Internships in New York

This city is the place to go if you’re fresh out of college.

Summer gives you the opportunity to do something really great that will expand your horizons, improve your resume, and make joining the real world that much easier. Internships in New York City are plentiful, but they’re in high demand. They’re competitive because, in this city, internships can launch careers.

From fashion to finance to media to tech to design, New York is generally considered the place to be if you want the best shot at a successful career in your desired industry.

Internship programs are highly competitive — be prepared with smart preparation for your interviews, research about the company you’ll be interning with, and where you’re going to live. View here the leading shared housing for interns in NYC.

Are you in your final year of high school or college and looking for paid summer internships in New York to boost your resume? Although the economy is recovering, finding good (paid) summer internships in New York City is still tricky.

That’s why it’s critical that you do your research before applying to any positions. The goal of this article is to give you insider tips on how to find successful internships in NYC during the summer months.

Your resume and portfolio

Resumes are for proving to employers that you are already qualified. Your portfolio is for showing that you are qualified. Unless you are working for a Wall Street hedge fund, you are very unlikely to get a job just by applying for a job. You have to prove you are qualified not just by your resume, but also by your portfolio.

Your resume is your life summary. The content of your resume should indicate which jobs you want, and in what order. The sequence of companies you work at is important. Employers will assume that if you are a week out of college, you have not been working very long.

Your resume is not a portfolio. Employers don’t read your resume. They scan it to see if you match their criteria. Employers want to know what you can do for them. If you were an accountant, don’t write that you were the first in your class in chemistry. Your resume should show the employer what you can do, not what you have done.

Once you have it finished, send it to a few people you trust. Ask them for an honest opinion on it. You might have to edit it a bit here and there to make it more compelling and increase the chances of you landing that internships in New york.

Getting the most out of your internship

Internship in New York

We have two suggestions. First, attend a virtual event. Virtual events are free and virtual, so anyone can attend. Second, get involved with a local professional association. Find one that meets your interests or career field and get involved.

For example, you belong to the local chapter of a national association. You will meet monthly and have monthly luncheons, but you will also hold monthly meetings where different professionals talk about their careers and experiences.

Joining a professional association is a good way to find out more about the job market, and it’s a good way to meet other professionals.


One of the most important skills you can develop during your internships in New york is networking. Networking is about making contacts who will be useful to you in the future. Of course, networking is a skill, and like all skills, it can be improved with practice. The point of networking is to meet people, so the first step is to find someone you want to meet.

Ideally, this someone is someone at a company you’re interested in working for. But if not, you’re still in luck. Networking is about meeting people, so you’ll meet people at parties, at events, at social gatherings.

To network effectively, you need to stand out. Put some thought into your presence at an event. If you’re at an awards dinner, dress to impress. If you’re at a book party, mingle with others. If you’re at a book party, mingle with others.

Once you’re at an event, keep the conversation going by asking people questions. You should be asking questions that reveal your real interest.

Orientations in New York City

You may think you know New York City, but you don’t. Your map may be accurate, but make sure you’re truly familiar with your commute route.

For example, if you’re getting on the subway, make sure you know which train lines you need to take and which stop to get off at.


If it’s a train or bus line, you’ll want the MTA’s handy map, or Citymapper, to help you navigate. If you’re driving, use the NYC Roads app, which can plot your route and plan your parking.

Walking and biking

If you’re walking, use Google Maps to guide you to your destination.

And if you’re biking, there are several apps. MapMyRide will show you which bike lanes are available, and Citi Bike offers bike rentals that will get you around town.


Making it work in NYC is almost like making it work anywhere: if you have the right skills, and are willing to put in some extra effort, you’re sure to succeed. But making the transition takes more than excellent skills.

Most interns tend to wing it and end up wasting money. Doing some research beforehand will give you an idea of how much an internships in New York will cost, and how much time you need to dedicate to it.

Remember that the most successful interns are those who have a clear idea of what they’d like to do. By coming up with concrete ideas of what you’d like to learn, you’ll be in a better position to map out your path.

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