev live darshan and more, visit their Shani Shingnapur website.

What is special about Shani Shingnapur?

Shani Maharaj Mandir is located in Ahmednagar, where people have removed all the locks and doors from their homes for years as they believe that Lord Shani Maharaj Temple protects them. It still is a Shani Shingnapur mystery.

Are ladies allowed in Shani Shingnapur?

Indeed, women are now permitted entry inside the temple due to the court’s removal of the ban on women entering the premises.

Why girls don’t go to Shani Mandir?

The notion about the “destructive energy emanating from Lord Shani” is why the locals think ladies should not worship at the sacred sanctorum.

Shani Shingnapur Tickets Price

There is no entry fee in this temple. But to know about this temple, people hire guides, and guides charge guide fees from them.

Restaurants or eateries near Shani Shingnapur

These are some famous restaurants near this temple:
1. Hotel Yash Garden
2. Hotel Vaishnavi & Lodging
3. Shanishwar Devsthan Trust Bhojanalaya
4. Hotel Shani Mahatma
5. Shanisai Udpai Resting

Is Shani Shingnapur temple open today?

At all times, the temple is open. So the shani shingnapur mandir timings is 24×7.

Ahmednagar to Shani Shingnapur Msrtc bus timings

For any inquiries about bus timings, like Pune to Shani Shingnapur Bus Msrtc, visit their website.

Shirdi Shani Shingnapur Trimbakeshwar Package

A typical Shirdi, Shani Dev Dham, and Trimbakeshwar package includes 2 to 3 days of temple and spiritual site tours in Maharashtra; the Shirdi Shani Shingnapur tour package is the same. Click on the link for the Shirdi Shani Shingnapur Trimbakeshwar route map.

Shani Dev Story

Shani Shingnapur is a Maharashtra village with no doors or locks, where locals think their devotion to Saturn’s god, Shani protects them from theft and damage.

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