The Cost to Charter a Yacht at the Moment

Chartering a yacht sounds expensive to realize remote travels. Before the pandemic, yachting may cost as a down payment for a house or cheaper. Does coronavirus affect yacht prices? Let’s find out below!

The yacht is quite similar to boats that come in different sizes and forms. Defining a yacht is a never-ending discussion, but one thing for sure is it brings more comfort for the passengers than a boat.

The yacht also counts aesthetic structure. It allows passengers to spend a significant amount of time inside a yacht. For example are the Azzam, a 590-foot yacht and one of the largest yachts in the world.

The average size of yachts can be 33-feet or not larger than 78-feet, says Ziriakus. However, Jay Gustin, with 28-years of chartering vessels, has claimed 33-feet is too small for a yacht. He even compared a yacht to a mansion. Ziriakus then came up with yachting terms open for interpretation, including superyachts, megayachts, and Giga yachts

Boat Rentals and Chartering a Yacht Explains

Desiring to be a captain for a short period is possible with boat rentals. The crew has nothing to do, like bringing supplies.

With a yacht charter in Tulum, it will take longer periods to take possession of a larger vessel. You can charter a yacht in three ways, including:

1. Bareboat

It is similar to boat rentals. If you are a licensed captain, hiring the crew becomes optional. All other costs are to be paid.

2. Cabin

The cabin is perfect for a small group, not able to charter the entire yacht. It may include a room, but not the whole boat.

3. Crewed

To realize luxurious solo travel, a full-service yacht will supply all you need. It is common for movie scenarios with all the crew needed.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Charter a Yacht

Cost to Charter a Yacht


Different types of yachts come in various sizes that affect the price. It also depends on how modernized the yacht is, which increases the price. For instance, motor yachts have enhanced features, thus more expensive than classic yachts.

Bigger yachts have more crew size, which adds up to the cost. These staffs help to deliver the best experience and safety during travels.

The number of passengers varies from 6 to twelve, depending on the yacht’s size, due to the SOLAS Convention’s set standards that apply to 90% of all yachts. Boats with a special license are allowed to carry more.

If the yacht is owned by individuals, prices might also increase.


For locations with yachting industries, the charter price is lower than with remote areas. The yachting season also affects the price. Yachting is more expensive during peak seasons like summer in Mediterranean charters. To look for cheaper destinations, consider the “shoulder months” or the months after the high season.

The Alaska Charter Service Adventurous, owned by Travis Peterson, has short seasons due to changing weather in Alaska. It increases the tourist demand, which ends up fully booked. Some exciting activities are in the promo, including sportfishing and sightseeing trips.


Northrop & Johnson has an average yacht charter of 10 days. They operate per week, meaning two weeks of yachting is twice the price. Most companies allow a minimum stay of five days.

Water Toys

A range of equipment is necessary for sea adventures, such as kayaks, smaller boats, paddleboards, and many more. Some yachts may come with sea pools and slides straight into the ocean for a more fun experience. Adding one can slightly affect the charter price.

Extra Costs

Other charges such as docking fees, insurance, and taxes may not include the charter fee. The cost will range between hundreds and thousands of dollars per night.

The base fee is exclusive of crew gratuity between 15% and 20%, depending on the destination. Gratuity is lower in the Mediterranean than in US and Caribbean destinations.

What do the rates include?

Paying charters has two categories: all-inclusive or separated charges.

Northrop & Johnson’s prefer separated charges as clients have different itineraries. They charge itemized expenses, including the boat and crew, and the other charges to be paid later on. An amount of 30% for Advance Provision Allowance or APA must be paid before the trip.

On the other hand, all-inclusive is a set rate paid at once.

Chartering a Private Yacht

Private yachts vary in prices and types of chartering. Yachtico, a bareboat charter with international booking, can be chartered a week for 5,000 bucks in Bahamas, Thailand, and Greece. It has access to the San Juan Islands with a chartered price of 1,600 bucks per night. This may vary in season.

Cabin charters demand 1200 bucks per person, weeklong. It is less expensive than a bareboat charter.

Crewed charters start at 10,000 bucks. Lower prices around 7,000 bucks include a seven-night trip in St. Lucia, a cook, and a skipper.

The 312-foot megayacht Kismet is one of the most luxurious yachts in the world, where popular celebrities are spotted. It costs over a million dollars for a seven-night trip. Superyachts normally charge more than a hundred dollars for a week.

How Coronavirus Affects Charter Prices?

Negotiations are more common than discounting in yacht industries. Other individuals are so willing to pay more to charter a yacht, says Ziriakus. Knowing those yacht owners are wealthy who do not need the income from the charter.

The pandemic did not result from falling charter prices instead of increasing the demand for private charters. Prices for expensive yachts remain stable, which requires early booking due to lockdown. Most people believed that riding on a private yacht helped to get away from crowds.


Luxurious boat hires in Isabella Yachts Phuket is the best way to avoid crowded island tours. It promotes quality time with family and friends along the beautiful island routes. The yachts come with at least two crews to guarantee comfort for the guests.

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