Is it Safe to Travel to Goa Now, Beach trip: Excursion During CORONA-Virus Outbreak?

Is it Safe to Travel to Goa Now

Is it safe to travel to goa now?

This is a question of so many minds who tend to travel exotic and thrilling destinations. It is because of the Coronavirus Outbreak, they want to know the possibility of traveling Goa, Nowadays.

A large number of people really want to plan the mesmerizing beaches of India, especially Goa Beaches. It is one of the most exotic and thrilled Honeymoon destinations of India which has one of the most tourist attractions.

There are about 45 Famous beaches in Goa like Baga Beach, Vagator beach, Calangute beach, etc which all are known for their stunning beach parties, delicious foodstuffs, soothing environment, and so on and so forth.

Is it Safe to Travel to Goa Now
Is it Safe to Travel to Goa Now

Here the question comes up here, ” Is it safe to travel to goa now, During CORONA- Virus’ Pandemic Outbreak.”

Is it safe to travel Goa now, During the coronavirus’ outbreak, all over the world? 

No. Even, it is not safe to remain outside our homes so planning for a trip or excursions may be proven very dangerous.

Health and being healthy is our first preference ever and it is not safe to plan trips to beaches or any other places that are really very unsafe.

The above saying is not from the sympathetic approach. It is based on the statements, guidelines, and researches of the medical sciences’ organizations.

As per the news reports and other media sources, there are about more than 6000 reported cases of coronavirus all over India, and more than 100 people died due to this pandemic Outbreak.

use masks tissue papers
use masks tissue papers

All the viruses prevention centers and organizations are preferring to stay home and avoid outdoor activities.

We all know that we all have to maintain social plus physical distancing between ourselves and other people to avoid the symptoms of this pandemic Coronavirus. So that we won’t be affected by the coronavirus during hangouts or trips.

There has been a 21 days lockdown all over India to control the pandemic situation of Coronaviruses. So it’s better to stay home and stay healthy during lockdown and quarantine.

We still don’t have appropriate information regarding this pandemic Coronavirus. We don’t have proper medical care or vaccination as well to stop the spread of Coronavirus virus from one person to another. 

Why is it not safe to visit Goa now? Is it safe to access water bodies? 

Safe to Travel to Goa Now
Safe to Travel to Goa Now

Yes, obviously it is not even a little bit safe to visit Goa Beaches in India because of so many reasons. There is a rise in many questions like  Is it really harmful to go into water bodies?. 

Is it safe to travel Goa during CoronaVirus / Can viruses survive on water surfaces as well, etc?

Now the answer is here. According to some of the researches of viruses prevention centers and organizations, it was found that there is no evidence of the proper reach of Coronaviruses in water bodies but there are some of the symptoms found there, which can be killed by the use of chlorine and bleach substances.

It was clearly found that the Coronavirus can easily survive around two to three days on plastic materials and only a few hours on copper objects. The answer to the query “Is it safe to travel Goa now “ is now curtailed. 

Travel Restrictions Due to Coronavirus

Travel Restrictions Due to Coronavirus
Travel Restrictions Due to Coronavirus

We all know that Goa has amazing tourism, and almost all Indian and foreign tourists attract to popular places in India. They also have so many doubts regarding ” Is it safe to travel Goa now “.

What are the travel restrictions due to coronavirus?

There are so many travel restrictions due to, Coronavirus outbreak in India. There is a complete lockdown of 21 days prevailing here.

No one is allowed to go anywhere. Only defense bodies/ officers, human medical resources, media, reporters, etc are allowed to travel only for specific purposes not for personal purposes. So, it is not possible to visit Goa Beaches now, because of so many travel restrictions.

The Downfall in Goa Tourism 

Stay Home
Stay Home

Goa tourism has been completely gone down. No one is allowed to visit Goa beaches in India.

Everyone has to follow the self-quarantine and lockdowns laid down by the government of India for the welfare of its citizens and to fight as a team against Coronavirus Outbreak.

So,  the answer to the highlighted query “Is it safe to travel Goa now” has been solved, that it is not safe to travel to Goa now.

We must follow the guidelines and statements of our concerned health ministry, researchers, expertise organizations of medical sciences.

alcoholic hand wash or soap
alcoholic hand wash or soap
  • Maintain Social/Physical Distance There should be at least a distance of a meter between ourselves and another body while coughing and sneezing. The reason behind this precaution is, whenever any person coughs or sneezes, they spread micro-fluid droplets of germs through their mouth and nose. So we should carry a mask as well, covering our mouth and nose.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Touches: we should avoid unnecessary touches to our eyes, nose and mouth as well because these are the points that can pick up the germs and viruses. It may enter our body and can make us infected as well.
  • Have Proper Hygiene: we must have to follow proper hygiene. We must use masks, tissue papers while coughing and sneezing and then dispose of them in dustbins property.
  • Medical Care and Advice: we must seek proper medical advice and care if we are sick. The symptoms are coughing, sneezing, difficult breathing, fever, weakness, etc. We must take proper home rest and stay home to stay healthy should be the preference.

These guidelines would be helpful to us to fight against coronavirus and make us healthy and hygienic. 

Coronavirus disease is increasing its mortality; now, even Goa is not untouched by it.
This universe problem of COVID 19 has caused almost 150+ deaths in India, and this figure is increasing; you can check further data of India.

Final Words:

Social Distancing
Social Distancing

I think the answer to the question ” Is it safe to travel Goa now “. So the answer is that No, it is not safe to visit Goa now During the pandemic situation of Coronaviruses.

It is very unsafe to come outside our homes. It’s a time to maintain social distance plus physical distance as well to protect ourselves and others.

There are also so many travel restrictions due to lockdown all over India. At last, it would be the safest thing to stay home and stay healthy and avoid outdoor activities and trips.

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