Alibaug travel guide – How to reach, best time to visit & attractions

When it comes to visiting India, there are many places one can explore. Starting from the historical places and forts, monuments, temples to beaches to botanical gardens, etc., you will get to see everything. It is also obvious that visiting India is not as tough as there are many international and domestic airports around every corner.

Visiting India is not that expensive. That is you can visit a place even if low on budget. People in India are known for the warm welcome and great hospitality. India is also known for its amazing cuisines and is worldwide famous.

Every place has its history, which attracts visitors to visits the place. Also, there are many places where tourists can enjoy the beaches with some historical places.

Among many places, Alibaug is one of the best places if you are a beach lover. Besides beaches, this place holds many historical places which have an interesting and unexpected history behind it.

If we go back to history, 2200 years ago, the Jews ships landed and settled in the area. They adopted the local culture and language and started plantations. The Portuguese people ruled the area in the 16th century but were ousted by the Marathi people in the 17th century.

Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj builds a fort called The Kolaba Fort. Later the Portuguese and British people together tried to capture the fort but were unsuccessful. It is also said that the name of the place ‘Alibaug’ is kept behind a rich Jewish merchant named Ali.

Alibaug is also called Mumbai getaway and can be enjoyed for a single day as well. This is the best place to relax and enjoy your time. This is the place where you can visit with your family, friends or alone.

Historical forts, sandy beaches, and huge coconut trees will make your getaway the best and memorable. If we are talking about relaxing, you will find amazing hotels and villas to stay and enjoy.

The hotel in Alibaug comes with many amenities and luxuries, making your trip worth remembering. So if you are planning to visit Alibaug, you need to know the following information.


Alibaug is a coastal town located in the south of Maharashtra.

It is 95 kilometers away from Mumbai and is in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

It is a silent place and is an ideal location for the one who wants to go away from city pollution and crowd. Mumbaikars can go for a weekend stay to calm them and relax.

How to reach

Alibaug is widely linked with many other cities via road and air. If planning by air, the nearest airport is from Mumbai, which is 140 km away from Alibaug.

After reaching Mumbai, you can book or hire a cab to reach your location. If planning by road, there are many state bus stations between Mumbai and Alibaug.

So after reaching Mumbai, you can easily grab a bus to reach. And for rail, the closest railway station to Alibaug is at Pen, a small part of Mumbai.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Alibaug is between November and February. The climate is cool and dry. From March, the temperature starts rising. During weekends, summer vacations, and festive seasons especially Diwali, the crowd is high and cheerful.

During June month when the monsoon starts, it becomes dangerous because of the tides.

The ocean becomes rough, so people avoid going in these months to avoid such uncertainties.


With the great history of the Maratha Empire, Alibaug offers way more than beaches and greenery. One will still feel the Portuguese aesthetics in Alibaug. There is a heavy fusion of Marathi and Portuguese culture.

The official language of Alibaug is Marathi. You will easily find speaking English and Hindi as well. So communicating with the locals will not be a problem at all.

You will find many restaurants famous for amazing seafood. Vegetarians will also find mouth-watering food with Konkan spices. The local markets are full of homegrown vegetables.

The local drink named Soulkadi is very famous and is consumed with seafood. This beverage is best for digestion. You will see mangoes and coconut in variety and huge quantities.

Main attractions

Alibaug has many forts around the corners, which were used to protect the town. These forts are still there and stand strong, and many tourists come to visit this place.

There are many beaches as well where you can enjoy the fresh air and clean environment.

This is the best place to escape from the crowded metropolitan city. Breezy air will calm you down, and you will cherish it forever. You can also go for water sports if you are adventurous enough to do. Undoubtedly, this is the best place for nature lovers.

There are many art galleries and museums to know deeply about history and culture. There are many other old forts, temples, churches, etc., which you can easily explore in and near Alibaug.


There are many hotels and villas in Alibaug which you can find according to your budget and choices. There are many choices but try to choose one in a central location to visit your marked places easily.

There are many basic villas to luxury villas which will give you an amazing experience and a comfortable stay.

So above are some of the important information you need to know before planning to visit Alibaug. The best thing is to know about the places and prepare a list you want to visit. This will help you to spend every minute perfectly. Also, booking your hotel room in advance will help you to avoid last-minute issues.

You can take the help of online websites for unbeatable deals and offers.

Make sure to choose to go in the pleasant weather so that you can enjoy yourself on beaches. This is the best place for the ones to love to cherish the greenery around them. You will also find small cafes around every beach famous for yummy breakfasts and funky décor.

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