5 Best Restaurants near Miami Airport

Do you always think about what to eat next? Traveling can be problematic then. It’s the reason that learning about Miami Airport arrivals and departures might not be enough. Being a food lover, it can be your top priority to find out “where to get the Best Restaurants near Miami airport.” 

The hours-long layover time will be ready to either make you annoyed or happy, especially when you always crave a wonderful snack or a hearty meal. Similarly, as a traveler, you want to be kind to your wallet, and never want to ditch an undercooked sandwich and look for another. 

But where would you go then? Stop worrying, we’ve found the top 5 restaurants near Miami airport to give a treat to your taste buds. 

EXCITED? Here we come with our best eateries and cafes.

Restaurants near Airport

#1 Sushi Maki North Terminal Near Gate D-29

Not sure how your experience at some restaurant will be during your layover time and want a confident opinion? How about trying Sushi Maki? 

During Miami Airport arrivals layover time, this restaurant is the heaven of sushi lovers. As one of the top eateries with excellent foodies’ satisfaction, what amazes you here is the speed of delivery, food taste, quality of hygiene, and the ultimate value.

From soups to Sushi, everything has been well planned to take care of your vegan or food allergic dietary needs too. Certainly, it’s the reason you will look no further, whenever you’re at Miami airport.

#2 94th Aero Squadron

How about visiting a seafood place? Indeed, you deserve to have some treat with beer. When you have been one to enjoy watching jet flying during their Miami Airport arrivals, the place can allow you to enjoy a memorable time with its delicious food. 

With the nicest staff, quick service, and care for customers, you can hope to be served with some delicious items here. This spot has got you some specialty too. Yes, it’s the Champagne Sunday Brunch in its widest 200 seater dining area. 

Besides this, here are some fresh plates of seafood you can eat with no regret: crab legs, waffles, Cajun-seared scallop, Mediterranean Branzino, Shrimp Scampi. Does it end here? The sweet music also makes your lunch superb

#3 Basilico Ristorante

Don’t tell me you can’t help with tasting the rare Italian or Mediterranean cuisine at Miami Airport. Here is the Basilico Ristorante in our top five restaurants near Miami airport. This amazing place is a must-to-visit for any vegetarian.

You can’t get breakfast here. Yet, for lunch and dinners, it can offer you exceptional value for the money. You can have a variety of seafood, pasta, salads, and coffee. 

But, you’ll have to find it first! The reason is, it’s a small champ.

The restaurant front is pretty deceiving to make you doubt whether you can have some good food here. The tidy interior of the restaurant with wooden tables, white cloth spreads, and friendly waitresses will win you, however.

#4 La Carreta North Terminal, Gate-37

At Miami Airport, D terminal, Gate-37, this full-sized restaurants near Miami Airport is one of my favorite places to kill my layover time with some appetizing food. Cheaper than Starbucks, this cafe is a roomy place to enjoy a delightful breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The restaurant is famous for its Miami’s original cuisine. The memorable thing about this restaurant is its ambiance and food presentation. Yeah, you can ignore the average taste when the platter comes with matchless mastery.

If you wish to spend under your budget, I’ll advise you to visit this place or everything from breakfast to dinner when stuck between Miami Airport arrivals and departures.

#5 Spring Chicken at Terminal D-22

Not very old, opened in 2018, this fast-food spot is by 50 Eggs Group. The menu is not much different from Coral Gables. You can get fried chicken, sandwiches, biscuits, salads and macaroni, and other edibles like this. The overall concept of this palace is to serve the travelers more than the beer. Hence, a quick visit can satisfy you a lot.

What’s the best way to try spring chicken? To get a wonderful experience, I’ll recommend you to have catfish nuggets, fried snapper, boneless chicken, garlic parmesan, and fried shrimps.

The only problem you can find with the food can be sogginess. I don’t hesitate to tell you it can be because of the humid environment of Miami. Still, you can be lucky!

Final Thoughts 

You can find dozens of Restaurants near Miami Airport for eateries. But, finding a restaurant that can offer you a must-satisfying experience can be a tiresome job.

However, by consulting this short guide, you can ensure the happiest trip. BTW, which food preferences have you got, vegan, Italian, or the Mediterranean?

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