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Have you ever wondered which places are the most fun and adventurous traveling to?  Well, many of you might think that everyone has a different favorite holiday destination. While that’s true, but at the same time, most people are attracted towards places that are yet to be explored. Here we are providing the Gibraltar Travel Guide

Such places offer a different sense of serenity, calmness and provide an altogether unique and vivid experience. One such destination is Gibraltar island.

Gibraltar enjoys a unique geographical and historical standing. It is a small island spread across an area of 2.6 square miles in the southern part of Spain.

The island offers a splendid view of North Africa and its constituent countries like Morocco. Also, it is near two large water bodies- the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This picturesque island is a foreign territory of the British empire who took over it in 1704.

Gibraltar is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, mouth-watering delicacies, amazing festivities, and a joyous culture. This travel guide to Gibraltar will provide you with some useful tips & worth visiting destinations while traveling to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar visiting places

How to Reach Gibraltar?

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, the island is accessible via all routes- air, water and land.

Water (by boat):

The peninsula is a famous spot for cruises to take halt, and thus, it is easily accessible via boats. It is located in close proximity to the airport that makes commuting to the UK quite easy.

Air (by airplane):

The Gibraltar Airport is host to a number of flights from the UK. Therefore, the peninsula can easily be reached via airplanes as well. In fact, the airplanes land on the main road itself which is closed for this purpose.

Air (by helicopter):

This mode of travel only connects Gibraltar Travel Guide and Malaga. People can commute to and fro between these two places only via helicopter.

Land (by road-driving):

Traveling via road to Gibraltar is quite fascinating. It involves a one hour coastal drive crossing the beautiful Costa del Sol. Most one day trips to Gibraltar are planned via road because of the splendid and enjoyable drive.

The best time to drive to Gibraltar is in the afternoon/evening. Traveling during this time prevents you from the heavy traffic that you might experience in the morning.

Traveling within the island can be easily done by foot since it is a very small island.

Places to Visit in Gibraltar

  • Rock of Gibraltar: This place is of historical importance. It is home to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. The rock actually consists of the routes that were used to protect the peninsula. On a clear day, visitors can catch a view of the entire peninsula and even the African continent.
  • Upper Rock Nature Reserve: This place can be reached by foot. Also, it is accessible via cables and taxis. The place is home to the famous macaque monkeys.
  • Great Siege Tunnels: These tunnels were created by the Britishers as a defense mechanism. Visitors can go from one end of the rock to the other via this tunnel.
  • Windsor Suspension Bridge: Created in 2016, the bridge offers a better, beautiful and a more complete view of the land. It is an absolute delight for adventure seekers.
  • St. Michael’s Caves: Created by rainwater cutting through rocks, these natural caves are the proof of the earliest humankind civilization. The walls depict these natural caves being used as shelters.

Some additional places to visit include Europa Point, Cathedral Square, art galleries, botanic gardens, shopping arenas, etc.

Useful Tips for Visiting Gibraltar

  • Beware of Monkeys: Monkeys can sometimes cause a lot of trouble while sightseeing. They especially like to look into the travelers’ bags and even take some of the goods. So one must always remain attentive and aware.
  • Avoid Staying in Gibraltar: Accommodation in Gibraltar is not very budget-friendly. It is a touch expensive. Therefore, you can either stay outside Gibraltar or rather plan a one-day trip to the island.
  • Schedule and Call Taxis Beforehand: Unlike big cities, Gibraltar has a limited taxi/cab facility. There are a limited number of cars that cater to the needs of the locals as well as tourists. Thus, they usually reach a little late. It is therefore advisable to book taxis in advance to avoid delay.
  • Don’t forget to Check the Bill: Most cafes and restaurants in Gibraltar include the tip amount in the bill itself. Thus, one must check the bill to avoid paying tip twice.

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